Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 12 - Nicknames

"Your nicknames and why you have them."

This post would be brief. I'm feeling dreadful today, I might be coming down with a fever. I only have a few nicknames..

  • Pangga - This is the nickname my Dad uses to call me. It's a short term for the Ilonggo word "Palangga" which means beloved. I'm the only girl in the family.. the pampered Daddy's girl. So I guess, I don't have to explain further why he chooses to call me that sweet nickname. ☺ 
  • Nene - Mom and some of my closest friends choose to call me "nene". It's a typical Filipino nickname. I think, it means a kid at heart or a young girl. I love being called "nene", however almost every other girl in our neighborhood has the very same nickname. As I've said, it's a typical Filipino nickname. 
  • Panee - This is the nickname my two brothers use on me. It's just like the nickname "nene" but with a twist. It's kinda sweet, that they use a different nickname on me. 
  • Merrily - My grandma used to call me "Merrily" when I was still in grade school. Maybe because my real name is Maria Leah (yep, that's my real name). Merrily is such a cute nickname. 

Yes, I have four nicknames. But I still prefered to be called by my real name. LEAH... pronounced "leyah".. with an "h". ☺


  1. dami namang nickname yan.kami noong maliliit pa maliban sa pangalan may mga katawagan kaming magkakapatid na naging nickname na pero pangasar. tulad ng burikat, kalag,taberos at buringkada.ako yong kalag na ang ibig sabihin multo or kalansay.

  2. ako nickname ko sa bahay eh vin. sa blog eh bino, sa office arvin lang hehehehe

  3. ate leah.. dami nickname, ung pangga.. kalimitan ginagamit ng magkasintahan heheheh

    tawag sakin ng mga office mate ko eh vin din katulad ni parekoy bino.. sa bahay eh Vino din.. ung mga pang asar na tawag sakin, hindi ko na banggitin hahaha.. nakakaasar eh...

    nga pala, bakit banjo ang name ko dito.. banjo din ang tawag sakin ng tropa ko. parang codename lang hanggang sa makasnayan na...

    tuloy tuloy lang ate leah...

  4. hmmm... oo nga ms.leah ang commong ng Nene... hmmm... kahit sa min may mga tinatawag na nene.. hehehe...

    ako naman ang nickname ko dati ay poklay.... at..hahahahahaha wala lang

  5. Sweet pakinggan ang "pangga" or "ga".

  6. aww. how nice. :)

    my great grandmother used to call me "nene" because she always seemed to forget my name. haha. but that was alright. i always enjoyed having to explain who i was to her over and over again. she was always amazed each time i retold the story of me being her great niece. *sigh* i miss her even though it's been about 4-5 years since she passed away.

    anyway, to not leave this comment on a sad note, one of the nicknames that i've always found funny is intsikikay. my aunt calls me that. our family on my dad's side is filipino-chinese so i sort of look chinese a bit but i don't really think this nickname suits me since i am not at all "kikay". haha. xD

  7. napakarami kong nickname bawat nickname may nakatagong kwento hehehe naalala ko tuloy yung pos ko last 2009 bout this hehehe

  8. In urdu, my first language, Panee (pronounced pan-iiii) means water :P

  9. so ngayon maam leah na.. lol.. oist kumusta? buti kapa pasyal2x lang ang drama...swerti mo !

  10. ^_^

    Nagustuhan ko naman yung Merrily. Ang cute cute na nickname.