Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Bedside Table

I am not a slob. Well, maybe sometimes I am. But its perfectly normal and of valid reasons. Like, when you're in a hurry, you'd clumsily rummage through your closet in search for something decent and CLEAN to wear, and just throw your dirty clothes on a pile (already 2 feet high). Or like, when you're already late for school, and you just woke up, so you had to have a quick bath and take off, leaving your bed unmade.. Or when you're cramming for an exam, studying at night.. and then in the morning, your mom would take one look at your room and breathe "Wow!".. books and papers and cd's and pens are everywhere. This happens to the best of us. The important thing is that we can also clean up after the mess that we've made.

Anyway, this entry isn't about that, really. Just under that category. I've read something fascinating in a blog only recently. And It is so inspiring, that I decided to do the same. Well, that's what we do in a blog anyway. We share ideas, thoughts, opinions.

Now then. The things inside your room can really tell the world some interesting details about yourself. In this particular post, I want to know what random things are on top of your BEDSIDE TABLE. It certainly revealed some interesting facts about me.

Here's mine..

  • My flashlight - I don't sleep with the light on, but I don't like to sleep with no light at all. I am afraid of total darkness, so that's where the flashlight comes in handy.
  • My bible and some prayer books - I will admit it. The bible's on my bedside table, but I seldom read it. Aw.
  • My cellphone - I need to have the phone within reach because I need it to check the time. Haha.
  • Some used cotton balls - Eww! I need to clean my night table. I should have thrown them in a can, somewhere.. not leave them there.
  • A box of tissue - I just bought the box yesterday.
  • Some used tissue paper - Again?! But then, I had the sniffles this week. 
  • Ethyl alcohol handy bottle - I don't know why it's there. I don't remember where I used it, when and what for. It's just sitting there on the table. 
  • Liniment oil bottle - I have this weird habit of putting some liniment oil on the underside of my ears before going to bed.
  • Some aspirin tablets - These things usually come in handy. Especially when I have one of those migraine attacks. 
  • A knife - Hmm... For protection purposes? :p
  • 8 hairclips - I have almost 24 hairclips, but I keep them on my "kikay" kit. I don't why and how these 8 got on the table. 
  • Mentos - I love Mentos candies. "♪♫ Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness. ♪♪ ♫ Fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life! ♪♫ ♪♪" 

Now, what does this all say about me? Let's see. They seem to be saying,

You are an aging paranoid slob, with odd sleeping habits and migraine, is freakingly cheery in the morning, and just have too many hair clips!


I would love to know what are the things on your bedside table. Just take a look at it. Don't change anything. Describe it as it is. Don't cheat. The things on top of your bedside table can give you a very detailed description about yourself.

Maybe something is wrong with me. But that's me. Perfectly imperfect.


  1. my bedside table er... has papers, cases, books, pens. and more cases, and more cases... and my blue study lamp and manong toshiba! :)

  2. Wow!!! Studious si Rah.. Clap! Clap! Cases of what? Hehe.. =)

  3. mine has...

    1. ipod - (always left open)
    2. laptop (i like watching movies/tv series or playing games before going to sleep)
    3. 2 cellphones (1sun/1globe need this stuff near me for work purposes bcoz im oncall 24/7.. and i hate it... LOL)

    There you go. I think that is my top 3 things/gadgets beside me.

  4. Ay, ba't sa akin ang dami? Wirdo talaga ako, confirmed. Hehe. Hmm.. on-call 24/7.. Doctor ka siguro, nafa noh?

  5. hmmm... my bedside table has lots of papers in it.. as well as pen, and my mobile.. and boookkkksssss... :D

    i dont mind bein a slob once in a while..:D

  6. hindi po ako doctor. kundoctor pwede pa. enhinyero po ako na nagbabantay ng ARAW.(text and call mate everyone?). :D

    3 lang po nilagay ko pero madami pa kung ano anong kalat na meron ako.hehehe..

  7. I don't even HAVE a bedside table.


  8. @Yanah: Oo, there's nothign wrong with being a slob once in a while.. hehe. It kinda makes us human.

    @Nafacamot: Nge. Ok na rin kahit konduktor. Hehe. Bigtime rin pala.. Engr.. 'Yaan mo, hanap kita ng textmate.

    @Fickle Cattle: You don't have one? Get one. Hehe.. Joke.

  9. I have my ipod, lots of books, my blue glasses (though I never wear them), some pencils, hair clips, and pink nail polish.

  10. @Paloma: Hmmm... a beautiful nerd who appreciates music and polish. Ahehehe..