Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 11 - Pet Peeves

"Share your insights about your pet peeves."

What is a pet peeve? I asked Wikipedia and here's what it has to say.

A pet peeve (or pet hate) is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it. Pet peeves often involve specific behaviors of someone close, such as a spouse or significant other. These behaviors may involve disrespect, manners, personal hygiene, relationships, and family issues. A key aspect of a pet peeve is that it may well seem acceptable to others.

There. So basically, a pet peeve is something that you really find very annoying, though to some people, it ain't really that annoying. These are the things that people unknowingly do to you or to other people (habit or on purpose), but they really do bother you. Anyway, here is my list.

  • Wearing sunglasses at night - I know that to some people, it's a fashion statement but come on, what's the reason for wearing sunglasses at night? Where's the sun, dude? 
  • Playing with the plate, spoon, fork, etc - What are you, six? Those utensils are on the table for the food. They're not for playing! If you wanna play, get a ball and go play outside! 
  • Talking very loud in a cellphone - It's okay to accept a call whenever you're out in public. That's what the phone is for, anyway.. so that you can take it with you. However, when receiving a call, keep your voice down, will you? People don't have to know about your business. 
  • Talking with the mouth full - Jeez! It's not proper to talk when your mouth is full. Didn't your mother tell you that??? 
  • Snooping around my stuff - I don't want anybody going around the my stuff. I don't want nobody TOUCHING my stuff. It's mine! 
  • Drivers who drive too fast - Mr. Driver, I don't want to be a victim of a car accident, so could you please drive a little slower? As a passenger, my life is in your hands, you know... 
  • Touching my laptop screen - Sometimes, when watching a movie or reading a document, people would point at something in my screen, touching it with greasy fingers. I hate that. I don't want fingerprints on Red Gee, other than mine. 
  • Not covering the mouth while sneezing/coughing - This is just plain rude. I don't want to catch your germs. 
  • Talking loudly during a movie - I am trying to watch a movie and you go blah blah blah! How can I understand the movie when all I can hear is your loud continuous ramblings? This is one of the reasons why I prefer to watch a movie ALONE.
  • Staring - I hate it when people stare. What, do I have dirt on my face? Can't you just walk over to me and tell me that I have dirt on my face, rather than stare at me, like forever??? 
  • Turning the room light on and leaving it on - With the electricity rate rocketing sky-high, I am doing my darnedest to save electricity. And can't you do your share? What, you don't know how to turn off a room light? Oooh, so maybe you're too short to reach the switch?
  • Saying "I told you so" - I hate it when people do that. I mean, I'm feeling bad because of a mistake I did, and then there you go, saying "I told you so"... Can't you just shut up, please? 
  • Letting the pets lick the dishes - I have pets.. but letting your pets lick the dishes clean after a meal? That's just gross!! Dude, feed them using their doggie bowl! 
  • Changing the channel - Don't you just hate it when you're watching TV, and then someone would change the channel every second? Annoying channel changer, get one channel and stick to it, okay! 
  • Coming to my house unannounced - Coming to visit me is totally fine. But could you please let me know when you're coming? I don't like being ambushed!  
  • Not listening to me - I hate it when I talk and no one listens. 
  • Chewing gum loudly - Arg. You sound like a pig. 
  • Burping without covering your mouth - Where are your manners??? 
  • Litterbugs - It's a sad and annoying truth, some people just doesn't care. 
  • Chain mails - If I don't pass this, something's going to happen? oohhh... Scary. Duh! 
  • Text mates - Texting someone I don't know is a complete waste of time and money. 
  • Unflushed toilets - No explanation needed. 

There are still a lot that I wanna share, I could go on.. but I'm stopping now. I think this list is enough for today. I'm sure all of you have a few of your own. What are the things that bother you the most? What are your pet peeves?


  1. halos same tayo ng petpeeves! especially yung changing channel at touching laptop screen! automatic init na ng ulo ko niyan!

  2. annoyed ako sa mga panay ang kagat ng kuko hehehehe

  3. i'm really annoyed about chain mails. tsaka bakit walang GM text messages?hahaha nauso kasi gawa ng unlimited text pero for sure di mangyayari yun kung walang unlitxt.hahaha sorry naman bitter.haha

  4. Ang minor annoyance ko ay yaong mga blogsites na pagopen mo pala lang may music na annoying. For some ok lang kasi ayos naman, swak naman sa theme. Pero most of the times, kinoclose ko nalang bigla. hehehe pwede bang pet peeves yon?

  5. dun ako sa mga guys na hindi marunong magtaas ng seat cover ng toilet. kainis.

    tas dun sa mga taong parang mga ahas na nagpalit balat. kung san iniiwan ung mga pinahubaran.. ahihihi

  6. naku, ako sa lahat, dun sa taong pagkakatapos kumain eh tutulog na lang, at gigising pag kakain na ulit.. isa pa, sa sinabi nga ni kyle, chain letter, mails at text.. hehehe...

  7. @Nyabachoi: Hehe.. Diba, nakakainis talga yun. Yung, naka concentrate ka na sa pelikula o TV show na pinapanood mo, then papalitan ang channel.. Then sige pa rin ang pindot ng pindot ng remote control, wala yatang channel na swak sa panlasa nya. Sus.. BUmili na lang kaya sya ng sarili niyang TV.. hehehe... Ay, at lalo na sa laptop. Ayokong merong mga greasy stains sa laptop ko, lalo na sa screen. Parang... basta, naiinis lang din ako. hehehe... :)

  8. @Bino: Hahaha.. Oo nga ano, hindi ko nadala sa listahan ko yang ganun. Pero hindi ako naiiinis nang sobra kapag nakakakita ako ng ganyan.. medyo natatawa ako. Oo nga, ako na ang medyo rude. Hehe. Syempre, hindi naman ako natatawa nang sobra, pero napapa ismyl lang ako. Siguro wala silang nail cutter sa bahay nila..Hehehe!!!

  9. @Kyle: Nakakainis talaga ano? YUng iba, nagpapadala rin na merong dalang threat or something.. tinatakot ka pa.. na kapg hindi mo raw maipasa yung mail or message, merong bad luck na darating sayo. Sus! Inaamin ko, noong bata pa ako, pinapatulan ko to. hehehe.. Syempre, ayokong mamatay noh (kasi diba, sabi mamamatay raw or what..hahah).. pero syempre ngayon, super inis ako kapag nakakarecieve ako nang ganyang. Also with the text messages.. nauso kasi ang mga unlitext, kaya nauso na rin ang chain texts. :)

  10. @Rah: Hahaha!!! Definitely a blogging peeve. Hehe. Actually, itong blog ko during the first few months, meron syang background music.. automatic play din. Eh sa gusto kong merong music sa blog ko eh, angal sila? hehe.. pero habang tumatagal at nagba blog hop ako, kapag ang blog na merong malakas na sound/music, kino-close ko na lang agad ang window. Hindi na rin ako nagbababasa. Parang distraction kasi. I'm there to read, not to listen to music. diba? Hehe.. Napag-isip isip ko rin.. baka yun din ang ginagawa ng audience ko kapag napupunta sa blog ko.. baka distraction rin ang music ko. Kaya, kinuha ko na lang din ang "automatic play" music widget sa blog ko, at pinalitan ng "click to play" kind of widget.. Pero syempre, nirerespeto pa rin ang desisyon ng iba kung nilalagyan nila ng music ang blog nila.. To each his own, ika nga.. :)

  11. @Yanah: Hahaha! Oo nga ano, hindi ko rin naisip to.. bakit nga ba hindi nila tinataas ang seat cover? Hehe. Natawa naman ako sa 2nd pet peeve mo.. parang ahas talaga ano. Nakakainis lang din talaga yun, yung tipong paghubad ng damit, iniiwan o tinatapon lang sa kung saan.. Fortunately for me, I live alone.. so hindi ko pa nararanasan na magkaroon ng ganyang experience. hehe.. Sus, kung meron akong kasama sa bahay na ganyan kaburara, palalayasin ko talaga. Hindi nya ako tsimay noh. :)

  12. @Istambay: Siguro, in one word.. hate mo yung mga taong "PALAMUNIN". Hehehe.. Yung wala na ngang ginagawa sa buhay kundi matulog, eh gigising na lang kapag oras na ng pagkain. Sus.. mga ganyang tao, hindi na dapat binibigyan ng TV previleges.. Tamad kasi. Ay oo, nakakainis din yung mga chain mails at text messages... Nauuso kasi ang mga unlitext, kaya mula sa emails, eh nag evolve na at naging text messages.. Watch out, baka meron na ring chain voice mails.. hehehe...

  13. Pinaka-annoying sakin yung staring, coz I always get it most of the time. Geez Im not pretty enough to be stared at, nakaka-concious kaya. Feeling ko, baka may dumi ang mukha ko or dugyot ako tingnan. Asar kaya. Second, yung manghihiram daw ng gamit na nagpapaalam pag nakita mong gamit na nya or pagkatapos gamitin. Kaasar yung ganun.

  14. dami nun Ms.leah ah? hmmm... ako... annoyance ko..
    agree ako sa chain letters... lalo na pag about kay God.. or death ng someone.. I mean.. what the hell di ba?

    pero ako.. uhmm ano ba... hmmm... kapag ang aga aga ko dumating tapos mga after 1 hour pa dadating yung iba.. hahaha ayuko nun..

  15. haha. That's a long list :P.

    I get annoyed by people who sit next to each other on the bus for example but shout at each other. It's like, are you deaf? 8-)


  16. Ang haba at nakakarelate ako sa iba. Nakakainis nga. Haha. Nainis din ako bigla. Nakakainis din yung 'Tsk tsk' in real life. Maganda lang siya sa text o comment. Haha. Pero kapag nadinig ko sa personal, para namang sobrang problemado at gumaganun pa. Amp.

  17. hahaha relate much sa iba lang di lahat.. wahehhe./...

    wala akong pakialam sa iba pero dun sa mga toxic na eh kailangang bitayin..w aheheh

  18. haha. i agree with you and i can relate to all of your pet peeves! haha. especially those who wear their sunglasses on even at night. there are even some who wear them inside the mall. ugh. *facepalm*

    i've also made a pet peeves post sometime in the past but i'm feeling a bit lazy to go and dig it up. oh well. haha.