Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 9 - Mickey Mouse

"Share something about your favorite cartoon character."

I am a Disney fan. I do watch other animated shows and appreciate other animated characters.. I believe that no one could really beat Disney in making animated films/characters.

I love Mickey Mouse. I've always loved Mickey Mouse. I can't remember the title of the very first show I've seen that stars Mickey, but I remember that Donald's on it, also Goofy. I think they were chasing a ghost or something.. or trying to catch one in a haunted house. They're ghost detectives. Donald Duck is funny (the way he speaks is just stupidly hilarious.) and Goofy is.. well, goofy. But it's Mickey that really got my attention. Maybe it's the ears.. or the cute nose? Or maybe, just the mousey voice. The voice is priceless.

Mickey has starred in countless Disney shows. Two of the most recent are Mickey Mouse Works and Disney's House Of Mouse. He also appeared in the movie features such as The Three Musketeers, Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas and Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas. Mickey's longtime friend and partner is Minnie Mouse. They look so cute together. He's best friends with Donald Duck and Goofy. He lives in Mousetown, together with his dog named Pluto.

Mickey also appeared on the Playstation game series, Kingdom Hearts. He's the king of Disney Castle and is the friend of the main protagonist, Sora. Mickey can wield the keyblade, a weapon that chooses its wielder, and can lock or unlock any magic gate/portal. The keyblade is a powerful weapon, and there's only a chosen few who can weild it.. I know five: Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Sora and Mickey. It's a powerful blade used to battle darkness. I'm thinking that maybe, it's one of the main reasons why I love the game (Kingdom Hearts) so much.. one is Cloud (and the Final Fantasy characters) and two, because of Mickey.

Mickey has starred in countless films, made commercials, played characters in video games.. he's kind, very sweet, charming, has a sense of humor, loves life, very optimistic, very friendly, very loving, a good friend, a good master (to Pluto).. he's a very adorable, good boy... mouse.. I mean, good mouse.. boy. Whatever.

Bottomline, Mickey Mouse is Disney. Disney is Mickey Mouse. My favorite animated film company and my favorite cartoon character - A perfect combo.

*Images from Mr. Google.


  1. ang sasaya nyo naman....maniwala ka walang halong kabitteran yang comment ko na yan heheheh....inggit meron tagal na rin kasi ako hindi nakakauwi sa amin...namimiss ko ang mga papa at papa pati mga kapatid ko heheheheh

  2. si mickey mouse paborito ko rin :D

  3. wow! si mickey mouse! :D sige papahabol ko sya kay Hello Kitty ko. :) ingat ate leah! :D

  4. ewan ko ba bakit di ko nagustuhan si mickey mouse, year of the rat naman ako pinanganak.wahehehe

  5. aww so nice! :) a happy family indeed :)

  6. cute ni mickey mouse but tweety kasi ako eh tsaka pooh hehehe anyway..ang cute din ni sophie!belated happy birthday to her..=)

  7. Ako naman gusto kong cartoons Classic Disney Cartoons ay si Betty Boop. Siya kasi ang first cartoon na nakita ko na sexy.

    Kamukha mo yung dad mo :) I won't be surprise kung daddy's girl ka :)

    Happy birthday Sophie! :) Sophie means wise. Im sure yung bata na yan puno ng wisdom pag laki niya.

    Napapansin ko na pumayat ka. I guess, nagwowork talaga yung exercise na ginagawa mo araw araw.

    Hmm.. inisip ko lang ano kaya kung mag post ka ng before and after pics ng pageexercise mo? :) hehe

  8. awww, Sophie is so cute! she is a really adorable girl.
    i like Mickey Mouse too! :)

  9. wow. the birthday looked fun! :D and sophie is soo cute! i wanna pinch her little chubby cheeks! haha.
    i like goofy better than mickey. haha. probably because when i was 2 years old, i remember being confined to the hospital for surgery to remove my tonsils and my dad gave me a goofy stuffed toy to keep me company. :)

  10. cute kid nga...

    nyway congrats sa awards mo sa taba

  11. Hello po. Nagbabalik. kse nakaka comment na uli! =)

  12. hi leah! so you really had a wonderful time huh??? by the way, i'm taking on your challenge too on my new blog. i wanted to copy the image but i can't, it's not allowed... can you give me permission to do that??? and also, i followed your thoughts... hehehe... sensya na ha?? wala ring maisip ang lola mo... hahaha!

    here's my blog:

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    i'll put you in my links... and you're the first...please put me in too!! hehehe...

  13. hey thanks for visiting my blog, nalink na kita...

  14. this post made me want to play kingdom hearts!! i love mickey and cloud! hehe.

    BTW, happy birthday to sophie.

  15. Loveeeeely pictures!
    && Mickey mouse was OKAY. :P I preferred Balooo :D.