Friday, February 10, 2012


Let us have a brain-teaser. A riddle game. Everybody loves answering riddles. Its fun! I have 3 riddles here. Try to solve all the riddles. I will provide you with the answers on my next post. Are you game?

Riddle #1

Mary's father has 4 children; three are named Nana, Nene, and Nini. So what is is the 4th child's name?

Riddle #2

A man has to get a fox, a chicken, and a sack of corn across a river. He has a rowboat, and it can only carry him and one other thing. If the fox and the chicken are left together, the fox will eat the chicken. If the chicken and the corn are left together, the chicken will eat the corn. How does the man do it? 

Riddle #3

Suppose there is only one barber shop in your town, and it employs two barbers. One of the barbers has a nice, neatly trimmed head of hair. The other's hair is a complete mess. You can't go outside of town to get a haircut from any other barber. Which of the two barbers should you go to and why?



  1. riddle #2 ewan? he should take the chicken?
    riddle#3 the one with a hair that is a complete mess. because he was the one who neatly cut the other barber's hair. you can't neatly cut your own hair. right?

  2. Riddle #1
    Answer: Mary

    Will be back for my #2 and #3 answer. hihihi :)

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  3. 1. mary

    2. di ko masagot. :))

    3. dun sa messy ang buhok, kasi sya naggugupit dun sa isa pang barber na maganda ang buhok. haha

  4. Haha I love riddles.

    The first one is pretty easy: Mary!
    I remember seeing the second one before too, but I can't remember the answer :P

    And for the third one, I THINK I would go for the one with the messy hair, because he must have cut the other barber's hair since they are the only barbers there.

  5. riddle #1
    Mary n_n

    riddle #2
    leave the fox and the corn

    riddle #3
    go with the barber with "messy hair"
    kasi for sure siya yung gumupit dun sa barber na may "nice and neatly trimmed hair".


  6. Mary ang sagot sa first riddle. Pero dinaya kita, nabasa ko na yon dati pa. Nunu sagot ko talaga.


  7. answers:
    1. Mary

    2. The farmer brings the chicken across. Goes back and brings the fox across, and brings the chicken back with him to the other side of the river and drops off the chicken, then he goes and brings the corn sack across, and finally he goes back for the chicken and brings it across.

    3. Since there are only two barbers in town, it is safe to assume that the barbers would cut each other's hair. This being the case, I should sit down in the chair of the barber who has the awful haircut.


  8. #1: Mary

    #2: ang hirap naman.. chicken muna, then corn, then fox? ewan.. :P

    #3: i'd go for the one with messy hair, since there are no other barbers in town, methinks that messy-haired barber trims neat-haired barber's hair.. so yun.. ah basta.. :P

  9. 1. Mary

    2. pabalik-balik siya. basta. mahaba yung answer e. hehehe.

    3. dun sa barber na pangit yung buhok. sila lang kasi naggugupitan e.

  10. My Answer:

    Riddle #1: Of course the 4th child is Mary! hehe

    Riddle #2: I'm not sure about this but I think he has to cross the river first before he could get those things??? Lame! haha pasensya na.

    Riddle #3: I'll go to the barber with terrible hair. Because that would mean, it's the other barber who cut his hair and messed it up. He (with the messed up hair) is the one who neatly trimmed the other barber's hair. After all, they're the only barbers in town! So it's the puzzle! Haha. Sana nakuha mo ang ibig kong sabihin.

  11. ang hirap lalo yung pinakauna.. wahahaha dyuk :P

  12. 1. nono? haha

    2. una ung chicken. tapos ung corn. pag balik nya, dalin nya ulit yung chicken. tapos iwan nya ulit, sunod ang fox. tapos balik ulit para sa chicken.

    3. get a haircut from the barber with messy hair, as he probably is the one giving nice haircuts to the other barber :)

  13. Riddle 1: Mary
    Riddle 2: The man and the chicken cross the river, (the fox and corn are safe together), he leaves the chicken on the other side and goes back across.The man then takes the fox across the river, and since he can't leave the fox and chicken together, he brings the chicken back. Again, since the chicken and corn can't be left together, he leaves the chicken and he takes the corn across and leaves it with the fox.He then returns to pick up the chicken and heads across the river one last time
    Riddle 3: Since there are only two barbers in town, it is safe to assume that the barbers would cut each other's hair. This being the case, I should sit down in the chair of the barber who has the awful haircut.

  14. Riddle #1

    Mary! :) I was thinking about Nene and Nunu, but Mary looks like the right answer :)

  15. I just tried.

    Riddle #1
    A: Nono

    Riddle #2
    1. TAKE the chicken across the river and go back.
    2. TAKE the fox across the river but TAKE the chicken BACK to the other side.
    3. LEAVE the chicken and TAKE the corn across the river then go back to the other side.
    4. TAKE the chicken across the river and there you will find the corn and the fox already.


    Riddle #3
    dunno, i'm trying to read between the lines but can't see anything. maybe the one with the neat hair.

  16. 1. Nono
    2. Bring the chicken first leave the sack of corn and fox
    3. The one with a messy hair.. It Only means he is that good that he does not have time to get a trim for himself!!

    Ayan teacher ano po grade ko? Pasado Ba?? Hehe

  17. riddle 1: Mary :)

    riddle 2: let us imagine that the place where the 3 characters are is called Place A, and across the river is Place B. the man has to bring with him the chicken to place B first. pag balik n'ya sa place A, he will get the fox and bring it to place B. pag balik naman n'ya to place A, he will carry with him the chicken. tapos, babalik na naman s'ya sa place B carrying with him the sack. and then babalik s'ya sa place A to get the chicken. (sana di kayo nalito sa kakabasa. hihi)

    riddle 3: i'd go for the barber with a messy hair, because i think he cuts better and sa pagiging super galing n'ya, wala na s'yang time to fix his own hair .haha

    may prize ba ang first to comment, ate leah? hehe ♥

  18. Riddle's # 1 Answer: "Mary"

    Ridlle's # 2 Answer: 1st he must bring the Chicken to the other side of the river... then leave it there... 2nd he must then get the fox to the other river then leave it there but before he go back to get the corn he must bring back the chicken because the fox will eat the chicken.. 3rd he must bring the sock of corn to the other sie of the river, but since he can only bring one item, he must leave the chicken.. 4th and final, he will leave the sock of corn with the fox at the other side of the river then go back to finally get the chicken.. weow.. hirap mag explain.. I just hope na intindihan mo ang explain ko...

    Riddle's # 3 anwser: I will choose the second that has a hair that is mess.. becuase the first one is busy cutting hair...

  19. 1: Mary
    2: I've done this several times but I don't know if I can actually type out the answer.
    3: You go with the barber who has bad hair because he is the one who gave the other barber his hair do. They have to do eachothers hair and so the one with the bad haircut is the better barber.

  20. 1. Mary
    2. He carried all of them. Remember that he can only carry ONE THING? Foxes and chickens are animals.
    3. The guy with an untrimmed hair, because the other barber got his hair trimmed by the former.

  21. 1. Leah
    2. first, he crosses with the chicken, leaves the chicken, goes back and crosses with the fox, gets the chicken, leaves the fox, crosses and leaves the chicken and gets the corn, leaves the corn with the fox, and gets the chicken.
    3. i will choose the barber with the messy hair because he's the one who cut the barber with the neat hair

  22. Riddle 1... Mary is the fourth daughter

    Riddle 2... First, the man should take the chicken across the river and leave it on the other side. Next, the man crosses again and takes the corn with him, leaves it on the other side and takes the chicken with him. He leaves the chicken and takes the wolf on the other side, then goes back for the chicken then viola, there'll all together in the other side..

    Third...Go to the guy with the nice, clean and trimmed haircut..


  23. 1. Mary
    2. Man-Chicken to other side, man returns, Man-fox to other side, man-chicken return, man-corn to other side, man returns, man-chicken to other side, man-fox-chicken-corn on the other side
    3. I would go to the barber with messy haircut; he's good so he's able to give the other barber a nice haircut. The other one is not that's why the good barber has a messy hair.

    tama ba Leah? may cheat ako kaya dapat tama 'to, hahaha!

  24. #1 Mary!
    #2 He's gonna have to carry one thing at a time
    #3 Not sure?

    And here's another riddle, your post says it was posted tomorrow Sat. Feb. 11th!

  25. #1: Mary
    #2: He takes the chicken to the other side, goes back to get the fox, brings the fox to the other side and takes the chicken back, then brings the corn to the other side, returning one more to get the chicken to the other side again.
    #3: The one with the messy hair, obviously, because the only other barber in town screwed up when cutting his hair.

    Waaay too easy. Got any challenging ones?

  26. alam ko yung sa riddle 1: mary
    sa riddle 2: demn, nabugok ang brain ko.
    riddle 3: one with complete mess :p

  27. 1. Mary
    2. chicken over, then fox over, and chicken back. then corn over, then chicken over.
    3. ask the guy with the neat hair who cuts his, most likely the other barber and go to the one with the messy hair

  28. 1. Mary
    2.First you bring the chicken with you. Then the fox. But bring chicken back. Next bring the corn across then come back for the chicken. (did i make sense??) lol
    3.The messy haired one. The neatly trimmed barber had his hair cut from him. :)

  29. #1: Nono
    #2: None
    #3: The barber who has a nice, neatly trimmed head of hair.

  30. awww... number one lang ata ng sure ko ang sagot. the name of the 4th child is Mary.. hehe..

    sa 2nd riddle, ala ko maisip na diskarte, antayin ko na lang ang sagot mo.

    3rd riddle- I think I'll go for the one that has messy hair because i think he works hard kaya di na nya nabibigyan ng panahon ang sarili nya. baka kasi yung isa magmadali dahil masyado syang vain.. haha..

    ewan.. basta maka-comment lang..kaw talaga pinag-iisip mo kami.. hehe.. :)

  31. hehe.. buti na lang di na ako nag-isip sa 2nd riddle, kakaloka ang habang process.. haha.. buti nung pag check ko wala pang sagot. siguro you're updating it habang nag-iisip ako, hehe.. so isa lang ang tama ko. yung pang 3rd 1/2 correct lang. hehe...

  32. Hahaha the last one had me thinking :P I got 2/3
    Btw tagged you in a post :)

  33. #1 Mary
    #2 Fox and the sack of corn together, leaving the chicken on its own
    #3 You'd go to the barber with the bad hair cut because seeing as there are only two barbers in the town, the two barbers would have to cut each others hair. Meaning that the one with the bad hair cut had his cut by the bad barber. Hope that explanation makes sense lol!