Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 10 - Fave Movies

"List 20 of your favorite movies."

I love watching movies. Heck, I could stay all day in bed, as long as I have movies to watch.

Though I haven't been inside a movie theater for, like a month now, I can still download and watch my favorite films online, anyway. That's what internet's for. Duh.

I'm into animated films, romantic comedies, adventure films, and yeah, sometimes action movies. And I have to write down 20 movies and share something about them. This list will be of movies that I've enjoyed watching, still enjoys watching and will never get tired of watching.

  • Kung Fu Panda - This movie is so funny. It's a story about a lazy panda named Po, who dreams of joining the Kung Fu world and fight side by side with his idols, the legendary Furious Five - Monkey, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Tigress, under Master Shifu's guidance. Po knows that those are only dreams. but when an opportunity arrives and he finds himself chosen as the next Dragon Warrior, Po excitedly accepts the task. He then later realizes that what he thinks as his greatest weakness turns out to be his greatest strength. All he had to do is believe. 
  • Toy Story movies - I love all 3 movies. The first film (1995) tells the story of the cowboy sheriff Woody, who gets jealous when Andy (his person) gets a fancy space toy as a birthday present. Woody was determined to get rid of Buzz Lightyear (the space ranger). In the process, both of them got lost and must find the way home before Andy moves to a new home. In the second movie (1999), Woody was stolen by a toy collector and is going to ship him to Japan, along with some other toys. Woody realized that he was an icon and was convinced that he'd be living a more fulfilling life if he goes to Japan and be part of the museum display. Meanwhile, Buzz and his friends set an all-out rescue mission to bring Woody home, and explained to him that the most fulfilling life a toy could get is when he's owned and played by a kid. In the end, Woody came home to Andy. The third installment (2010) is very funny but full of heart. Andy grew up, is already set for college, and he has a decision to make - what to do with his toys. Basically, this movie is about being thankful for the memories, the art of letting go and of moving on. This is one film that never fails to make me cry. 
  • The Lion King - I so love this 1994 Disney animated film. I think everybody knows the story of Simba, a young lion cub who was tricked by his power-hungry uncle Scar into thinking that he killed his own father, King Mufasa. He abandons his identity as the true heir to the throne and goes to live with his happy-go-lucky friends, Timon and Pumbaa. Aside from the fact that it's a Disney film, the movie soundtrack is amazing, mostly produced and arranged by Hollywood's musical talent, composer Hans Zimmer. *The Lion King is the best-selling home video of all time, with 55 million copies sold to date. 
  • Saving Private Ryan - The very first movie on my list is this 1998 film by Steven Spielberg. It's about the journey of 8 men, walking into enemy territory just to save the life on one marine. I'm not into war films.. but with a plot this good, a cast so powerful and with an excellent production outfit, I just couldn't set it aside. Watch it, I did. And I never did regret watching it. It is a war film set in World War II. The first 30 minutes in the movie is one of the most violent and most gory depiction of war I've seen on screen. It's the soldier's eye view of the D-Day Invasion of Normandy. This movie has captured my attention, and I consider it as one of the finest films I've seen. The main question in the movie is "When is one man's life more important than another? Where is the sense in risking eight lives just to save one?" Well, watch the movie and see for yourself if that question's been answered in the end. 
  • The Jason Bourne trilogy - The movies are based on Robert Ludlum's novel of the same title. The first movie, The Bourne Identity, is about a man who has suffered amnesia, and tried to regain his memory by following a series of signs and clues. while eluding a bunch of assassins who were very determined to keep his identity hidden and memory lost forever. A 2002 film by Doug Liman, The Bourne Identity has two other movies in tow. It stars Matt Damon, and it is said that *the martials arts he had used in the movie is a combo of the Filipino Kali and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. 
  • How To Train Your Dragon - This movie was released March of last year, and it did good in the box office. Toothless is simply adorable. Who wouldn't be mesmerized by a cute-looking toothless dragon? hehe. Actually, Toothless isn't toothless. His teeth are retracted into his jaws, so they won't interfere with his fire breathing. This movie is also based on a novel by Cressida Cowell. It's about a young viking who befriends a very rare Night Fury, a highly intelligent dragon designed for stealth and speed. 
  • I Am Legend - I'm really not into horror or suspense films. But this one, I truly like. Robert Neville is a scientist, a lone survivor of New York City, after a deadly virus spread around the globe. For years, he did some experiments on some affected victims using his own immune blood, as he tried to find the cure. His only companion is his dog, Samantha, and they both know that they're outnumbered. I could never forget the scene when Sam saved Robert. When the virus killed her, the thought of being alone was just too painful that he went out to search for the human monsters during the night. It's suicide, since these creatures only hunt at night. For me, this is a beautiful movie, and though I know I'd cry, cover my eyes and scream, I wouldn't mind watching it over and over again. 
  • Cars - Another Disney/Pixar film. Cars (2006) tells the story of the young hotshot race-car Lightning McQueen, on his way to fame and fortune, but then, he gets stranded in Radiator Springs, a small town off Route 66. There, he learns the true meaning of friendship and family. This movie is a thrill to watch. With excellent animation and special effects, superb voice talents (Owen Wilson, Paul Newman and Bonnie Hunt) and beautiful soundtrack, I give this movie two thumbs up. Just imagine what it would be like if our cars can talk. hehe. Cars is a Disney/Pixar movie, directed by John Lasseter and Joe Ranft. A true winner on its own right. 

Here are the rest...

  • Transformers trilogy 
  • Cinderella 
  • Surf's Up 
  • Star Wars Saga 
  • Harry Potter movie series 
  • Iron Man 
  • Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy 
  • A Walk To Remember 
  • Inception 
  • Despicable Me 
  • Mercury Rising 
  • Mamma Mia 

What about you? What are your favorite movies? What kind of movie genres interest you.. horror? comedy? Romance? These are mine. Care to share yours?

* Excerpts taken from IMDB.


  1. ate leah.. ang gaganda ng movie na binaggit mo,, nakaw naalala ko ang saving private ryan.. first movie namin ng first ko din hahaha...

    keep it up ate leah.. 20 days to go..

  2. despicable me should be featured ! lol. i love your selection. you're a total kid at heart like me. and how to train a dragon was so adorable!!!

    and i sorta giggled when i saw "saving private ryan" cus my friend kept saying "let's watch 'saving ryan's private!'" he was just kidding though XD

  3. weee.. ang dami... yung iba di ko pa napanuod...

  4. bat puro pambata hehehe

  5. awesome choices! i like all of the movies you picked (especially kung fu panda and toy story 1, 2 and 3. i even downloaded the blu-ray versions of 'em despite already having bought original dvds). haha.

    when it comes to movie genres, i prefer horror films, psychological thrillers (or even a good mindf- movie), action films, sci-fi films, and sometimes a good comedy or drama also makes me happy. :)

    a rarely enjoy romance films (and can barely sit through one i don't like). but currently, i do like about three romantic flicks. haha. xD

  6. Favorite ko yung Dragon at yung Kung fu Panda, gusto ko yung mga cgi movies na both funny and maganda ang moral story.

    Gusto ko din ng Psychological Thriller na movies katuld ng inception :)

    Nice collection. Sarap sila panoorin ng paulit ulit. Classic ba.

  7. ganda ng mga movies Ms. Leah.. halos napanuod ko na lahat... ako peyborit ko??? hmmmm..... di ko na maalala.. pero sigurado ako cartoon yun.. ah UP! Hahahahaha... mahilig ako sa cartoon ms.leah.. pero gusto ko din mga nakakaiyak na romantic movies tulad ng notebook tsaka A moment to remember.. pati sister's keeper

  8. I love Inception movie, ang nun.

  9. @Istambay: Ay hala! Memorable movie nyo pala ito ng iyong first... Tama ba akong kung sabihin kung first girlpren? Pero bakit naman war film? hehehe... Sabagay, maganda naman talaga ang movie. :)

    Oo nga, Day 10 na ako... 20 days to go. Sana nga lang matapos ko to nang walang delays. Hehe..

  10. @Abby: Hehe. Yeah.. Actually, I really was thinking of featuring all 20 films, but then I got lazy a bit. Hehe.. So I decided to just share some thoughts on only 8 films. Despicable Me is definitely on my list. I so so so love AGNES! hehehe.. "It's so fluffy, I could die!!!"

    Oh, you haven't seen SPR? You really should watch it. Highly recommended.. hehehe... :)

    Thanks so much for the visit, Abby. :)

  11. @Kikomax: Hehe.. andami ba? 8 movies nga lang yan eh.. tinamad nakong magsulat ng feature sa natitirang 12. hehe.

    @Zyra: Eh kasi, mahilig talaga ako sa mga pambatang pelikula. Isip bata rin kasi. hihi.. Nasisiyahan lang ako kapag nakakapanood ako ng mga animated films.. parang.. it reminds me that life is basically simple... ganun. hehe.. :)

  12. @Ishashime: Weeehh!! You really think they're awesome choices? I know, right? Hehehe!!!

    Whow, so you enjoy watching horror films? Hmm.. me, I can't stand those. I don't watch horror, psychological thrillers, the likes... err, maybe just a chosen few. But if given a chance to choose between a horror film and an adventure film, I'd go with the latter.

    I also don't like watching love stories/romantic films.. Well, I like romantic comedies, but cheesy love stories? Nope. I totally respect those who do watch and love this movie genre.. but well, watching an overly-cheesy love story movie is just NOT my cup of tea.

    Thanks for sharing, ishashime.. and of course, for the comment. Ingat. :)

  13. @Rah: Yes. I could watch these movies over and over and over and over.. hehehe. I could go on forever. Yep, who doesn't love Po and Toothless, diba? They're very adorable characters.. I love the movie, Inception. Though medyo nakakatunaw ng brain cells (hehe), eh maganda pa rin. Nang una ko tong mapanood, medyo hindi ko talaga naintindihan. SLOW na ako.. Natunaw ata ang brain ko. Pero syempre, inulit-ulit ko.. Unti-unti ko ring naintindhan. A dream within a dream within a dream. Yay! An achievement. hahaha,... So question ulit, Rah.. Sa ending ng movie, what do you think.. Is he still in a dream?

  14. @Kamila: Ay naku, sister!!! Mahilig din ako sa cartoons. At my age, sabi ng nanay at mga kuya ko, dapat hindi na raw ako nanonood ng mga ganyan.. syempre, hinahayaan ko na lang din sila kasi opinyon nila yun.. pero sa isip ko, "Eh? Ano ngayon? Eh kung gusto kong panoorin eh!! (suplada mode)". Hahaha... Napanood ko rin yung UP, and that cute little boy is so cute. Pero medyo hindi ko siya feel panoorin nang pa-ulit-ulit. hehe... Para kasing nalulungkot ako kung panoorin ko. Maybe because... di ba sa movie, the little boy grew up, with the dream of meeting his idol and then going to South America. And in the end, yung idol pala niya yung magiging antagonist sa movie. Parang nakaka sad lang.. so medyo hindi ko feel panoorin ulit. hihihi..

    Sister's Keeper.. Romance film ba yan? Hmm, hindi ko pa napapanood yan ah. Magoogle nga mamaya. hihi.. :)

  15. @Kraehe: Hehe.. I also love Inception! Yay!!! :)

  16. mahlig din akong mauod at fave ko talaga ng mga chick flick hehehe at romance =)

  17. lion king ang all time favorite ko'ng movie sa cartoons, next ung aladdin. :D

  18. good luck 20days to go n lng...

  19. uhmm kung favorite movie ang hindi ko makakalimutan ang armageddon at brave heart. ^_^

  20. advance happy valentines day po.

  21. you are getting closer and closer to the 30th! OMG how to train is one of the best movies. hehe. napansin ko lang na puro pang kids ang gusto mo. kid at heart i guess :)

  22. Ang dami ko pang di napapanood.mahilig din ako sa mga animated films. Kasi naaliw ako sa pagkakagawa nito.

  23. hehehe halos pala lahat e pareho tayo ng gustong genre ng movie.

    wahehe napansin ko ang blog theme. pusong-puso na.hahahaha

  24. Inception was an amazing film, as were all 3 toy Stories. Have you seen up?