Monday, September 13, 2010



I've been hearing a lot of bad news lately.
From my friends and the media.
Men and women trying to end their lives.
I can't help but wonder.

What could've happened to them
that made them think they have no way out?

To think that a person gets totally depressed,
to the point of ending his life.
It just doesn't make any sense.
I don't know why some people do this.
It is such a pity.

Life is a gift.
Life should be celebrated.
It is precious.
I've come to realize one thing.

Though some would even consider
throwing their lives away.
Not me.

I'm gonna enjoy and live every second of mine.


  1. True! I agree with you! Life is beautiful. So why waste it?

  2. Yeah. It's such a pity that some people just don't get it, Jag..

  3. honestly, naisip mo na ba minsan magsuicide?

  4. Honestly, YES. With all of my shortcomings, yes. Several times. But I don't think that I could actually do it. I could always say 'I'll kill myself".. but I've never tried. Naiisip ko palang.. when it comes to that actual "killing" part, I don't see any sense in ending my life just to rid myself of my misery. Hindi tama..

  5. Hi Leah! I totally agree with you.. some poor people think that suicide is the easiest way out of problems and pain but they haven't realize yet that once they do it, there's no turning back.

  6. @Benh: You're so right, Benh. Definitely NO turning back..