Thursday, November 03, 2011

30 Movies


  • Favorite film - The Lion King
  • Least favorite film -Catwoman
  • Favorite comedy - White Chicks
  • Favorite drama - What's Eating Gilbert Grape
  • Favorite action - Saving Private Ryan
  • Favorite horror/suspense - Resident Evil
  • Favorite animated feature - The Lion King
  • Favorite thriller - The Dark Knight
  • Favorite musical - Mamma Mia
  • Favorite foreign film - 3Idiots/Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Favorite kid's movie - Tangled
  • Favorite love story - A Walk to Remember
  • Favorite chick flick - 13 Going 30
  • Favorite play adaptation - Sound of Music
  • Favorite book adaptation - The Harry Potter movie series
  • Least favorite book adaptation - Peter Pan (not the Disney movie)
  • Film that is your guilty pleasure - Anything Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler
  • Film that made you cry the hardest - Armageddon/My Girl
  • Film you don't want to watch again - Chasing Amy
  • Movie with your favorite actress - Just Go With It (Jennifer Aniston)
  • Movie with your favorite actor - The Longest Yard (Adam Sandler)
  • Movie you wish you could live in - XMen. I'd love to be a mutant and have superpowers. lol
  • Movie that inspires you - The Shawshank Redemption
  • Movie with your favorite soundtrack - Tarzan (Phil Collins songs)
  • Movie/s with the most beautiful scenery - Monte Carlo (Paris and Monte Carlo), Mamma Mia (Greece) and The Lord of the Rings (New Zealand)
  • Movie you're most embarrassed to say you like - Burlesque (Most of my friends don't like this movie.)
  • Movie with your favorite villain - (The Dark Knight) The Joker
  • Movie with your favorite hero - (The Dark Knight) Batman
  • First movie you ever remember watching - Cinderella
  • Last movie you watched - Casper


Saturday. 5th of November. My 2nd Guest Post series will begin. Get ready... ☺


  1. NIce.. Ako din gusto ko rin po yung 13 going on 30. One of my favorite actresses si Jennifer Garner.. :)

  2. Sound of Music is my all time favorite! :)

    Great list Leah!

  3. @Zen Ang galing nya dun noh? She's so funny. hehe.. :D

  4. @Leomer Apolonio Walang makakatalo, right? hehe.. Thanks, Leo.

  5. di ko alam yung shawshank redemption hahaha. ma dl nga yan...hehehe

  6. Sound of music!!! i loovvee that movie :) :) ... and its high time i watched 'a walk to remeber'.. its been sitting on my hard disk for agggeeesss!!
    i'm so doing this tag too!!! :D :D

  7. pinaka hindi ko pinagsasawaan-Monte Carlo =))

  8. This is a good way of letting other people to know you more.. may pagkakapareha din ang mga likes natin leah

  9. gusto ko yung resident evil na movie series :p

  10. I love the Movie Sound of Music too

  11. @Ronster hehe.. Magandang movie yun. Sige hanapin mo't idownload. hehe.

  12. @Viya ;) Yep.. I watched the movie when I was still a little kid, and I still enjoy watching it up until today.. :D Maria's great. lol..

    Aw, you should watch "A Walk to Remember". Definitely. Asap. hehe..

    Go ahead and do the tag. Good day! :D

  13. @Mai Yang MOnte Carlo is a great movie.. ganda ng view at very cute dun si Leighton Meester.. :)

  14. @ladyinpurple Yep.. Sharing, sharing. :D Ay, ano-ano yung mga likes natin? hehe.. I'm a fan of animated movies.. lalo na yung gawang DISNEY. :)

  15. @khantotantra Me, too!! Hehe.. Haktwali, yun lang ata yung zombie movies na nakakaya kong panoorin. Hihi.. I think it has a lot to do with the games (PS2).. though different story yung games sa movies, may impluwensya sya sakin. hehe.. lol..

    Am I making sense? :P

  16. @Faraz Ezazi Hihi.. I think everybody loves that movie. hehe.. :D

  17. lion king din fave movie ko hehehee

  18. ang daming pelikula at ang dami ko pa ring di pa napapanood sa mga nabangit mo.

    Yong Mama Mia mahanap nga.

  19. Yay tangled and A walk to Remember plus harry Potter. Thumbs up for them.

  20. This is so cool. I'd probably do a blog like this soon. :-)

    A Ladybug's Life


  21. I love Sound Of Music. And Lion King is like my all time favourite =D

  22. nice ito.. pahingi nito hah.. pa repost...

  23. Favorite Comedy - White Chicks! - Me tooo!!

    Yer motha's so old that her breast milk is powdered. Hahahahahaha.

  24. Adam Sandler fan din ako....

    greatest show on earth ang all time fave ko.

  25. Ang galing timeyt!.. ehe.... ako rin gusto ko yang "A Walk To Remember" limang beses ko siyang pinanood... at limang beses din akong umiyak.... gusto ko rin yan "13 going 30" i love jennifer garner.. ehe..

    Two Thumbs Up!

  26. thats why ikaw ang isa sa mga avorite kong blogger ^_^ :P

  27. iniisip ko pa lang gumawa ng sariling ganitong list, parang mahihirapan yata ako. :D sa dami kasi ng pelikula, di ko na maisip kung ano yung paborito ko saka yung ayaw ko. :D

  28. leahDEAR, one of my favorite comedy films ay white chicks din!! hehehe

    >> cheers tayo dyan!!!

  29. Great movies...Leah..same tayo na pa iyak ako ng bongga bongga ng Armageddon:)

    Nice to hear that we both love that movie:)

  30. Ay same tayomore dinh ako iayk sa movie na - Armageddon.

    Great to hear we both love the movie:)

  31. :) cute...
    just passing by.. :)

    i love 3 idiots as well,
    i just watched it like, 2 days ago. :) and i'm resident evil's number one fan...:)

    i'm a movieholic...:D

  32. nice very nice :) maka adam sandler din ako.. hehehe

  33. siguro kung ako yung matatag sa ganito.. hindi ko masasagutan.. mahilig ako manuod ng movie.. pero.. di ko macompile mga title ahaha

  34. pa habol ang Praybeyt Benjamin..haha

    nice one

  35. I like burlesque too and I so agree that Monte Carlo has the most beautiful scenery, pati na rin Mama Mia. Those are the places I want to go before I die. :)

  36. i like all your film choices. nice! :D

  37. I doubt I could do this, for me most of them would probably fall into different categories lol. I don't watch movies that much anymore, I just don't seem to have the attention span necessary to pay attention for that long. Or the memory, by the time the end rolls round I've forgotten the beginning.