Friday, December 03, 2010

My Wishlist For Santa

When I was a kid, I just want some new toys
I didn't care about money or dresses or boys.
I wanted some food and Disney on tape. 
I didn't want shoes, I wanted brownies and cake. 

I used to write letters for Santa to read, 
just to remind him that I'm a good girl, indeed. 
A wishlist for Santa so that he would remember 
to give me my gifts on the 25th of December. 

Now I am an adult, a lady of thirty. 
A little bit boyish, and a little bit flirty. 
I still love Disney but yes, no more toys. 
I've learned to love dresses and shoes and boys. 

Though some would disagree with what i will say, 
I still believe in Santa and his colorful sleigh. 
His eight lovely reindeer with Rudolf on the lead 
visiting each house around the globe.. Warp speed! 

Though now, I don't expect that he would drop by, 
nor see him and his sleigh descend from the sky. 
Twas the night before Christmas, I just stayed in my room. 
Sat by the window and looked at the moon. 

I was feeling sad, while I searched the sky, 
Would Santa remember to visit and say "Hi!"? 
So Christmas of last year, I just went to sleep, 
I hugged my two pillows and slept.. not a peep. 

When the clock struck twelve, I opened my eyes 
Ran down the stairs and I saw something nice. 
In the living room, next to our old Christmas tree 
Stood Santa Clause, and he's smiling at me.

I came up to him and gave him a hug. 
"I didn't expect to see you.. but you're here, you big lug!" 
"Of course I am here, how could I not remember 
to come by and visit my most favorite girl?" 

I blushed and I grinned, "What a nice thing to say." 
I reached for my list, and shoved it his way. 
"Santa, here's my list. Would you care to see?" 
Santa then grinned and got down on one knee. 

He read and then smiled and giggled a bit. 
I found it curious so I asked, "What is it?" 
"Nothing, dear child. Really nothing at all." 
"But you giggled," I said and managed a scowl. 

"I am only happy that you've been a good girl 
So I'll go get my wand and let's give it a whirl." 
It's my turn to giggle, and I finally say, 
"You don't have a wand, just a bag and a sleigh." 

"And those eight lovely reindeer that can surely fly 
Fly infinite circles on that clear bluish sky." 
"You are smart and witty", big Santa Claus said, 
I beamed with delight, and just shook my head. 

What I want for Christmas are just simple things, 
Like a personal maid or an angel with wings. 
I've written to you, Santa, hope you won't let me down 
Then, the smile on my lips won't turn into a frown. 

The first on my list is a pair of good shoes, 
A Nine West or Guess. Or some Jimmy Choo's. 
Walking down the path, with hands in the air. 
Oh Santa, please Santa, just bring me a pair. 

I love taking pictures of everything I see. 
May it be a person, a house or a tree. 
So a camera on my hand would really make sense. 
A Canon Rebel XS, with 55mm lens. 

Santa, in my closet full of t-shirts and pants, 
There is something missing, you'd see in a glance. 
A little black dress, I would like to see 
if it would definitely look good on me. 

I love playing Leon on the RE4 game, 
Though wanting to see him is completely insane. 
Santa, how I wish to see Leon S. Kennedy, 
make a RE5 appearance on the new PS3. 

After reading my list, Santa walked to the door, 
got his bag from the sleigh and dropped it on the floor. 
He then reached inside, while he's smiling at me 
I was so excited! He's got presents for me! 

But before I can see what he pulled out of the bag 
I heard a loud noise and then a big "blag!". 
I heard someone calling and shouting my name 
"Tita Leah! Wake up!", it's saying again and again. 

I opened my eyes and saw the face of my niece, 
"It's Christmas, Let's go. Come on now, Pretty please?" 
She hurried out of the room, I just stared at her back 
"It was only a dream.", I thought and then laughed. 

All those and more, I want Santa to bring 
It would really make my heart jump up and sing. 
On his list of millions, I'm only asking four, 
Those are simple "wants" I've wished for. 

So true, my wishes are all material things 
And true, I hope all these, Santa would bring 
But I know that what I need is already here 
My family. Happy. Together. "Hear, hear!" 

Though I am asking for such petty things, 
Dresses and cameras or shoes with wings. 
I also wish happiness and peace for all men 
Love one another, whenever we can. 

Though I know it's a dream, Santa, do me a favor, 
Bring all these gifts and make my heart soar. 
Imagine me, jumping with joy inside my room 
"Okay, Santa. See you again next year, soon." 


  1. wahaw! ang galing ah...saka oo nga...ang dami nun ah hahaha.

  2. finally back on the web, yet, my heart is still mourning...what must i do...?

    and viola, i came to're such a surprise... a literary genius, a storyteller. and now, a poet...a good one at that...

    somehow, reading ur post warms my aching heart.

    keep posting, girl.

  3. ang cute!
    I love the canon cam too :] how I wish I could have one hehe :]
    by the way so creative!

  4. astig!!!
    may taludtod.. at saknong...

  5. ang daming wish ah. sana matupad :D

  6. ang galing!! i love it :)

  7. wow.... leah poet kang mgaling!!



  8. yun oh! career kung career sa wish...hahaha

    I have olympus SLR but i want canon too...

    happy weekend

  9. wow!!haha sali ako sa wish mo. .Hope matupad lahat yan! good luck

  10. so clever of you Ms Leah....Merry Christmas!

  11. Hope u get what u wish for this Christmas..Merry Christmas!!

  12. parang gusto ko din ng wishlist mo.


    sana ay pagbigyan nga ni santa lahat ng kahilingan natin para sa darating na pasko ay masaya tayong lahat. :D

  13. Merry Christmas...ayuz ang wish lists... :D

  14. dinaan pa ni ate leah sa tula
    wow na wow lang mga wish mo
    matutupad yan ate leah ko!

  15. Hi! kumusta na po I like your Blog nakakatuwa ang mga post mo at ang ganda rin po ng page nyo ^0^

    uppss! baka pwedeng makisali sa wish nyo ang haba ng list ha ^0^ hope matupad lahat ang wish nyo.

    sana maging friend ko po kayo :)

    God Bless po.

  16. aawww... nice entry. :) is it really Christmas are for kids only? haha! :)

  17. Dumaan at nagcomment.. ganda.. dami hahaha...

  18. wow nice poem..your so creative..^^

  19. this is a great poetry...
    advance merry christmas leah.. :)


  20. I am so impressed Ate Leah! Ang ganda ng pagka-compose! :D Pwedeng pang-storybook--na may halong humor hahahaha! Pero ganda ng closing mo. :D
    (Haha ano ako, IELTS evaluator? haha! joke lang. hehe pero maganda nga pagkacompose. very witty and creative! :D )

  21. wow talagang pasko na.merry xmas na alng leah. ang galing naman nito

  22. Leah... you're one heck of a writer!!! hehehe... idol!!!! how i wish i am a literary genius like you! i don't have a way with words!!!! anyways, Merry Christmas! I hope all your wishes come true!!!

    Pink Memoirs