Sunday, July 08, 2012

Once Upon A Time


So. I'm currently hooked on watching the ABC series, Once Upon a Time. It's has the same story book and fairy-tale characters, almost similar stories.. but with a little twist.

Basically, the story is about Emma Swan and the destiny she is unaware of. It also follows the life of Snow White and her journey towards her happy ending. Her stepmother or the Evil Queen cast a very powerful curse that spread all over the kingdom and trapped all the fairy-tale characters in a small town of Storybrooke, Maine. Time has come to a complete stop. The characters do not remember who they are and cannot leave. Their happiness are stolen, so there are no more happy endings.. unless the savior comes and finds a way to break the curse.

One of the reasons why I like watching Disney fairy tales is that they make me feel good. And kinda sappy, too. Hehe. Stories of Princes and Princesses. Of true love and true love's kiss. Of the triumph of good. Of the fall of evil. Those stories are perfect. And this ABC show just made eveything more intresting for me. It's a very good fairy-tale drama.

Once Upon A Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla, Jamie Dornan, Jared Gilmore, Josh Dallas and Raphael Sbarge. Its Season 1 has 23 episodes and its Season 2 is set to be released on September of this year.

"And they all lived happily ever after.... or so everyone was led to believe. "


I'm going home again and spend a couple of days at my parents' house. And as most of you know, we do not have any internet connection there. I'd prolly be back on Wednesday. Stay awesome, everybody. Ciao!


  1. It's a great show - I loved the first series and can't wait til the second. Henry is so adorable!

    1. Yes, he is! I wanna hug him to death... if it's even possible. lol. :)

  2. I'm missing you already :( But you probably won't get to read this until you're back, so I missed you :P I had heard of this series but I haven't watched it yet myself. Though I do admit the whole soppy love stories, and true loves first kiss stuff, that always gets to me, and I still dream of it myself.

    You stay awesome too Leah <3

  3. wow epic!!!! love it ganda ganda

  4. i have seen some of the episodes of this program but i cannot somehow catch this on Star World. i will miss you again miss leah. tootles :)

  5. I'm completely addicted to Once Upon A Time right now - my favourite character is Rumpelstiltskin! I know he's mean but he's so interesting and Robert Carlyle is a great actor!

  6. Robert Carlyle! I love him from Trainspotting. He is a terrific actor.

  7. kayo na may TV haha

  8. i love happy endings. pakiramdam ko ako yung bida at sumasaya ako kapag masaya na sila. hehe

    i wish someday i find my own prince. =D