Friday, October 07, 2011

Save the Tigers

Good day, lovely people. ☺

I received an email today. I just thought I'd share it with all of you.

Dear Leah, 
Stalked in their forest homes, shot dead, and sold – piece by piece – on the black market. That's the sad fate of hundreds of tigers each year. 
And with fewer than 3,500 tigers left in the wild – only 1,000 of which are breeding females – this poaching isn't just illegal, it's obliterating one of the planet's most beloved animals, one population at a time. 
Tigers' best hope for survival lies in WCS and our supporters – people just like you.
Our experts are armed with research and expertise – but without sufficient resources, they could be outmatched by the poachers' increasingly sophisticated poaching and smuggling methods. 
Tigers are counting on us: Help us raise $35,000 by October 20th to counter the illegal wildlife trade and save tigers and other threatened wildlife in every corner of the world. 
Effectively combating the poachers' grisly operations requires state-of-the-art wildlife enforcement – but also sheer numbers. Simply put: we need more boots on the ground to protect tigers from poachers. 
That's why WCS – one of the world's leading experts in wildlife enforcement – isn't wasting any time. 
We've partnered with local governments in countries across the tiger's range to recruit, train, and equip ecoguards, the first line of defense in the fight for tigers' survival. Ecoguards patrol "source sites," 42 regions across Asia that WCS identified last year as critical tiger habitats. 
They're stationed in nearly half of the source sites, and we're expanding constantly – ecoguards have just started covering new regions of India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. In Indonesia alone, we've saved at least 12 tigers over the past 12 months through the increased patrolling and intelligence gathering provided by these tiger guardians. 
This is tremendous progress. But poachers are getting smarter, and the illegal trade of tigers is booming. Tigers have just recently gone extinct in pockets of Cambodia and India where only a few years ago they roamed freely. Fighting back is going to take everything we've got – and if we're going to bring tigers back from the brink of extinction, we need to get more ecoguards out there. 
Don't wait for another tiger to die. Donate today. 
WCS has the science and the on-the-ground expertise to save tigers and other threatened wildlife – all we need is you, Leah. I hope you'll help us with your gift today.

Liz Bennett
Vice President, Species Conservation
Wildlife Conservation Society

Website: Wildlife Conservation Society
For donations, click here.

A little help goes a long way. Unless we act now.. today, the next generation wouldn't be able to see these amazing creatures, since they'd be slaughtered into extinction by these soulless poachers.. It would be a great if each and everyone of us could donate a little amount to help in such a great project. It never hurts to help, right. ♥

Let us help save the tigers.