Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dad's Birthday

Dad's birthday. November 28. Food. Games. Laughter. Food. Conversations. Videoke. Food!

It was October when mom told me that I should go home a day before THE grand day. So that early Saturday morning (November 27), I went home. I was "tasked" to take care of the dessert for the party. Well, since I have about.. 1,2..4.... 7.. 9.. ah wait.. 12.. 17... Uhm.. many cousins, nieces and nephews on both sides of the family, I decided to prepare two of the most favorite dishes of kids my age (as if! Hehe..) - The macaroni/fruit salad and saucy spaghetti. Of course, it could have been better if we have ice cream. But we have cakes! So I guess that makes up for not buying ice cream.

My nieces, Sophia and Ysabel, also went home to celebrate their "lolo's" birthday. And they bought their granddad a gift. A checkered polo shirt as a birthday present. Wow! Beautiful and loving babies. Of course, I also have my gift.. a blue polo shirt. Dad looks good in red, but hey.. he just can't wear red shirts everyday, right? So I guess a blue one would be a nice change.

Oh. And it's a double celebration because it's also my handsome cousin's birthday! Dad turned 68 and Gorgy turned 30. Goerge Santamena is my first cousin, on my mother's side. I'm 5 months older than him, but I think he's more mature than me in some ways. He's one of my favorite cousins. I feel like I could talk to him about anything. It's like I could talk to him about pathetic issues.. just pure nonsense, but we'd end up having a very good conversation. I really love this guy.

November 28. The electricity's down since 9:00 in the morning, but that did not stop our friends and relatives to come over. At around 11:00, guests started to arrive. Weeehh!! And here they are.. FAMILY PHOTOS!!

Okay.. so the food. This is a simple family event, so mom didn't prepare much. She had some help in cooking the food. A few friends came over and helped. Just a few tasy dishes like caldereta, sotanghon, grilled tuna, dinuguan, kilawin, lumpia and piniritong isda. She also prepared barbecued pork and some lechon manok. But I didn't get the chance to take pictures. They went from the table to the plate in seconds. Haha.

At around 4:00 in the afternoon, Dad and Gorgy sliced their birthday cakes. Yippee! Happy birthday! The cakes look delicious but believe me, they taste even better. I've had about 3 slices of chocolate cake. Haha. Also, the hot cocoa and sandwiches are must-have snacks during parties like this one. And of course, the salad and spaghetti.

Burp! I was so full! I ate 3 slices of cake, 2 sandwiches, a single serving of spaghetti and about 2 cups of macaroni salad. I couldn't believe it myself. How was I able to eat all of those in just one sitting? Hahaha! Greedy much?

It was 9:00 in the evening when the lights came back on. Most of our guests have already left, except for some who enjoyed chatting over some bottles of bear and vodka. Then, it's videoke time! Yahooo!!!

Goodness gracious! Just look at that big grin plastered on my face. I could almost see my gums. Hahaha! I really enjoy doing videoke/karaoke. My voice is not very good, but I do know how to carry a tune. That night, most of the songs they've prepared are hits from the 70's and 80's, but I didn't mind. I actually love singing them. Songs like Quando,Quando, Sweet Caroline, Oh Carol, A Man Without Love, etc. Weeh!! I wanted to sing the song My Way, but somebody got to the microphone first.

At around 11:00 in the evening, I was starting to feel tired, sleepy and a wee bit groggy. Not with the drinks (because I only had about 5 shots of vodka) but with the singing and dancing. Energy went poof! So I went to bed. I didn't know what time the party ended because I believe I was already snoring at that time.

So that's what happened during my Dad's birthday. A double celebration with my cousin. A party full of conversations, songs and laughs. My dad may be too old to have a party.. but he doesn't mind. A whole day with his nieces and nephews, granddaughters and grandsons, relatives and friends.. A party and a reunion! So of course, Dad doesn't mind. Nope.. he doesn't mind at all. ♥


  1. sarap! yay penge poooood. haha

  2. first of all, i would to greet your father a happy happy Bday. more years to come. hehe. And then, I never thouht tht gold eagle beer still exists. haha.It made me smile when i saw it on one of your pics hehe. its my uncle favorite. ^_^

  3. wahha amg daming handa tsaka visitors....
    nagutom ako sa pasta hehehe :D
    happie bday sa father mo.. more blessing kamo sa kanya hehe :D

  4. Nice. Medyo naalala ko ang angkan ko sa pagkakataong ito. Ganito kami tuwing special occasions. nakakamiss :] BTW I love the foods and the pics. Sobrang happy niyo. BTW happy Birthday to lolo and to your cousin :]

  5. Hi Leah!First time in your blog.Nag-enjoy gid kamo bah!Baw kadamo sang handa niyo.Sa tan-aw pa lang nabusog na ako.Following you now...:)

  6. happy birthday kay lolo at kay insan! :)

  7. happy birthday sa dad mo and your cousin. ang saya saya ng party.ang daming food at may inuman with karaoke pa san ka pa.

  8. HUWAAAW! Bongga ang party! ang daming handa. Akala ko nag Noche Buena na kayo jan :) Happy birthday to your dad :)

    Bawal diet ngaung buwan hahaha!

    PS: ang cute ng baboy at ni spider man timing sa tugtog :) hahaha :)

  9. nahuli ako sa inuman hehe..:D
    nice to chat you sa chatbox te leah.:)

  10. @Zyra: Sure.. akena plate mo.. LOL.

    @The Watcher: Hihi.. Gold Eagle beers are pretty much available in our area.. Mas mabenta pa nga eh. Makakaabot ke tatay ang iyong pagbati. Salamat. =)

    @Axl: Weeeeh! Dami anoh? Dami din ng nakain ko. Haha.. Salamat sa pagbati, Axl. =)

    @Renz: Salamat sa pagbati, Renz.. Kapag ganitong mga okasyon, nagkakaroon talaga ng mini-reunion.. =)

  11. @Amina: Hello Amina.. Huo, nag enjoy guid. Hihi.. Asta mag gab-i nga kasadya ah.. Salamt guid, Amina. =)

    @Rah: It's my Dad's.. =) Salamat, Rah.

    @DR: Salamat sa pagbati.. Hihi. Oo nga, andaming food, may inuman at kantahan. Pati sa kantahan talaga, napa join ako. Nyahahaha!!! Makakarating kay tatay ang pagbati mo, Kuya Romel. =)

    @Em-Em: Hehe.. Daming handa, bawal ang diet-diet kasi masisira agad. Haha.. Isang handaan pa sa Christmas, pagkain na naman toh! Hihi.. Salamat sa pagbati, Em-Em.. =)

    P.S. Ang kyut nila noh. hehe... ngayon ko din nalaman, super graceful pala ni Spiderman. =P

    @Lovely: Oo, Huling-huli ka na. Hehe.. Salamat sa pagdaan, Lovely.. Chat ulit sa group cbox next time.. =)

  12. Nakakagutom... hehehe
    Belated Happy Bday sa Dad mo...

  13. Happy bday to your dad and Gorgy Porgy! hehehehe!!!
    True, para maiba naman, blue naman na polo hehehe!
    It's so nice to see a lot of family members gathered altogether. Ganyan kasi dyan di ba... that's why i enjoy spending certain events sa Lola ko because napapareunion lahat and ansaya pag marami. :D
    Sarap naman ng mga food! ! ! :D