Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 5 - Facebook

"Share your insights on why you use Facebook?"

Before Facebook, I had a boring life. Hm. Scratch that. I still have a boring life, but with Facebook, my still boring life is not as boring as it was before. Months ago, I have no basic knowledge of Facebook and I actually had no plans of having an account. Honest. I didn't have an internet connection at home back then. I'm too lazy to get up and spend cash on some internet cafe. Online games bore me. Only a chosen few knows my email address so I only check my emails ONCE a week. Bottomline, I didn't see any reason for me to open an account.

And then came.. January 2010.

Last year, my town celebrated its 100 years as an independent municipality. In connection with the town's celebration of independence, my school held a grand reunion of all its alumnus. Short story. Reunion - Friends - Camera - Food - Camera - Conversations - Camera - Facebook - NO Facebook - Made an account (due to public demand) - upload pictures - added friends.. and the rest, as they say, is history.

Facebook is like my organized home in the chaotic world of internet. My profile is my front yard. My "wall" is my recieving area or my living room. It is where I accept, welcome, entertain and have conversations with my guests. The albums are my rooms. I could choose to let everyone use/view it or I could choose to keep it private. However, there's no ktichen in Facebook.. LOL.

Facebook is basically a window to my life. The "wall" is where everything happens. I could upload pictures, videos.. post status updates, leave comments.. share links and the likes. It is where I'd get to meet my old friends and gain some new ones.

  • Finding old friends - Before Facebook, I've had a hard time connecting with some old high school buddies. And now, because of Facebook, I've come to know that our nerdy Math whiz is now an engineer, our class prankster is a police officer, our class mime is a seafarer.. etc. Facebook is a good place to re-connect with some long lost friends. 
  • Connecting with relatives - I have lots of relatives who are currently residing halfway across the globe. Yes, I could connect with them thru emails, chat messengers, etc. But with Facebook, I could, too. And it's easier and more convenient. 
  • Making online albums - A single photo could really say a thousand words. A series of photos could tell a story. Aside from having conversations with friends, I could upload some pictures and everybody could take a look. 
  • For fun and games - I don't play online games - on Facebook or on any other applications. So friends, stop sending me some game requests. Thanks.
  • Business - In Facebook, I could promote my business.

Facebook is a great way to connect with people you know and people you'd want to know. A perfect place to recall memories and re-connect with the past... and to make new memories and connect with the present.


  1. lol. i signed up for a net connection because of FARM TOWN. well, i am having a very hard time waiting outside computer shops -- the long lines, etc.

    now i rarely check any fb games. old age perhaps.

  2. Ganun din ang reason ko ng paggamit ng facebook. Except yung Business. Haha. Matagal na akong may facebook, hindi pa siya uso. Pero hindi ko talaga alam paggamit that time kaya di ko pinapansin. Haha.

  3. hehehe same reasons for me also. :)
    naks naman ate, may talent ka talaga sa pagddraw. :)

  4. magtanim ay di biro... lalu na sa farmville! hahaha

  5. at least nakarelate ako sa facebook dati.erase that, hangang ngayon pala.

  6. sapilitan ang pagfacebook ko. naalala ko pa dati nung start ng facebook na wala pang mga tao masyado. hehe. pero ngayon, twitter talaga ang karir mode ko. :)

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  8. Wow! 30 Days Challenge to blogging?! Amazing. Can't dare myself. haha!

    up for this. :) hope you finish this challenge. have a nice day!


  9. @Zyra: Farmtown? Ano yun.. parang Farmville din? hehe.. sensya na. wala talaga akong idea. hihi.. nakow, old age? Eh kung old ka na, pano na lang ako? hahaha!!

    @Yow: Maganda ang Facebook para sa business. Kasi andami mong pwedeng ma-introduce sa negosyo mo. Ang haba ng iyong reach. hehe.. =)

    @Kyle: Naks! Talent? Hehe... naman! Copied materials lang naman yan, Kyle.. Hindi ko ideya. Kinopya ko lang sa net.. pero syempre, hindi sya "traced".. hihi..

    @Roy: Haha.. Obvious pong nagpa farmville kayo, Kuya Roy.. =)

  10. @DiamondR: Nakaka relate ka kuya? So may Facebook ka? Ano po? Add kita. hehehe...

    @Nyabochi: weeehh! Twitter mode. Me Twitter din ako.. hehehe... ano yung sayo, follow kita. LOL.. =)

    @MD: Ay.. bakit 2days to go???

    @Steve: Thanks Steve. I'd drop by your blog in a minute.. =)

    @Ellen: Hehe.. Thanks. Good luck to me. Hehe.. =)