Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Leah

So there's a new "old" tag going around in the blog world.. "Sharing 100 things that make you happy". Yep. Simple. I'd just list down all the things that make me happy, make me laugh.. things that make me feel relaxed.. keep me in a good mood and such. I've seen Hazel and Kbbuddingwriter do this tag, so I decided to do it, too. Meh.


  1. Pizza. Looking at pizza. Eating pizza. Looking at Pizza commercials. Just hearing the word "pizza". Okay. I'm exaggerating.
  2. Kisses and kissing. I love kissing.
  3. Cuddles, huggles and snuggles.
  4. Watching Disney/Pixar animated films. The Lion King. Tarzan. Cars. Toy Story
  5. Playing with my dogs.
  6. Grapes.
  7. Apples.
  8. Sunsets. The wonderful orange-y color of the sky during sunset. Amazing.
  9. Looking at the stars.
  10. Rain.
  11. Twitter.
  12. Cleaning my own room.
  13. Looking at beautiful pictures of myself. Don't judge meeeh. Lol.
  14. Looking at my wacky shots.
  15. Creating storylines for my Role-Play
  16. Being praised and recognized.
  17. My wonderful nieces.
  18. Listening to music.
  19. Spending time at the beach.
  20. Eating.
  21. Sleeping.
  22. Weekends.
  23. Cake.
  24. Ice cream.
  25. Adorable kids who just can't stop being adorable. Heh.
  26. Having much money in my wallet.
  27. Having much money in the bank.
  28. Looking at beautiful jaw-dropping scenery. Breathtaking.
  29. Playing the guitar.
  30. Taking photographs.
  31. Finding and meeting gentlemen! Really. Endangered species. I meet one and bam! Happy Leah.
  32. Corny yet funny jokes.
  33. Chris Hemsworth. *swoons* I like big arms and I cannot lie.
  34. Fireworks.
  35. Travelling.
  36. Good hair days! *epic hair flip*
  37. Blogging.
  38. Reading.
  39. Baby animals. Even baby tigers and lions look a-freakin-dorable!
  40. My pillow.
  41. My bed.
  42. Video games. (Resident Evil 4, God of War, Final Fantasy - Crisis Core)
  43. Screaming. Sometimes, just one, very loud scream.. and then, I'd feel better.
  44. When someone says I look young for my age. *beams*
  45. Long hot relaxing baths.
  46. Buying new shoes.
  47. Buying cool outfits.
  48. My laptop.
  49. Romance. Being romantic.
  50. Having long conversations with my family.

I'll share the other 50 things next time. Ta-ta!


  1. I am interested in no. 2

  2. Haha you must have been thinking of me when you wrote #44! I agree with the vast majority of these!

  3. Love this post Leah, it's filled with positive things and it makes me happy to read haha. This has seriously made me crave pizza and cake too, it's made me crave a lot of things in fact.

    1. Haha! And it made you crave and laugh! And it made me laugh because you laughed! Lol. Weeee! Mission accomplished!

  4. Ako din interesado sa No.2

    1. Nakakapasaya nga naman sa tao ang kissing. Heh. :D

  5. Most of these make me happy too :) But I'm a bit sad I'm not on the list :(

    I still love you :P <3

    1. D'aww. Hehe. I'm not going to put any names on the list. It'll be awkward. but you already know you make me happy. <3

  6. relate nuch sa madami lalo na sa 4th sana meon ako nung nasa 26- 27 haha penge nga

  7. the numbers 1, 2 and 3...lalo si number ONE, it makes ME happy too. :))))))))

    1. OMG. Pizza is happiness! :)

  8. parang maganda ngang gawin to. try ko nga rin to next time hehe

    simple things. at tama ka rare na nga ngayon ang mga gentleman. hahaha

    1. Lol.. Very rare. Yeah. Gawin mo na din, superjaid.

  9. This looks fun! relate sa madami..

  10. Yiiiiiiiiiiii namiss ko ang blog mo! At oo, magblog na ulit ako! :)

    1. Yay! Namiss ko din blog mo!! Blog na uleeeet! :)

  11. LOL welcome back, and thanks for the mention.
    For me, 47 doesn't fit well, because we always end up arguing. Sad, I know.

  12. 4,5,9, 18 ..

    almost all relate ako ..hehehe

    pero the best ang 49 <3

  13. Ang dami!!!Right now masaya ako sa sleeping and reading. Hehehe. So pag nagkita tayo Ms. Leah pwede na ang pizza. hehehe

  14. ey that's cool.. hehe

    wait. Wait1 so you think that's enough. I also tagged you on my latest post. Kindly check that out.. ;-)

  15. I would try to post something like this.. heheh .. Sounds fun.

  16. Hi ms. Leah!! :) we're a lot in common in different and unique.. I think this mean a lot about foods.. hahaha

  17. I like #3 more than #2 but I think #44 is the best. :) hehehe

  18. I just gave you an award in my blog. Check it out! (Sorry I know you don't like blog links... just want you to go to the award, that's all.)

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