Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 23 - Blogging Peeves

Day 23.
What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?

I have lots of pet peeves. I believe I've discussed some of them in my previous post. My blog is only a few months old. I'm not a professional blogger. I just write to share my thoughts about things, maybe to inform.. and yes, to inspire others. I'd like to think that blogging is one of the things that keeps me .. sane. Haha! But just like in any other hobby, I have my pet peeves. Here's some..

  • Copying - or Plagiarism. My number 1 blogging peeve. Simply put. If you can't come up with original ideas to put in your blog, then DON'T BLOG. What's the point of making a blog when you're just gonna copy someone else's ideas? That would be in insult.. to yourself. Eventually, someone will surely notice that your post is a "copy" anyway. So, respect yourself. I'm pretty sure you could squeeze some creative juice out of your brain, dude. 
  • Horrible Grammar - Okay. I'm going to give my readers some tough love. I am not an English nazi. An occasional typo doesn't bother me. But the lack of understanding of the English language? Yep! I'd have to admit, it bothers me. A LOT. I mean, if you're gonna author an English blog, then you'd better use your grammar and spellings skills to the maximum level. Yes, I also have errors in my blog. I'm not perfect. But I try to do good. Everyone makes mistakes. But if you don't know the difference between "it's" and "its", don't bother. You're gonna say, "Blogging enhances my English skills". Cool. But then, use the spell check, dude! Okay, you may call me a bitch now.
  • Long posts - I'm a hypocrite. Hehe. I don't like reading long posts, but I do write long posts myself. Yes, sometimes.. I skip-read. GUILTY! But only if I find the topic so uninteresting, and the long post so boring. Long posts could sometimes bore me to death. (But of course, it really depends on the topic.) One simple idea - too many words. Sometimes, not cool. Sometimes.
  • Clutter - I like to read blogs. The articles, the posts... And it's very distracting to read them, with a million widgets and ads, scattered on the sidebar. Also, I rarely go to blogs with LOUD music on them. Rarely. If I wanna listen to music, I'd open my MP3 player and listen. But of course, sometimes I do get tempted to have music in my blog. However, if my readers, even just one, would tell me that they don't like the music, then I'd delete the widget. Still, I respect those who do enjoy having music on their blogs.

That's that. Care to share you blogging peeves?


  1. Copying - I agree

    Horrible Grammar - Check

    Long post - hahaha. Akoni

    Clutter - It's the things that annoy me. hehe

  2. I also don't like visiting blogs with annoying music. Buti sana kung yung type na pagdating mo dun, you can choose whether to play the available music or not... but yung automatic biglang nagwala ang speakers mo, ek! Annoying. (pero kung maganda ang music, medyo forgivable :-D)

    Di ko rin type yung over ang ads... yung every galaw mo, may biglang mag pop-up na ad, or yung sobrang ads na hindi mo na masyado makita kung saan na ang articles... (

    Also dislike blogs na super-over sa arte, ultimo cursor eh kung ano anong weird behaviour o appearance ang nangyayari. nakakatakot. napapaisip ka ng "arte lang ba ng blog ito, o virus na sa computer ko?"

  3. alam ko naman ung its at it's hehehe. short ang attention span ko sa mga long posts unless alam ko na magaling talaga magsulat ung blogger

  4. i hate clutter...bwahahaha..lalo na yung may malakas na bg music grrr..ung tipong magugulat ka.pero minsan me naddidiscover akong bagong kanta kaya ok na sakin nyaha...tsaka allergic ako konti sa long posts, kaya pag di ko type magbasa, di nako nagcocomment, sa shoutbox na lang ako nag ha -hi, bwaha.

  5. copying is irritating. may na-experience akong ganito, kaya no comment na lang hihi.

    tapos clutter, ayaw ko rin ng blogs na merong auto-play bg music. napapatungan ng pinakikinggan ko sa mp3. kainis minsan, hanapin mo pa kung san ang widget na yun para ipause.

    long post, okay lang sakin. sanay ako magbasa ng mahahabang posts. basta lang interesting at maguglue talaga ang mata ko sa topic. pag wala namang kwenta yung topic tapos mahaba thanks na lang.

    agree din ako sa wrong grammar. kahit di mataas ang level ko sa grammar, may mga grammatical errors din and typos ang entries ko. minsan pinapacheck ko muna bago ko ipost ganung factor ako lol. okay lang naman un kung minsan lang, syempre wala namang perfect na tao. pero kung karamihan or halos lahat ganun...awww naman. minsan pag ganun, binabasa ko lang para mainis ako hihi.

  6. i absolutely despise auto-music on blogs! it's totally fine if there's an option to play the music, but not when it automatically starts, it makes me jump out of my seat most of the time. also when people follow only for a follow-back and don't bother visiting the blogs they follow.
    lots of typos and incorrect grammar bother me, too!
    i love long posts though, i really like reading what everyone has to say :D

  7. ok cge na leah fine.. pet peeves mo na ako.. hahaha.. horrible grammar ko ehh.. lol.. peace leah!

  8. I extremely dislike people who copy without stating where they got the material from. It's just so shallow. =/.

    I like reading posts, long and short. Just don't have the time recently.

  9. i agree with all of your pet peeves. especially auto-music. it's quite annoying. :|