Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Guest Post: Feminism

Is feminism the correct term for my beliefs?

Do i believe women should get equal rights and opportunities as men? yes. Do i think women ought to be respected at all times? yes.

Personally, I don't really want to be called a feminist. I think men and women have completely different duties in this world. When broken down to the basics, it is ideally a man's duty to do hard work to earn for and support his family, while it is a woman's duty to take care of her home and provide comfort + moral support to her family.

Sure, if a woman wants to earn for herself and/or her family, she should have every right to; but I believe that women shouldn't be demanding for a right to 'take over' the men and their jobs. Or think of themselves 'better' than men.

A very popular example is Beyonce's song Run The World, in where she states that girls run the world. Honestly, the world is dominated by men, and though it could do with more females in higher positions, claiming that girls 'run the world' is just a tad too selfish (not to mention untrue). In Lady Gaga's song ScheiBe, she states that girls should 'fight for their rights'. There is no mention of 'taking over men' in any form. It is quite an empowering song, encouraging women to be independent and to feel beautiful. Now that's the correct way to get the message across!

I am strongly for equality amongst both the genders, and that is it. Men should respect women, and women should respect men and stop picking on them. men of the recent generations are not to be blamed for male domination. The idea of men having a stronger hand in running things everywhere had already been implemented thousands of years ago, and to get annoyed with the men of today is of no use at all.

Looking at this in another way: I don't want to be called a feminist. But my answers to the questions in the beginning of this post would most probably make me one (theoretically) anyway. I must know this: What could be the correct term for my beliefs? Equalist?

Your suggestions/opinions are most welcome. :D

- Furree Katt


"Respect begets respect." - Anonymous 

"All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die." - Bob Dylan 

"Before God, we are all equal." - Anonymous 

About the blogger:

My guest blogger is Furree Katt. She's homeschooled. She's 17 years old. At such an early age, she works as a Kindergarten teacher to support her family.. and the good thing is, she LOVES her job. She's an avid blogger. She likes colours. She likes everything and anything, especially Drake. She's a joy. Check out her awesome blog: Furree Katt and read her brilliant posts.


  1. natuwa ako nung nabasa ko yung linyang men and women have different duties in the world.

    parang yung role lang ng magulang sa anak, kelangan nilang pangalagaan at protektahan yung mga ito. ganun din ang lakae sa babae. kung ako tatanungin, ayaw kong nakikitang nahihirapan yung babae. (oo ako na gentleman)

    tama naman yung sabi na women can get equal rights as men. pero it'll vary in ther role in the family/sorrounding. (hanglabo lang)

    basta yun nayun. ang mahalaga sa akin. lahat ng ayaw ng gf ko o magiging asawa ko ayun yung gagawin ko...

    ayaw nya magluto, edi ako na.
    ayaw nya maglaba, ako na din.
    ayaw nya mamalantsa, napag-aaralan naman yon.

    lol. inam.

  2. Wow! That's really nice, Bolero. Hindi ako nagkamaling pumili ng Kras ko. ayiii!! haha.. lols.

    Anyway, I agree with her. There are things that men can do that women can't, and to have the idea that "women should rule the world", that's not proper, I think..

    Ikaw na talaga ang gentleman, kras. hehehe. :D

  3. Wow.. for Furee Katt's sake, I will write this in ENGLISH..! Awesome post Furree Katt.. Leah.. you brought a good deal on sharing here on your blog the opinion of other bloggers..!! I guess Furree Katt did a great job in this post..

    In my opinion though, I guess when I hear feminist now a days, I pertain it more on the outrage of hurting women, and children, and freaking violation where women became weak, like for example, raping women, rather than talking about women overtaking jobs that guys should be doing... :)


  4. WOW Furree that was an amazing guest post!

    I share similar opinions to you. The term 'feminist' is taken too extremely these days. While it IS important to raise awareness and stop abuse towards women just because they are 'weaker' than men, this doesn't mean that women are going to 'run the world'.

    There must be equality, and I seared the definition of feminism:
    'The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.'

    So it was originally a term used to refer to women's rights, but I think we have turned it into so much more, and not in a good way.

    Equalist sounds good :D

    And once again, this was a really interesting post to read, thanks for sharing Leah :)

  5. I think generally a 'feminist' is just someone who believes that women should have equal rights to men. If you actually look up feminism ( for example), it actually describes feminism as the belief that women should have EQUAL rights to men and not that women should have more power than men. So I think that what Furree's just described is actually feminism.

    Unfortunately, the word 'feminist' had negative connotations associated with it in modern times. For example, many people thinking of feminists as butch women with unshaven legs that are man haters. When in reality, this really isn't the case at all.

  6. There are quite a few old-fashioned beliefs mangled in there: men should do the work, women should stay at home and take care of things there.
    People should just do what they feel comfortable with, and what's good for their relationship.

  7. Equal sign has always been there in all mathematical equations, the difference only are the variables. I think same rule applies for men and women. We have always been equal from the start, the men and the women are only those who makes the difference.

    This is, I know, very complicated.

  8. nice repost Leah..I certainly agree on the dogma that a man should look for a living while the woman tends the house and the offsprings. but, i think this notion has changed especially the society we have now: we are facing the obsolete of what's supposed to be the right thing to be. anyway, i don't think "girls run the world". hahaha


  9. should a man who can carry 1 sack of rice earn the same pay as a woman can only carry 1 kg? just a thought.

  10. What a topic! LOL! Men and women, though different, they're both equals. And though they're equals, they also complement each other.

  11. Such a good post - eloquently written!

  12. This was a lovely post! Well done Furree (with the 2 r's).

    Having read some of the comments above I want to say 2 things. 1.) I couldn't agree more with what the others have said. 2.) This issue of equality is misunderstood. Let me give you an example. I love olives and I love cookies. Equally I'd say. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna start dunking my olives in warm milk before eating them. You get me?


  13. It was an awesome (guest post) Furee
    Ya both genders have same rights but yet different responsibilities and one should try to fulfill his/her responsibility well and not to interfere in the responsibility of other

    Regards Faraz

  14. I really like the term "Equalist". I'm going to have to use it to describe myself. I'm like you, I think that yes women should have all the rights they want, but they have to remember that men have rights too, men are equal to women, just like women are equal to men. It's always nice to hear a woman who has that opinion, it really, really is. It gives me hope for the future. A world where the sexes will be equal, rather than fighting for the top spot.

  15. It 's true that women were given no rights at certain aspects before (unlike today). Others may think that there is a certain inequality favoring men. In my perspective, there's also the inequality favoring women. If you notice, if the person is a woman, there are most cases that people just let us easily slip away even if we are the cause of the problem. "Babae yan, wag mo patulan."

    Our scream is rather scary too. Sigaw ka lang isipin ng mga tao ikaw inaagrabyado. Eh kung lalaki kaya? HAHA! Di ko maimagine. Usually it's the woman that other people will side on. Not everytime, but from time to time.

  16. everyone deserves equal rights. nagtataka pa rin lang ako dahil yan ang pinaglalaban pero pag may babaeng nakatayo sa mrt at ayaw paupuin ng lalaki, di raw gentleman. equal rights nga diba? hahaha. weird opinion

  17. Equality is such a broad topic to discuss. Though generally equality can be in the form of equal representation, equal perception, or equal influence. So if you base your feminism argument mainly on having each gender having their own specific duty and scope, doesn’t that defy the concept of equality in the first place? Women in the past have lobbied to have a stronger influence. They believe that they should be in the higher positions, say politics, to gain equality. This is already becoming true as we would notice the higher percentage of women who are working. I do not believe that women should be subservient to men, most specifically in the workforce.

    Probably, a better concept of equality might be equal opportunities and treatment for both sexes. If they can “take over” men’s jobs should they will to do so, why not give them the same chance?

  18. That was enlightening.

    Yes, both sexes have different roles and different obligations to do. What should be done is a mutual respect for both sexes.

    And there is no question about who should really dominate. Men do. It is biblical. There are many accounts in the Bible that proves it right. Adam was created by God first, and out of his rib was Eve created. Simple illustration.


  19. If we submit to the mere parameters of sexes, be it male or female, we are boxing not just our capabilities as humans [not as male or female, but again, as humans] but we are also hindering our chances for humanity's growth. They got it backwards. Feminism manifests to forward the ideals women possess, to be heard, to be subject for modification and not by mere imposition. Men and women are equal because of the underlying truth that we're all humans.

  20. You are right in choosing furree to guest post. Always sensible that girl is.
    I consider myself a feminist, always ready to fight for women's right. I guess it’s because I witnessed a lot of situation when women were treated as if they were not human and as if they were merely a tool to satisfy a man’s need. Yet I don’t deny that there are men, I’d like to think a lot, who really respect women. I have no reason not to believe because I am surrounded with great men. So the term equalist sounds better than feminist. I agree that men and women have different roles, just like any other living things God created. It is true that there are things women cannot do that men can do and vice versa. Therefore, respect for each other capabilities, dignity and worth is inevitable.
    I’ve gone as far as reading the first comment. Sobrang natuwa ako sa sinabi nya, sana lahat ng lalaki kagaya nya.. hehe.. bulakbolero you’re the man! 

  21. "The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die" - this is so true! It's not about equality but respect for everyone. :)

  22. for me hindi naman kailangan maging extremist yung approach. faminism, as an end in itself, i doubt it. walang sex na mas superior, bawat sex may uniqueness. above all, respect at understanding ay importante din.

  23. Leah you have an award on my blog. The Sunshine Award 2011. haha

  24. I love this post! Girl power ang peg! Thanks sa iyong guest who posted this.

  25. Nice article. Men and women have equal rights, and sometimes they have to fight for these rights, regardless of gender. But amid this rights-fighting, they should acknowledge that they have different roles, that they are different. Fighting for one's right doesn't mean taking on the other's role.

  26. they just need each other to be complete.