Wednesday, May 16, 2012

N is for Naked Mole Rat named Rufus

Naked Mole rat.

People say that naked mole rats look horrible and aren't cute. Hm, maybe so. That may be true, but this one naked mole rat is adorable and his name is Rufus.

I'm a big fan of the Disney cartoon Kim Possible. It focuses on Kim's life as a regular student in high school. She's a cheerleader but also has a job as a heroine/secret agent/spy/. Along with her best friend/boyfriend Ron Stoppable and the naked molerat, Rufus, they stop evildoers from ruling the world. "They save the world - even on school nights."

Rufus is Ron's pet. Since his dad is allergic to every animal with fur, Ron decided to buy a hairless mole rat. And so, it was named Rufus. He basically lives in Ron's pocket.

Ron and Rufus are a riot. If you've seen the show, you'd know what I mean. If you haven't, well... Boo you. Haha! Kim Possible is awesome. It's just kinda sad.. they don't make shows like that nowadays. (shrugs)

This video rocks! Booyah!


  1. OMG, di ko kilala to. not familiar hehehe

  2. Ugh no way, naked mole rats are creepy and icky!

  3. I actually didn't know the origin of Rufus. Though I did love Kim Possible. It was a really good show, and you're right that it's a shame more shows like it don't exist.

  4. A real mole rat looks creepy but Rufus is one of a kind ^_^

  5. haha. i used to love this show on disney. na miss ko na tuloy sila ni kim possible, ron, and the naked mole rat. ^_^

  6. Oh I remember Kim Possible!
    All the cartoons on disney now are just really lame, I feel bad for kids who never got to watch the shows like this one :/

  7. natawa ako akala ko kasi yung rufus na sinasabi dito ehh yung aso sa movie na Maid in Manhattan. Kakatapos ko lang kasi panoorin ulit yun and then nung nabasa ko post na to akala ko talaga siya un hahhaa..

    Hindi ako nanunuod ng Kim possible kasi huhhu..loser ako weaaa...

    thanks nga pala sa pag comment sa post ko hehehe

  8. isa ako sa hindi fan ng naked mole rat.

    kahit ng kimpossible. maybe because di ko masyado trip ang ilan sa US cartoons... mas prefer ko kasi anime :D

  9. oh you watched that also hehe

    nakakamiss din toh as in kahit aminado akong nagsawa ako ehehehehe