Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 8 - Fave Blogs

"Share something about your favorite blogs"

I read blogs. I really do. And I like commenting on posts which are humorous, informative and thought-provoking. Long or short posts, Filipino or English posts, I read them. I don't comment on every single blog that I read, but I usually DO leave a comment when the post is able to "communicate" with me, or maybe I have something interesting to share, too.. or something that I can add to the conversation. Truth is, I don't really care about how the author writes his articles, how long his articles are, how good his English is (I'm not an English Nazi)'s the topic that usually serves as a catalyst for my thoughts, thus ensuring that I'd leave a comment.

I like reading personal posts. And truth be told, I'm not really fond of reading "stories" and "techie stuff". I'm more of a "personal experience" kind of reader. Also, I like posts which are offering questions at the end. As a thinking individual, I like to be asked for my opinion on things. It's a fact that people love to give out pieces of advice and opinions (some unsolicited) about anything and everything. Human nature, maybe? We always want to share what we know.. I think that we are all egomaniacs and we always want to add our two cents. Right? Don't dare disagree with me. LOL.

These are some of the blogs that I love to read. I wouldn't want to label them as my "favorite blogs". Maybe, just the blogs that I find interesting. Sometimes, I'd leave a comment. Sometimes, I'd just read. Really, it depends on what he's talking about and on what I can say about it.

I Am Fickle Cattle - "I write because I want someone to read me; who I am, what I think, how I live. I write because I hope, someone, somewhere, would read what I wrote and think, "yes, he's right, I get it," and understand me. I write because I would like to think that I am not alone, that I am not the only person who's crazy and sane and stupid and smart and gorgeous and ugly and freaky and conservative and human and divine. I write because I want to believe. I write because the world is too small and too big at the same time." - Fickle Cattle

[the blues, the blahs and the blarghs] - "I am a seventeen year old college student currently taking up Speech Pathology (hopefully will continue on to Med). I enjoy playing videogames and eating chocolate and I also procrastinate a bit too much. I have a weird sense of humor and I want to one day learn to play the drums. I sort of enjoy the feeling of being creeped out and watching films. I also sometimes ramble on too much and produce mashed up sentences." - Ishashime

Closing Pandora's Box - "Hidden behind this mask of secrecy is someone not many people know too well. They think they do, but everyone thinks. One person did, but she passed away. You wanna know who it really is behind this mask? Read, think, and see if you can put any of the pieces together." - Nas

Basket of Dreams - I am 100% Pinay and most people think I'm weird. I want to experience different fascinating things in my life! I am sometimes too emotional and I carry too much principles in my life, and my mom hates it. I love being outdoor, I love walking beside the beach, I love staring at the moons or stars, I want to try different exotic activities!! I want to learn many things without even trying! Hahaha. I just want to be me! Sometimes I want to be simple, but sometimes I want to be extraordinary! :) - Kamil

This is Me, Talaga!? - Ito ang mga sulat at kwentong hango sa aking sariling version sa pagkatha ng mga damdamin ng tao. Damdaming nais kong ipahiwatig sa lahat ng mga mambabasa." (These are the letters and stories, based on my own version in the description of human emotion. Feelings I want to convey to all my readers.) - Kyle

These are blogs are just like any other blog in the world. But they usually write about things that I can relate to.. Somehow, their posts are reaching out to me.

What about you? What sparks your interest? Do you like commenting on short or long posts? What kind of blogs do you read? Care to share?


  1. Oh Leah! thank you ever so much for the mention, and also for the advice. Now I know what to write more about ;).

    I like to read most blogs. If you ever get a chance, read my first ever blog post and you'll know why I started blogging. Sharing your experience, sharing your happiness, sharing your sorrow, can help you understand, can help you grow and can help you develop as a person.

    I've only just started reading yours, and I like it :D.


    Both amazing writers!

    Have a lovely 2 days away :D.
    Happy birthday to your niece.

    Take care.

  2. ate leah.. same here.. enjoy ur weekend.. cchheerrrssss...

  3. i guess in a way we are the same although we write or think differently. ganun talaga. we read because we feel. chos. happy birthday to your niece :)

  4. Speaking of English Nazi, naiinis din ako sa mga Grammar at spelling police! My golly, dapat tignan nalang nila yung content ng blog hindi lang puro yung mali. Minsan kasi wala naman talaga silang intention tumulong, gusto lang nila manggulo.

    it just creates so much negativity.

    Pero ako, I don't mind someone pointing out my mistakes, as long as it's constructive and tastefully done. Part narin yon ng learning process, i guess.

  5. wow. thanks a lot for the mention. it meant a lot to me. glad you are liking my posts. more inspiration for me to continue blogging! tee-hee. :D

    too bad you're going to miss making the day 9 and 10 posts of the 30 day blog challenge. oh well, i'm sure you will be up and running again on monday. haha.

    btw, happy birthday to your niece and have fun with everything else you have to do. :)

  6. Hello Leah magandang morning. Great post, i like post which are offering questions too.

  7. oh my gosh! hahaha this whole time you had a comment box that goes straight to your blog. i thought it was through facebook! LOL!

    anyway, i get you about personal experience. i know people that like to subscribe to people about make ups though. or outfits. i don't really following those stuff.

    i think it's more fun when they talk about themselves cus it's easier to relate to them :]


  8. weee ate nakaktouch naman.wahahha
    nandito ako. ahiii...

    maraming salamat ng sobra. :D

    congrats din sayo sa TABA. panalo ka na!ehehehe

  9. oo nga ate di ka nag-aappear sa dashboard. it happened to me also, yung naging prob ko ay yung mga codes ata sa pic or sa mga text mismo. kung nagddraft ka sa microsoft word then cocopy mo sa blogger editor na hindi sa Edit HTML ay nagkakaprob. yung mga edits kasi ng word ay meron corresponding na html codes kapag directly pinaste sa Compose.

    Di ko lang alam kung same tayo ng prob.

    Sorry magulo ata.LOL

  10. Naks.

    Ang tibay mo ah. Nakapang Day 8 ka na?

    Ako? Di naman ako choosy sa kung anong blog ang babasahin. Basta bamaganda at interesting eh papatulan ko.

    Iiwanan ko pa ng comment. :-)

  11. whew career hehe, keep it up! i like music blogs

  12. tama si rah, andaming kritiko sa blogs ngayon. napaka...

    konting mali ng english, ikokorek. naman...

    btw, gusto ko rin ng mga blogs na thought-provoking, yong ma=uurge akong magkomento. i really like that.

    salamat nga pala sa pagbisita sa blog ko.

    -mang poldo

  13. I like personal blogs, too. People's experiences fascinate me, and I'm curious about their thoughts and the things they encounter everyday.

    I also like poetry blogs because I write poems, too :D

  14. Day 8 na. ang tindi. gandang gabi leah.

  15. i really like the blogs you mentioned here! :D

  16. your niece is so cute... hehehe... you write well leah... that's what i admire in you! sana ako din... hehehe...