Saturday, September 03, 2011

Happy Days!

I am back!

So.. how are you all doin'?

Whew! I did a lot of things in the past few days... went to different places, met some people.. spent a lot of dough, as well. Haha! But I enjoyed my adventures. Those experiences were priceless. Yeah it was very tiring. It was kinda extravagant. But hey.. ♪♫ forget about the price tag ♫. Hihi. I had fun.. I had fun. That's what truly matters.

First off.. there was this DAVAO trip. It was my first time to visit Davao. I have relatives and friends who live there, and they were very much happy to have me visit this wonderful place. My cousins welcomed me into their humble home. I felt great. We ate dinner together, danced, sang and talked about life.. about everything, over coffee.

The next few days, my blogger friends (Anciro, Cj, Chamz and Unnie) took some time off to meet me and to show me around. Ah, such beautiful people. I thought that they were snobs. Turns out I was wrong. To you four, thank you so much for the wonderful time. I had tons of fun.

After Davao, where to.. Home? Nah! It was time to conquer Manila.

I was really hesitant to go to Manila because of the Typhoon Mina. Yep, it was raining hard while I was sitting gloomily inside the airport's waiting area. To tell you the truth, I have this fear of flying. But one could never really defeat one's demons when he doesn't face it. So face it, I did. But of course, I turned pale, my knuckles turned white when the plane began to shake.. HARD. Arg! Made it out in one piece. Oh goodie!

With the typhoon threatening to dampen my enthusiasm.. with the fatigue slowly creeping up on me.. Why go to Manila? One reason.. I REALLY want to meet-up with some friends. These are my blogger friends. And they are all beautiful.

Joshua, Mhel, Carlo, Erik, Berl, me and Bino

We went to an amusement park and decided to be kids again. We tried everything.. from the silly bumper cars to the heart-stopping EKstreme ride. I didn't ride that one. Haha! I know that I have to face that certain demon.. but that day wasn't the perfect time. Nah-ah! We rode on the Ferris Wheel (Wheel of Fate) and saw the vastness of the amusement park. It was an amazing view from the top, almost magical. It was raining so we bought some raincoats. We looked silly, I tell yah. Haha! We were like little kids who were stranded in the rain, but still enjoyed getting wet. Harhar! Look at us.

Joshua, Mhel, Bino and Jay
Erik, Carlo, me and Xander
Woot! Jumpshots!

Words weren't really enough to describe what I feel. The day ended, I was dead tired. I was really sleepy. I was broke. Hahaha. Really broke. But was it worth it? Oh yeah.

So here I am. Still kinda tired after all of my recent adventures. But it would be a shame NOT to blog about it because it truly was an experience worth sharing and remembering.

The Enchanted Kingdom..
Where the magic stays with you.

Oh, and before I forget.. Have you noticed anything new in my blog? Anything at all? I am actually smiling while I'm writing this article. Hehe. I can't contain my excitement. I didn't expect to have this.. but it's here! Right now! Haha.. This friend of mine gave me a gift.. my very own domain. That is soooo COOL! Oh, happy day! Thank you so much, Bino! You're simply the best! Mwah! Cyberhug!

Arvin "Bino" Bautista

I don't know how to end this post. Some big smiles would do, I think. Hihi. ☺☺☺☺☺


  1. wow ang emo ng picture ko!!! lol

  2. nameet mo si unni sa davao? nice :D

  3. Congrats sa bagong url!

  4. ang gwapo ni Bino sa solo picture niya!! hehe!

    ang cute ng unang picture.. double peace..:)

  5. Congrats Nang Leah, you simple deserve this gift. Sa isang katulad ma na plakaibigan, no doubt you deserve all these blessings (friends, family isama mo na rin ang domain) =...

  6. Congrats naman sa dotcom. Haha. Kakaiba talaga yung bait ni Kuya Bino. :)

    Worth it naman lahat ng pagod at gastos Ate Leah. Sobrang nakakaenjoy, refreshing at bago sayo yung ginawa mo. Maganda din na napapamper minsan ang sarili. Di ko lang kung sa sobrang pagod mo eh matatawag na pamper yun? Hahaha.

  7. Aww it looks like you had so much fun! And you're lucky all your blogging friends live nearby, all mine are in different continents! Including you :P

  8. ate Leah ikaw ba ay parang si Dora na mahilig mag lakbay? :D :D

  9. @Bino: Napakahaba ng komento ni Bino.. Hehe.. Thank you!! :D

    @Khantotantra: Yes Gelo. Nagkita kami dun.. :)

    @Kiks: Ay salamat! :D

    @Mommy: Haha! Sabi ko nga, pili ako ng pinakagwapo nyang picture. eh ayun, di ako nagkamali. Lols..

    @Jigz: Aww.. salamat Jigz. Such sweet words. :)

    @Yow: Yep.. worth it talaga.. :D

    @Hazel: Hehe.. yes, definitely. Aww.. Maybe someday we'll be able to see each other.. in person. Who knows, right? :)

    @Monik: Haha! Yep, laging naka ready yung Dora bag ko. Lols..

  10. You seem to have had a lot of fun :D that's great :) besides its good that you posted again, been a while :P

  11. wowowowowow! sa davao.... :D... congratulations... :)

  12. wow! seems like you really had a great time.. :)

  13. wow.. tinodo mo na!From davao to manila and back home. ikaw na talaga si leahng lakwatsera. hehe.. I haven't done blogger-meet-up. I wish to experience that.

    I'm glad you had so much fun! :)

  14. wow! saya naman...

    never ko pang naexperience makipag EB sa kapwa bloggers but im hoping soonnnn....

  15. Lumuwas ka pala dito sa Manila!

  16. Panalo! Traveler ang peg. Ganyan.

    Ang kulet ng EK pics. Hehe

  17. fun life. and congratz for the domain :)



  19. siguro theme song ng iBall ay *birit* "heto akoooooo.. basang basa sa ulaaaaaan... walang masisilungaaaan... walang malalapitaaan."

    hahaha! really glad to see you had fun in all your recent adventures :D ikaw na ang super leah! haha!

  20. nice ayos ang mga bonding!!

  21. Good for you nakapunta kayo ng enchanted kingdom ako nga never pa nakapunta diyan hahaha

  22. Super Leah is back in town :D.
    YAY! Though I shall continue to call you lovely Leah. :)

    The pictures look great, and it seems like you had an enjoyable and wet time :P.

    Take care!

  23. whoaaa! ikaw na talaga si super laya na nagme-maintain ng tatlong super blogs!


  24. Grabe naman ang city hopping mo Ate. From Mindanao to Luzon. Haha. Anlayo. Ikaw na! Certified lakwatsera to the max. LMAO.

    Ano bang site ni Unnie?

  25. Wow, first of, congrats sa! Ikaw na!!!
    Secondly, mega inggit naman ako sa pasyal galore mo! I wish i could go home soon and meet up with friends din. You look like you had a blast! And well done for conquering your fear of fying! I bet it was all worth it! =)

  26. huwow,taga dotcom ka na din hehehe

    grAts! :)

  27. such a sweet post from a very sweet girl!!! I love this entry sis. You has so much fun, I can tell. :)

  28. OHMYGOSH! i can tell you had loads of fun! i am so jealous of you and your adventures (despite being rather costly) right now! :| haha.

  29. oh and congrats on the new domain. that is so awesome!

  30. wow.. congrats naman.. new domain.. (; looks like you had serious fun.. i havent yet met any of my blogger friends. i hope someday well meet din (: