Saturday, October 16, 2010


Makeup has been used for centuries to enhance the the appearance of a person, specifically the face. Nowadays, they are used by men and women from all around the globe. What are the most common types of makeup? Well, there's the foundation primer, foundation, blush, bronzer, lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. Of course, there are still many others, aside from the aforementioned. The main use of makeup is to change or enhance the appearance of one specific area in the face, without the worries that it may affect their features.

Types of basic/common makeup.

  1. Foundation Primer - This is used to prepare the face for the foundation. It can be applied to the face before the application of the foundation to get a smoother finish. 
  2. Foundation - This is used to even out the skin tone and to smooth out the face. It usually comes in liquid, cream and powder forms. 
  3. Blush - This is a must-have. This gives the cheeks a rosy glow and is used to define the cheekbones. 
  4. Bronzer - This is used to give the skin a tan, golden or bronze glow. 
  5. Lipstick - (Lip gloss, Lip liner, Lip plumper, Lip balm) These are used to define the lips and of course, to add color and shine. 
  6. Mascara - This is used to thicken, lengthen and darken the eyelashes. It is available mostly in brown and black colors. 
  7. Eyeshadow - (Eye liner, Eye Shimmer) These are used to color, define and emphasize the eyes, giving them a more appealing appearance. 

To be honest, I'm not really into makeup. Yes, I love them. Who doesn't? Hehe.. But I'm not really a "kikay" kinda girl. I only use some serious makeup during special occasions. I do like to dress up and look good whenever I go to some social gatherings and parties.. You can't attend a party, looking like you just got out of bed, right? So yeah, makeup is important. Hihi.

For the foundation, I have the Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Foundation. It's in liquid form. It really works for my skin. And the color "Sand" totally matches my skin color. The Eyeshadow quad is also from Avon. I only wear this during special occasions. For the lipstick, it's also Maybelline or Avon. The San San Lip plumper and the Nivea Lip balm, they're just additional lip care for my lips. The Super Curlacious Mascara is also from Avon and it really works wonders. And I also love the Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner. The cheek tint is from Penshoppe, but I don't really use it often. I'm still looking for a new blush since I'd just recently lost my Maybelline Mineral Power Illuminator.

Oh. You may notice that I don't have any expensive makeup like MAC, Stila, Shu Eumura, Chanel, Bobbi Brown or the likes. I believe that beautiful makeup doesn't have to be expensive. If one uses the right kind of tools and the right kind of colors, then she could definitely have that flawless and healthy look.

The best makeup looks are the ones that don't look overdone. Simple everyday look. And it's a shallow world we're living in. It's a sad truth. People tend to judge you, based on how you look. So one should really look nice and well groomed when stepping outside to greet the world, "Good morning!".

I always go for the natural look. These simple makeup won't require any extreme precision. A simple everyday look. Just a little dab here, a simple brush there.. and viola! Done in 5 minutes. Me.. just a little better.



  1. wow ha, great post and TIPS here. nice tips tlg, i'll remember those 7 basic make-up kits, hehe.
    polbo lng din ako pag lumalabas e....
    salamat for joining, girl. lots of mwahhhh

  2. di ako makapag comment sa post nyahahaha. just visiting your blog....

  3. ako, oil lang ang nasa muka hehe :)

  4. wow! tamang-tama! hindi ako marunong mag-make up... promise! eyeliner, lipgloss at cheek tint lang ang alam ko. hahaha!

  5. nice tips. speaking of make up naku! bibili pala ako ng eyeshadow. :) hehehe

  6. Biglang naalala ko lang ang warehouse ng nivea at max factor sa mga araw of inventory dami ng shades at type dumodugo ang ilong ko sa pag bilang.Nagpapakita lang na marami ang gustong gumanda dahil patok ang business na ito.lalo na dito sa middle east

  7. `powder , lipgloss and eyelash curler .. yan lng ang nagpapasaya sa buhay ko .. heheh :))
    ang kikay kikay mo nman ate leah .. heheh

  8. ooh, nice tips sis :D haha. hindi ako mahilig sa make up, if heb mga special occasion, thats the time em gonna apply make up xD

  9. Naks! mga babae talaga naku best friend and make up... hehehehhehe... kami nito natural oil lang sa mukha aka ahahahhahahaha

  10. I'm a make up addict, I must admit LoL I can't leave my house without my make up rituals. Thank God I'm a home maker and I don't use make up at home..

    Anyway, I follow you too, Leah :) thanks for visiting my blog