Monday, January 03, 2011

Rebirth 2011

This is a new year... a new beginning. For me, it feels like it is time to have some changes. Time to be a new person. With this new year, it feels like destiny has offered me the perfect opportunity for some changes to take place.. a perfect opportunity to be reborn.

2010 was a good year. It wasn't that great a year for me, but it surely is a year I won't forget. I received plenty of blessings and I really am very thankful. Love came unto me, bolts of realizations hit me, family bonded, friendships renewed. There's just so much to be thankful for... family, friends, loved ones.. Nothing really extraordinary happened in the year 2010, but it really was a good year for me.

December, it seemed, was a pretty busy month. I did a lot of things.. with family and friends. I had some quality bonding with my high school friends, went out for a swim my family, celebrated Christmas and welcomed the New Year with a bunch of kids in my neighborhood. It was all good. I won't go into specific details. Here are just some snapshots of my December moments.
December 23, 2010
San Joaquin Plaza
High school friends
Neighborhood kids, friends and family 
December 25
Sayomac Residence
Christmas Party
December 26, 2010
Basang-basa Coral Beach, San Joaquin, Iloilo
December 19, 2010
Annex - Smallville, Iloilo City
High school friends

And now, a new year begins.

Looking back, I'm not sure if I did accomplish my 2010 resolution. I deemed to get slim, I'm still fat. Hmp! I aimed to have two bank accounts (one for business and the other, personal) both overflowing with dough, I only have one bank account, barely reaching half my money goal. Pathetic! I wanted to go places, travel with friends or family, or by myself, but the farthest place I've been to was Antique. Lame! I wanted to start a family, here I am and still single. Bummer!

But hey, I'm not a total loser. Get this! Granted, I didn't save mucho dinero last year, but looking at the bright side, at least I DID save some. I haven't slimmed down, still I lost a few pounds. Haha! I'm just being optimistic with things. Looking at that silver lining for every dark cloud, you know..

So what now? A New Year's Resolution list? So cliche.. but then again, there's no harm in making one.

  • The first on my list. Learn to relax and try to let go of things. I always try to rationalize things. Why this? Why that? Always looking for answers. I tend to think too much. Maybe I should try letting loose, for a change. You know, like understanding the idea that things happen because they're bound to happen. I've got to learn to let things go. Relax. Chill.
  • Second. Learn to stop making excuses and love your work. I am very "tamad". It basically means, I need proper motivation to do something. And by "proper", I mean enough bribe and benefits. Maybe I should start doing things, not just because of what I can gain from doing it, but because I simply have to and should do it. Don't get me wrong.. It is only correct that I do something because there's so much in store for me.. a pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow. But just doing something because I have to and then LOVING it, I can see that it offers greater satisfaction. Bottomline, stop being materialistic and "tamad".
  • Third. Learn discipline. I keep failing at this. But I'll try to do better. 'Nuff said.
  • Fourth. Slim down. This goes hand in hand with the third. I simply can't control myself when it comes to food. I love food. Who doesn't, right? I really find it very difficult to say NO whenever I see some mouth-watering dish on the table. Maybe I should start wearing a red ribbon on my right pinkie, just to remind myself not to eat too much. LOL. Or better yet, maybe I should slap myself everytime an urge to eat strikes. Hehe. That would surely work. Nah, I think the best way is just to learn focus and discipline. Easier said than done.. But hey, it's worth a shot.
  • Fifth. Save more. I admit, I'm not thrifty. Wait.. I am very kuripot.. but when it comes to personal pleasure and benefits, I tend to splurge. All out. Yep, it's perfectly okay to treat yourself once a month. Problem is, I do that every week. LOL. Pfft.. I know. I'm not getting any younger. I have to save more dough. More money on my bank account. Check.
  • Sixth. Get married? Nah.. I'm not really sure if I wanna get married this year. I have a very rocky relationship with a douchebag, as of the moment. I'd say it's already a losing battle. I'm thinking of breaking up with him. I think he's cheating on me. Hmm.
  • Seventh. Travel more. I'd really like to travel more. 2010 gave me an all-time low opportunity to travel. The place I've traveled to, farthest away from home was Antique.. and it's only 50-60 kilometers away. So hopefully, this year.. I could go out and travel more. If fate allows, maybe I could go to Manila this January. I also have plans of going to Bacolod and Davao. Plans, but I hope they'd come in contact with "becoming real" and "coming true". I guess this one goes hand in hand with my number 5. If I can save more, maybe I can travel a lot more. Seems possible, right?
  • Eight. Write honest posts and gain more blog acquaintances. Some bloggers write to impress. And I admit, in the past year, I did write to impress. But then, after a few months of blogging, I felt like there's no use making an incredible posts, whilst no one will be able to understand. Some of my posts have been purely superficial and shallow. My readers didn't feel me, and it's kinda frustrating. Also, I've noticed that some bloggers, they tend to form groups. And it's quite hard to join one. It's like being back in high school, you don't know where you'd fit in. You'd try to join clubs and groups, in order to feel some sort of security or whatever. The only way to be IN is to fit in. Now, I'm realizing that I really don't need to join groups to have readers. Of course, that's a big plus. But as long as I write honest posts, readers could totally relate to what I'm saying/writing about and they'd totally want to go back for more. That's why I want to explore the blog world more. I won't limit myself to just a limited number of readers. I honestly want to have readers who are residing, halfway across the globe from me. There are thousands, maybe millions of bloggers all around the world. And I'm quite sure that there is someone out there, who'd notice me, and understand or relate to my posts on a personal level. So maybe, I should learn to write from the heart more and gain friends, in return.

Hm.. So that's about it. Here is my 2011 Resolution list. As I've said, I'm not sure if I can do all these, especially with the fourth resolution. But I'm being optimistic.

2010 was a good year. I hope 2011 would be better. ☺


  1. 2011 GETS BETTER! :) Happy new year.

  2. Happy New Year. I don't have any new year resolutions just goin to keep living. Siguro, Magpapakabaet pa lalo. Heheh. :)
    Share more of your coming stories this year. :)

  3. wow may post ka na rin haha. tinalo mo yung sakin ah...talbog yung akin.

  4. hi leah i'm giving some love. Happy new year. ang saya saya ng bagong lay out. namumulaklak sa ganda. kasing ganda ng blogger.
    cheers for 2011

  5. happy newyear sayo.. hmmmm newyears resolution, ako wala sinulat haha.. mahirap eh.. baka maging resolution ko nga ulit yan next year.. gawin ko na lang ang magagawa ko syempre to accomplish kung ano man ang mga gusto ko this year.. happy new year ulit po...

  6. Very well-said. Haha. Parang pamg beauty pageant yung pang eight. Tama nga ba? Haha. Good luck Ate Leah. Good Luck sa 2011 mo. Happy New Year. :)

  7. nice, party party! i want to travel more also.

  8. happy new year, girl. those ordinary things that happened w/ our lives...when we feel contented and happy with it...we do not need extra ordinary things to be happy about...

    happy new year, leah. wishing u more love and more bliss, mwahhh

  9. happy new year, girl. those ordinary things that happened w/ our lives...when we feel contented and happy with it...we do not need extra ordinary things to be happy about...

    happy new year, leah. wishing u more love and more bliss, mwahhh

  10. Thank you for the follow!
    I hope this new year brings you countless joys, happiness and love. May it be full of peace, prosperity and success :).

    Sometimes it's not the WOW things that makes extraordinary memories, but instead, like the droplets of water which join to form an extraordinary gushing river, it's the simple things which are actually much dearer to us.


  11. finally!!! you're back! bakasyon grande talaga from the blogging world! happy new year leah!!! i miss reading your posts.

  12. naks! bumongga ka last month ha! astig!

    2011 will be better! :D

  13. nicnumber eight leah...ay panalo!


  14. what can i say? welcome back!

  15. yun oh.. maligayang pagbabalik. hehheeh :D

    for sure more enjoyment for 2011!!

  16. Tama ka d'yan. You don't need to be in a group to be noticed. If you write well, then people who have the same thoughts and feeling will gravitate tward you.

    Basta for me, you are not out. You are in. ^_^ We are blogger friends eh.

    Smile naman jan!