Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm here.. Sort of.

Heya, guys.

Wow. It has been so long.

It feels strange. Heh.

I've been so wrapped up with my fake Twitter lives and I've completely forgotten about my real one. It's been.. what, months? Since I've last posted here. My last post was about my dog, Teddybear. I needed a distraction after that. #sigh

Anyways. I've missed you, guys.

When I joined Twitter RP last year, it started taking up much of my time and I've forgotten about this blog and Facebook and other stuff. I was having fun, you see. I've laughed and I've cried and I've met a lot of good people on Twitter. And though, I would admit.. Twitter RP is full of drama. Like whoa.. Drama everywhere! But it's so addicting, I can't seem to get away.


Well. I'm not going to promise anything. I can't say that I will go back to blogging. But.. I will try to be here every once in a while, to drop a thought or two. I've missed this blog.

Anyways.. Gotta go!