Sunday, June 03, 2012

W is for Wizards and Witches.

Wizards and Witches

When I was a little kid, my parents could have me running inside my room to hide inside my closet, simply by saying the word "witch" (In Filipino, "bruha" or "mangkukulam"). I remember, every time I was being stubborn, mom would say that the witch would get me and take me home with her. A naive little kid, I would go inside the house immediately. Yeah There were lots of talks about nasty witches in our neighborhood. It was best to just stay inside and be safe.

When the first Harry Potter came out, I didn't watch it. I honestly thought it would be a bad movie and well.. bloody gory. I didn't even bother reading some reviews on the internet. Until one day, older bro brought home a magazine. A review about the Harry Potter movie caught my eye. A few days later, I bought the VCD. And watch it, I did. A lot of times.

Now, wizards and witches and their adventures fascinate me. They still scare me sometimes, but I'm more fascinated than scared this time. All because of dear Harry Potter.

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  1. Harry potter marathon ako til now hehehe. Merlin, sorcerer,s apprentice etc...

  2. I adore witches and wizards even before Harry Potter. I just love magic :)

  3. Harry Potter is beyond awesome, I can see why you made an exception for it ;) x

  4. As much as I believe in magic, I think that sadly it's not so much like Harry Potter. But I would love to be able to do that stuff of course :) I recently just finished re-reading all the Harry Potters, which is where I got the idea BTW :)

    I don't think anyone ever tried to instill fear in me with witches. But I have a bad memory xD I know I wouldn't do it though. I'd rather have children with such vivid imaginations that they can believe in magic :)

  5. It's probably the fear of the unknown. Witches do stuff one doesn't get, and BOOM, they're scary and should be burned down.

  6. dear harry potter is more cute when he was still a kid..hihi.. <3

  7. Yes, I agree with Hana! They were cuter when they're still kids! hahaha! ヅ

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  8. haha it amaze me seing those three little children growing up it feels like the story happens for real haha

  9. Have you seen Corazon, ang unang aswang? I did and it just revived my fear for witches.

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