Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am ME.

It's Christmas!! Yaaay!!

Chirstmas vacation is on Monday, so I'm also taking a break on updating this lovely blog. Thank you so much to all of you wonderful people who never fail to visit my blog. To all those who leave comments, I think I'm inlove with you. Truly. And to those who don't, you're not my friend. LOL. Kidding! Of course, I also appreciate you. Thank you all so much. Mwah! ♥

And because 2010 is nearing its end, I just wanna share this post with all of you. As a normal human being, I have my flaws. And hell yeah, I am weird. After reading this post, I hope that you'd still be with me.. and NOT unfollow my blog. Haha!

  1. I am Leah. 
  2. I'm from Iloilo. 
  3. I don't like living in the city. 
  4. I can't sleep without the Efficascent Oil liniment on my bedside table. 
  5. I can't sleep when it's really dark. 
  6. I have a knife on my bedside table. I'm not really sure why. 
  7. I don't like texting. 
  8. And I don't like having textmates. 
  9. My mom calls me Nene. 
  10. My dad calls me Pangga. 
  11. My two brothers call me Panee. 
  12. I'm a very picky eater. 
  13. I don't eat balut. 
  14. I don't eat dinuguan. 
  15. I love the Avatar: The Last Airbender Cartoon series. 
  16. I enjoy watching Teen Titans and Justice League Animated Series re-runs. 
  17. I don't eat talaba. 
  18. I don't eat isaw and adidas. 
  19. I love spicy food. 
  20. I'm very skinny when I was still in gradeschool. 
  21. I love cleaning my room.. and MY ROOM only. 
  22. It was during first year in high school when I had my first boyfriend. 
  23. His name is Jerson. 
  24. I have a blog. But I don't really consider myself as a blogger. Not sure what I am, yet. LOL 
  25. I'm also a very picky dresser, though I'd admit that I don't have a very good sense of style. LOL. 
  26. I love playing Playstation2 games, like God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X and RE4. 
  27. I know how to play Warcraft III, reign of Chaos (Defense of the Ancients). Thanks to my brothers. LOL. 
  28. I know how to sing. Not very good at it, though. 
  29. I know how to dance. But I have two left feet. 
  30. I don't watch horror films. 
  31. I love DISNEY. 
  32. My favorite colors are apple green lavender and yellow. 
  33. I am very lazy. 
  34. I'm afraid of heights. 
  35. That's why I'm afraid of riding a plane. Afraid, but not terrified. 
  36. I love dipping french fries on gravy. 
  37. I love eating potato chips. 
  38. I love pizza! 
  39. I know how to ride a bike. 
  40. I don't like exercising. 
  41. When I was still a kid, I wanted to become a doctor. 
  42. But I cringe at the sight of blood. I still do. 
  43. I was afraid of clowns. They're scary. 
  44. I'm afraid of sharks. 
  45. I hate cockroaches. 
  46. I've experienced not having a single cent on my pocket. 
  47. I don't talk much when I'm drunk. I think. 
  48. But my friends say, otherwise. 
  49. I am very very stupid when I'm drunk. 
  50. So I try to stay away from drinking sessions. TRY is the word. LOL. 
  51. I love the English subject. 
  52. I hate Math and History. 
  53. I'm at the top of my class since gradeschool until highschool. Yeah. etsmeolreydi! 
  54. I was a rebel in college. 
  55. But I'm good now. 
  56. I love doing bloghops. 
  57. But I'm also a very picky reader. 
  58. I automatically close tabs/window when LOUD music background automatically plays. 
  59. I love writing long comments. But it really depends on the post's topic. 
  60. I've killed a snake. Just a small one, of course. 
  61. I've been bitten by a dog. MY dog. 
  62. I have the stutter. 
  63. That's why I only listen to conversations and just shut up. LOL. 
  64. I stutter when I speak English and Filipino. BULOL. 
  65. I love eating "lansones" and "ubas". 
  66. I know how to drive a car. But I don't want to. 
  67. I prefer riding a bus or a cab. 
  68. I don't do conversations when I'm inside public transport. 
  69. I used to collect receipts. 
  70. I love taking pictures. 
  71. I have weak lungs. 
  72. I have astigmatism. 
  73. I used to be a Marvin-Jolina fan. 
  74. I play pingpong, soccer and basketball. 
  75. I am very forgetful. 
  76. I don't know how to read a map. 
  77. I've been crushing on Robert Akizuki during high school. 
  78. I have autographed pictures of the original Streetboys. 
  79. I've hugged Vhong Navarro.And he hugged me back! 
  80. It happened when the Streetboys went to Iloilo City for a show. 
  81. I haven't tried climbing a coconut tree. Not yet. 
  82. I have climbed a mango tree, though. 
  83. Fruit salad and leche flan are my favorite dessert. 
  84. I don't do Farmville on Facebook. 
  85. I don't do ANY games on Facebook. 
  86. I think I was in 1st grade when I stopped wetting the bed. 
  87. My favorite veggies are "ampalaya" and "kalabasa". 
  88. I've been crushing on Jao Mapa for... 4 years, maybe. 
  89. I've tried weed. Once. 
  90. I love watching Ang TV back in gradeschool. 
  91. I was in 4th year high school when I had my second boyfriend, Ralph. 
  92. I love palying with dolls when I was a kid. 
  93. My favorite local bands are Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar and Hale. 
  94. I didn't vote for Noynoy Aquino. 
  95. I love dogs. 
  96. I have two dogs with me, namely Teddybear and Pokeybear. 
  97. I haven't tried working as an employee. 
  98. I'm taking care of the small family-owned business. 
  99. I love the Victoria's Secret undies. 
  100. I don't smoke. I know how. I've tried smoking when I was in college.. didn't like it. 
  101. I was part of my high school's literary club. 
  102. I used the school paper publication as a reason to skip CAT training. 
  103. I don't wear necklaces. 
  104. I don't wear watches. 
  105. I don't talk much in person. 
  106. But I'm very "talkative" online. 
  107. I don't like eating guavas. 
  108. I am very sensitive to offensive statements. 
  109. I tend to sulk when I get offended. 
  110. I love cartoons. 
  111. I love anime. 
  112. Dragonball and Flame of Recca are my favorites. 
  113. No matter how many times I've seen the episodes, I cannot understand One Piece. And I don't know why. LOL. 
  114. I still love watching The Sound of Music. 
  115. I still cry whenever I watch "Cedie" and "Princess Sarah". 
  116. I love milk. 
  117. I hate liars. 
  118. I hate back-stabbers and traitors. 
  119. Mahilig ako sa gatas. (Bear Brand) 
  120. I don't like having other people inside my room. 
  121. I am very paranoid. 
  122. I enjoy reading the Pugad Baboy comics. 
  123. I am NOT a fan of the Twilight movies. 
  124. I've read the Twilight books. Failed to change my opinion about it. 
  125. I am a Harry Potter fan. 
  126. I have the books, the e-books, the audio books and the movies. 
  127. I am a spoiled brat. 
  128. My shampoo is Head and Shoulders. 
  129. My hair conditioner is Creamsilk. 
  130. I don't like putting make-up. 
  131. I only use pressed powder and some lip gloss or lipstick. 
  132. I know how to play the piano and the guitar. 
  133. I want to learn how to play the drums. 
  134. My first cellphone is a Nokia 3210. 
  135. I like having small and cute gadgets. 
  136. I got a 100peso bill from my Dad's wallet, without him knowing about it. Start young, as they say. LOL. 
  137. I'm a fan of the God of War and the Final Fantasy saga. 
  138. I am very forgiving, it is insane! 
  139. I am very trusting, it is pitiful. LOL. 
  140. I am very loyal, it is pathetic! LOL. 

That's that! Merry Christmas to everyone!


  1. Hahaha naaliw ako Ne, revelation ba to..hmmm nakilala kita ng medyo, be safe sa bakasyon-grande mo yahooo!

  2. I was much entertained with this post. It was like knowing you but not really knowing you.... :D

    Here's a similar entry from my old posts:

    Enjoy the vacation Ne!!!

  3. Happy Christmas LEAH..

    nakakaaliw naman tong Post mo.. para tuloy kilalang kilala ka na namin hehehehe...

  4. May pagka-weird pala kayo nang leah.^^ nakakatakot dahil may kutsilyo pala sa tabi ng kama niyo. heheh.

    sabi ko na nga ba.. si teddybear ang peyborit. :) hehehe
    like ko rin nang leah ang flame of recca, dragonball,tsaka avatar! :) at like ko rin yung one piece eh kaya lang marami na akong di na panood na episodes. :) tsaka ghost fighter(naalala mo yun nang leah? :))

    natapos mo ba lahat ng books ng avatar? :) hindi na ako nakapanood ng tungkol sa book of cora eh, yung susunod na avatar kay aang. :)
    heheh. adik lang din ako. :)

    at alam ko nang leah na marunong kang kumanta at maggitara. :) sa galing mo, madali lang sa'yo ang mag-drums.^^ heheh

    dito na lang kasi mukhang post na tong comment ko. eheh

    P.S. Maligayang PAsko Nang leah! :) i-tag mo ako sa pix ng san joaquin lights ha? :)heheh

  5. wahihihi grabe, listahan ever talaga :) heehee pag nagmeet tayo, sabihin ku, ~ah ikaw ung hindi kumakain ng balot, isaw at talaba. hehehe

  6. career kung career sa listahan...hahahaha

    katakot naman yung kutsilyo sa bedside...

    apir tayo sa di pagkain ng balot at sa DOTA.:)

    happy christmas te leah!

  7. Whoa. ANg dami. Pero tinapos ko. At sa unang part nito eh sobrang nagutom ako. Haha. Mdaling araw pa naman na. Tsk. Merry Christmas. :)

  8. I like your blog, definitely following :D
    I can't comment on this post because I can't understand it, since it's in Filipino :P

  9. hehehehe like ko... pareho tayo mahina ang baga...

    gagawa din ako nito some other time hehhee sana mabasa mo din pag nagawa ko na... gayagaya ako hehehe ok lng ba

  10. dati meron din ako kutsilyo sa lamesa katabi ng kama ko/.. hindi ko maintindihan bakit naiwan na lang yun dun.nakalimutan ko na ibaba sa kusina..

    ouch... mahilig ako magtext...haha..

    yum yum..sarap ng toyo at sili..

    di ko alam ang talaba..., okay lang isaw..wag lang adidas..

    wala akong alam sa playstation... pinaka kinalokohan ko lang sims3

    di ako marunong mag dota...masaya lang manuod ng horror kapag madaming kasama..

    paborito ko din ang CHIPPY..sobra adik... nung nagdodorm pa ako.. hapunan ko un..

    mahilig din ako magbike... dati nung bata ako naglalaro ako ng doktor-nurse-pharmacist at pasyente..pero sarili ko lang kalaro ko...

    galit din ako sa ipis..naranasan ko na rin maglakad pauwi...

    kaya ko pagalawin ang aking tenga...

    maingay ako pag lasing..nakapatay na ako ng bulate...

    akala ko nakagat ako ng aso..pero di pala.. mas buyoy ako...

    marunong ako magdrive ng pedicab...meron din ako astigmatism.. actually legally blind...

    pinaglihi daw ako sa mangga, ponkan, nung huli di na daw sure kung saan..

    leche flan ang pinakapaborito ko salahat...

    nagsawa na ako sa world naman..

    hindi rin ako kumakaen ng okra..
    may crush ako na kamukha ni jao mapa...

    natry ko na magyosi.. pero quit na din..

    hindi rin ako kumakaen ng bayabas..

    hahahaha panalo yung pilipinas ay buong mundo..

    spoiled brat din ako..

    OH DI BA? HANEP BINASA KONG BUONG BUO WALANG PINAGLAGPAS>> AT ANG dami natin similarity..hahah natatawa naman ako...

  11. whaha ang kulit.. revalation kung revalation ang dating ha :D

  12. ate leah, kaaliw naman 'tong post mo, dami kong nalaman tungkol sa'yo. naaliw ako sa wiwi sa kama. ahaha! tapos nakapatay ka na ng ahas? e ako takot na takot sa ahas. hahaha! ingat sa pag-uwi! mwah!

  13. wow! FAQ ata to eh. hehehe. merry christmas ")

  14. susmeyo!!!! hahahahaha! na-enjoy gid ya! trying hard mag ilonggo! really leah, i enjoyed reading this post! grabeh! pinakilala mo talaga ang sarili mo! good one there! have a Merry Christmas!!!

  15. @Sir Tsi: Yes po, revelation to. hehehe... Salamat po, Ser Tsi! Merry Christmas!!!

    @Nong Mark: Weeehhh!! Huo gani nong noh? Knowing details about me, but not really knowing me. hehehe.. ano kuno?? Makadto lang ko sa blog post mo nong, after this.. Merry Christmas!!!

    @Poldo: Hehe. Salamat. Yung talaga ang purpose.. na makilala naman ninyo ako. Laging akong naiinggit kapag merong mga bloggers eyeball events eh. Inggetera kasi.. hehehe..(nakalimutan ko yatang ilagay to.. hmm..) Salamat sa pagbisita, Poldo. Merry Christmas!!! =)

  16. @Kat: Hehe.. Wirdo talaga. Yep, meron akong kutsilyo sa tabi ng kama ko. Praning lang. Hehehe.. Ay, huwag kang maingay. Baka marinig ka ni Pokey, seloso pa naman yun. Hahaha...

    Yes, natapos ko na lahat ng Avatar books. Meron akong copies dito, you want? Bigyan kita.. Yung ke Korra, palabas na ba? parang sa 2011 pa yata..

    Weeehhh!! Trying hard lang sa pagkanta. Hahaha... Pero gusto ko talagang matutong mag drums. Super gusto!!

    Sa January pako siguro makakapag upload ng SJ pictures.. pero sureness, tag kita. hehe.. Merry Christmas!!!

    Salamat sa pagbisita, Kat. And good luck sa SBA.

  17. @Ms Zyra: Hahaha.. Yun talaga ang natandaan, Ms Zyra. Baka mag meet tayo, papakain mo sa akin eh balot, isaw at talaba.. Eeeehhh!! Ayoko! hahaha... Salamat sa pagbisita dito sa blog ko, Ms Zyra! Merry Christmas!!!!! =)

    @Rhyckz: Praning lang talaga ako siguro.. I mean, di ko naman ginagamit yang kutsilyo.. basta andun lang sya, nakatambay.. sa tabi ng kama ko. hehe.. alert! hehehe..

    Ay, di nga? Di ka rin kumakain ng balot? Wow.. Eh di apir tayo! APIR!!!!! and sa DOTA. hehe.. Kuya ko nagturo sa akin eh.. kaya nahiligan ring mag DOTA.

    Salamat sa pagbisita.. Mr Scofield. Merry Christmas!!!!! =)

    @Yow: Ay, bakit ka naman nagutom?? Hehe.. hindi naman yata nakakagutom ang post ko. Hehe.. Maraming salamat sa dalaw, Yow. Merry Christmas!!! =)

  18. @PurpleMist: You're here! Yay! Thanks so much for the follow. Uhm.. yeah.. hehe.. I just wrote in Filipino because it is... sort of a.. farewell post.. This blog entry is my last entry for this month, ergo for this year.. So I just thought, it would be better if I write in Filipino.. =)

    I just stated a few facts about myself.. like stuff I do, food I don't eat, the likes.. =)

    Anyway, thanks so much for coming here and following me. I appreciate it, very much. =)

    Merry Christmas!!! =)

  19. @Uno: Mahina rin baga mo? Aww.. yung sa akin, hindi naman talaga super hina. Wala rin naman akong asthma or what.. Minsan lang, nagha hyperventilate ako.. kahit walang rasun. Meron akong meds na iniinum noon, pero ngayon, since parang okay na rin.. eh nag stop na rin ako ng meds intake.

    Ay sure, no problem... gawa ka rin. Then let me know pag nakagawa ka na, babasahin ko rin. hehe.. =)

    Merry Christmas!!!

    @Adang: Obkorz! Hihi! Merry Christmas po!

    @Kamil: Whow!!! Daming similarities, Kamil! Yay!!! Pareho tayong spoiled brat. Hahaha... Tugmang-tugma. APIR!!!

    Natawa naman ako sa "nakapatay na ako ng bulate".. ehehehe...

    Merry Christmas, Kamil!!! =)

  20. @Axl: Revelation talaga. hehe.. Merry Christmas!!! =)

    @Dhang: Yes... nakapatay na ako ng ahas. (proud) Hahaha... pero yung maliliit lang. Kasi pumapasok sila sa loob ng bahay.. eh syempre, alangan naman, hayaan ko silang gumala sa loob ng bahay ko noh. Syempre, takbo ako palayo.... hanap ng dos por dos. Hahaha... Pero syempre, kapag malaking ahas, na, tatakbo pa rin ako... pero di na babalik. haha..

    salamat sa pagdaan, Dhang. Merry Christmas!!! =)

    @Myx: Hehe.. Cool ako? Naks!! Wow naman.. salamat. hehe.. Pero wirdo nga ako, Myx eh.. Salamat sa pagdaan ha. Merry Christmas!!!

    @Bino: Hahaha.. Parang ganun na nga. Hehe. Merry Christmas!!!

    @Ms Hazel: Na-enjoy mo guid ya, Ms Hazel? Hehe... Opo, ipinakilala ko ang aking self sa madlang people ng blog world. Hehe.. Sana walang mag-unfollow. Bwahahaha!! Salamat po sa pagdaan, Ms Hazel. And have a Merry Christmas po!!! =)

  21. wow that's a lot of facts! :D

    merry christmas! enjoy the christmas break!

  22. Whew! Thanks for sharing a bunch of YOU...natawa nmn ako dun sa start young hehehe...

  23. ahehe ang dami ko ng alam sayo. idol mo rin pala si marvin at jolina? see yah nxt yr at masayang bakasyon para sayo

  24. ako man di makatulog kung indi makapanghaplas ahihii.. maayo kapa da bakasyon na kami asta lunes may klase pa.. sus kung may 32 pa ang kalendaryo sagarun gid... Salamat Leah for dropping by..

  25. haha ang galing nito! ako din sobrang adik sa crisis core! ang main reason ko lang kung bakit ako adik sa FF7 at crisis core ay dahil crush na crush ko si sephiroth! hahaha. weird. haha.

  26. Ayoko ata magsurprise visit sayo habang natutulog ka, baka masaksak ako hahahaha! Adik na nga sa oil, may panaksak pa. Baka high ka masaksak pa ako hahaha!
    Ano nga pala ung traumatic experience mo sa plane?
    Ang arte ayaw ng rambutan at langka hahaha joke lang ate!!!
    OMG fan ka rin ni JOLENS at MARVIN! hehehe!
    Natawa ako madaldal ka pag kaharap mo kras mo hahahhaa! papansin tlg e noh hahhaa!
    Nakoooo mandurukot ka pala kay tatay mo haha! P100 agad a! hahaha!

  27. see you next year leah, Merry christmas and happy new year..

  28. Merry Christmas Leah!

    Enjoy, have fun and may you get all your heart's wishes this holiday season...

    Nice post! Great to know you...

    Show Me Your Look Today

  29. Ate Leah! hehe salamat sa information sayo! basta ang alam ko po ang bait mo! Godbless you always and Merry Christmas nga pala ^__^


  30. See you next year! hehehe ayan naka link ka na saken kaya from time to time eh dadalaw ako dito. :D

  31. ayoko may ilaw kapag natutulog. may kutsilyo ka talaga sa tabi, magawa rin nga :)

    link ex :)
    online journal
    my soltero baby

  32. Merry Xmas Ate Leah and see you soon!!!

    Enjoy your holiday break!!!

  33. Ayun oh! :) Ang cuttteee :)

    Gusto ko yung may efficascent oil hahaha! ako bago matulog nagpapahid ng efficascent oil dahil masipag ako maglakad. hahaha! :)

    Merry Christmas Ate Leah!

  34. ang ganda naman ng post na ito. parang kilalang kilala na kita. nnakakatuwa to know the person in this way. sana lahat ng blogger may ganito.
    sarap naman maging negosyante.
    merry christamas leah.

  35. super like ko ung
    "meron akong kutsilyo sa aking bedside table"
    - for emergency use ate noh ? heheh .. :)

    masarap ang balot , isaw at adidas .. try mo :)

    matindi tlga ung "marunong akong mag DOTA" - oh yeah ! *apir* tara ate , dota tau .. :))

  36. Natawa naman ako dun sa may knife ka beside your bed. Well, its never bad to be cautious.

    Have a happy holiday!

  37. pareho tayo di ko feel manirahan sa city... mahuhulas ang beauty ko hahaha! hi leah!

  38. Wow! Pagkahaba-habang listahan.

    Dami tayong similarities ah, yung lang mas mababa ang level ng kaparaningan ko.

    Mahilig din ako sa Avatar at gusto kong maging bender. di mo ma-gets yung One Piece? Paborit ko yun. ^_^

    Hate mo history? Ako isa sa fave ko yun at least fave ko ang English.

    Merry CHRISTmas sa iyo. It is good to be back to blogosphere!

  39. merry xmas! listo ah may kutsilyo tlaga hehe

  40. Just added a link to your blog in one of my posts, check it out if you're free :D

  41. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  42. It's the season to be chubby la la la la la. la la la la.

    Happy Holidays! Wishing you more blessings of love, good health, peace and luck ! :-)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  43. too long but I read all of it. .wow! such a big revelation. Thanks for sharing a piece of you:0

  44. hahaha!!! efficascent oil! dumduman ko na lang tita ko nga adik man sa efficascent. Iloy ko ya omega pain killer ang paborito...ako ya, wala lang, lipong kung lipong. toinks!

  45. Na-add nyo na po ako ate Leah.hehehe me too, we're already connected. New look din po ang site nyo for new year ah.hehehe ma sokay po ngayon. :)

    Happy new year.

  46. Beautiful entry! Happy new year! :)

  47. Happy new year po ate leah and God bless ^_^

  48. ang weird mo teh, ok lang yan, in artistic way naman! ako na bagong susubaybay at makikisali sa mga kalokohan mo..hehe

  49. hi, nice meeting you ;)

    pareho tayo gusto ko rin ng sawsawang toyo/patis/sili, so mahilig din ako sa mahanghang!!

    Happy New Year!!

  50. happy new year ms. leah :D nice blog you got here.. add kita sa blog attack list ko.

  51. ahays.. pokeybear? lels..

    dami ko na naman nalaman about you!(;