Monday, July 11, 2011

My Ideas Went Poof!

Hi again! I was supposed to have a published post last Friday, but having G+ now, I kinda stopped checking my blogs and doing bloghops. Well, only for a little while.

I was so caught up in all the hype about the newest social network, that I stayed online for I dunno how long. And all I did was click buttons, edit my circles, check for bugs and send some feedback. Yeah, I am definitely loving it. I'm not sure if I'd leave Facebook, though. Almost all of my friends has one, so I couldn't simply leave FB and abandon them. And I still love Twitter. Hmm.

Anyway, Google+ really shows great potential. And eventhough it has been considered as a Facebook rip-off, Google+ has some cool new and different features. People wanna join because of all the hype about it.. me thinks. Google+ is like Facebook, but it is not Facebook. Only like Facebook, but somewhat different. Hmm. Did you just say "Huh?!"? Hehe. Yeah, I bet you did.

Anyway, this post isn't about that. It's about an entirely different subject. Writer's block. Is there a day in your life when you just can't write down any decent article? Do you encounter any difficulty in putting your ideas into words? If you don't, you're totally lucky.Writer's block. How do you understand a "writer's block"? Some bloggers write articles concerning issues of sex and politics. Some write about blogging tips and tutorials. And most of them write about anything and everything.. and I'm definitely one of them. I write and share my experiences and ideas in my blogs. Why? Well, because it's fun! Hehe. It's really fun to share, and much more exciting to know that I have readers who share the same level of excitement when reading my posts.

I remember when I got my first comment, I went "Yay! Someone left a comment! Hihi!". Really. Am I cute or what?

I think, comments are proof that you've created a relationship with your readers. It's nice to know that some stranger would read your post and go "I can relate to this post." or "Oh I know exactly what you mean". That's why I like to blog. Share my ideas and opinion about things. Well, except politics. Politics and I.. we're not on the same page.

But sometimes, my mind would just go blank. There's something that I really wanna share. But when I start to write it down, poof! I can't seem to find the right words that would best describe what I feel at that very moment. I'd just stare at an empty sheet of paper or at that blinking cursor on the computer screen. Call it "lack of inspiration".

"A writer's block is a condition wherein a writer experiences temporary difficulty in producing new work."

Reasons. Well, maybe because the writer runs out of inspiration. Or maybe he's just too distracted by the things around him. Maybe he has a lot on his mind, he's too preoccupied to write. Or maybe because the pressure is getting on his nerves.

Most writers experience the latter, me thinks. They have this idea that they have to write the greatest story or the loveliest poem or the most informative article. Pushing themselves to the edge, thinking "Would my readers like what I've written down? What if they don't like it?"

I get that. I know that I have to write quality posts. My readers deserve that. But how does one define "quality post", anyway? How can you tell if you've written a quality blog post or not?

Anyway, if you're at a loss for words, I suggest that you go out and get a breathe of fresh air. Sit down and read a book, while having a nice cup of coffee or tea. Look around you and enjoy the moment. Take a chill pill and just relax. I do that, and guess what, it really does work. Also, when I'm struggling to find the words to use, I usually just write down junk. Sometimes, my articles would have no body and some won't have introductions nor conclusions. My ideas scattered around, no structure at all. Junk. Also, my drafts folder is so full of crap. Some rants and random ramblings. Non-sense articles. But when I am to click that publish button, I make sure that present those posts in a way that's not rubbish.

Pressure really sets us into motion. But we also have to take it easy once in a while. Let go of thoughts of judgement and just write down pure non-sense. Anything. Everything. Believe me, something will come out of it and you'll just find yourself typing down sentences. Then all you've got to do is to organize your thoughts and edit your post to your heart's content. And if you're having a writer's block, just hit the save button and try again another time.

That's what "drafts" are for, anyway.


  1. At some point, we all experience the same. That moment when you have it all in your head and you definitely know your take but words just run out.

    Kudos with the bunch of junks on drafts! Mine's a total mess. :)

  2. same here Ms.Leah..I usually experience writer's block..but there are days that I love to write and I have so many what I do I just write and save it in my drafts..then publish it one by one..if I have a particular topic I just sit down at night and write it has become my relaxing moments when my kids are sleeping..blogging has been my outlet of my emotions..I write but I save it in my drafts and publish it one by one..

    magandang hapon po Ms.Leah :)

  3. hanggat di pa nalalaos ang FB gaya ng FS noon hindi ko iiwanan. G+ muna para sa mga bloggers. Masarap ang nauna, hahaha. Balang araw kasi sisikat din ang G+ gaya ng FB.

    Pero tatamarin nko pag dumating time na yun...kasi di ako mahilig sa trend, gaya ng FS nung nauso lahat ng tao meron, kahit tambay sa kanto, kaya najologan ako sa FS at lumipat sa FB. Same na rin ngayon sa FB, nagiging jologs na rin, kaya masaya ako at may G+ na. LOL #akoNaAngHindiJologs

  4. Hi Leah,
    I have visited and joined Google+ and I like it. I agree that it has
    a great potential, much better than Google Buzz, but it is different from Facebook.

  5. Again thanks Ms.Leah for being happy using G+. feeling ko lang ako taga google ako.

    Leah ikaw pa mawawalan ng isusulat kahit anong e type mo maganda ang kinalalabasan.

  6. oh this is a lovely post..

    hmm i dunno if i get that too. that condition they call writer's block because im not sure if im a writer? hehe

    id like to try google plus but jeez i havent gotten around to opening an account there just yet. again, im too lazy for that. i dont even check my facebook anymore hehe

  7. hey leah? i decided to create a google plus and the problem is i just cant right now cus google ran out of hard drive space. i dont understand how that exactly means but i found out that if someone who has a google plus acct adds you up, you'll be automatically be granted a g+ acct. so.. im actually counting on you to add me up hehe i hope thats not asking too much.. heres my gmail: pls? thank you!(;

  8. What do I think?

    I think you must not get pressured. Write at your carefree spirits. Everyone has the freedom to express, and this freedom is the best thing that you can garner from writing, apart from the comments and appreciation.

    We are very lucky to know English and let the whole world see what we have to say. Just to ramp a comparison, people in the Middle East are not as free as we are but they really want to show the world what is happening in their country at this moment, but they cannot express; either because they can't write it in forms understandable by the general internet population or because their IPs might get traced by their governments and they might end up in jail. You get my point Ate?

    Be happy if you have thoughts flowing. No matter how feeble sounding those may be, let it flow still. Do not prevent yourself from getting pressured by external forces, what matters is that your ability to express is present and is unhindered. People who love you, after all, will not judge how cranky or biased or crazy you may go at times. Let things be.

    Smile. :)

  9. My knowledge of that new Google thingy is about zero. Heheheh... I'm getting too lazy to even do much stuff on Facebook nowadays. I was too busy crafting and researching and reading. :-)

    Oo na, cute ka. heheheh. I can't remember what my reaction was when I got my first blog comment. hehehe

  10. i effing hate writers-block yet it has come to love me. :/

  11. ako subok ko lang ang G+, baka magaya lang sa tumblr ko na hnd ko masyado pinupuntahan.. hehe!

    ayan nagka writer's block ka, kong saan saan ka kc na-busy eh, haha!

  12. Leah, this is an awesome point of view. Any person, whether he writes or not, should always have the propensity to start, to begin. For only when he is ignited to ACT, motivation should quickly set in. same thing applies for blogging.

    cool beans. :)

  13. I have to agree may times na parang wala kang maisip na ishare.

    ang hirap ng trabaho ng mga writers sa tv and film or kahit sa books

  14. I think I may have been away too long I'm having that "block"! Nyaha..
    I'm a very inconsistent and incoherent writer! grrr,,

    But I'll always try to be better..lalo na magagaling ang mga inspirations ko. (you're one of them!) haha

    :) have a nice day

  15. I have a bit of writers block myself. I can't seem to get over it either! Bleh!

  16. I have a LOT saved in my drafts folder. I need to work on ASAP.

  17. Great post but don't have any plans to sign up with this...Fb is enough and blogspot:) having to much site to maintain is another +

  18. I bet you're not experiencing a writer's block right now. :) varied ang topics sa post na to eh and well thought of ang advice. :) heheh.

    Gin-invite ta ka nang sa sa google plus.heheh

  19. i have saved that & i will worked on ASAP.
    in my side gr8....
    Online Shopping

  20. surprisingly, i don't really have any drafts here on blogger. what i post are all a spur of the moment thing and i finish it all off the day i start it. haha. this is the reason i take a bit longer to update. eeps. :D

  21. Google+ is a hit though i havent yet join the networking and sabi nila it is way better than facebook but let's see kasi fb has been in the online world for years and Google+ has just started but thinking that it is a product from google.. It is a major ++

  22. haha writers block? haha nakakarelate ako . dami ring backlogs hahha