Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 14 - Fave Songs

"Share something about your favorite music/musician."

I'm not really picky when it comes to music. Well, except for hard rock/metal or the likes, I listen to any kind of music. It depends on my mood, really. Sometimes, I wanna listen to some Pop music. And then sometimes, I'd go with alternative music, new wave or classic rock. When I'm down and I feel like crying, I listen to some instrumentals.. you know, pianos and saxophones.

Also with the musicians. As long as I can relate to the song, and love the music and lyrics, that musician is my favorite for that day. As of today, here are some of the songs that I listen to...

Calling All Angels - by Train. I first heard this song from a CSI NY episode. I can't remember if it's on season5 or 6, but it was the very same episode wherein the band Train guest starred. When I heard this song, I love it. I think, this song is about the society and communication. If you listen closely to the lyrics, there are some lines about war, missing children, broken marriages, losing sight of dreams... We take the important things for granted. It's the little things that usually counts. And it's like the song is calling out to all "angels".. asking for help. Asking why everything's messed up.

 Train - Calling All Angels .mp3

Today My Life Begins - by Bruno Mars. I first heard this song from Emotera's blog. That lovely girl really has a very nice taste in music. Hehehe. Anyway, I heard it from her blog (the song serves as her blog soundtrack), and I just love it. The song speaks of rebirth. And after all that Ive gone through in the past months.. it's a bull's eye. The song really suits me.. perfectly.

 Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begins .mp3

Leave Out All The Rest - by Linkin Park. It's a sad song. I don't why I particularly like it. Maybe because of the pain I've felt the last couple of weeks. It talks about loss and fear. Also, about making the most of life and leaving good memories.. memories which are worth remembering.

 Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest .mp3

Angels or Devils - by Dishwalla. This song has been my favorite since the very first time Ive heard it on the radio. I think, this song talks about a battle that usually takes place inside us.. a human struggle. This song relates to each and every one of us. There really is a place inside us that fails us.. but then, "Fighting all the demons will take time".. this line is very encouraging. To forgive oneself, to heal and to reform, it really do take time. And eventually, everything would turn out great. Hmm.. that's my interpretation. Pretty deep, huh. Hehehe.

 Dishwalla - Angels or Devils .mp3

Anything But Ordinary - by Avril Lavigne. Yeah, I know. This song is a few years old. But I still like it. I think, this is one of her best work. It's basically about living.. about taking risks. About living life to the fullest. "Let down your defenses. Use no common sense. If you look you will see, that this world is a beautiful accident. Turbulent. Succulent. Oppulent. Permanent. No way! I wanna taste it. Don't wanna waste it away." A beautiful phrase for a song. It's a very personal song. And it's totally ME!

 Avril Lavigne - Anything but Ordinary .mp3

So Close - by Jon McLaughlin. This is a song from the Disney movie Enchanted. It's a beautiful song, but I also sense sadness. I think the song is about a love so impossible to come true. That both of them are so inlove with each other, but then something.. an invisible barrier is between them. The ending for this song is yet to come. Hehe.. It is an unfinished story. Nevertheless, I love it.

 Jon McLaughlin - So Close .mp3

I wouldn't call these my favorite songs. As I have mentioned, my choice of music/songs/musicians really depend on my mood. So what about you? What are the songs on your iPod?


  1. I really love all the songs here especially dishwalla, avril and linkin.

    I also listen to the songs every little thing (dishwalla), tomorrow (avril), boys like girls, Duncan Sheik, tsaka ang dami pa.

    mostly rock alternative. :)

  2. gusto ko yung dishwalla.. Favorite na song ko nila, counting blue cars. Classic talaga :)

  3. Hey Leah!

    I really like the first song you posted. I think you have a good taste in music. It's in the altenative/indie side :] Which is so awesome because now a days, a lot of people like listening to mainstream which totally defeats the purpose of music.

    Anyway, I really like the first song you posted by Train. You totally have a point... People take things for granted. Though, sometimes we can't help it yeah know?! Oh and what really got me was the part when you said "losing sight of dreams" That was quite DEEP and well written.


  4. Do you like korean songs?

    nice blog btw! ;)

  5. ganda ng mga song ms.leah... peyborit ko si bruno mars (siguro) kase naeenjoy ko mga song niya.. pero now ko lang narinig tong Today My Life Begins..

    love Angels or Devils.. yan pala title niyan..usually kase di ko talaga alam mga title..nafafamiliar lang...

  6. Gusto ko Maniniyot by Max Surban hahaha maiba lang hehehe...

    Lahat ng Genre gusto ko as long as trip kong pakinggan hehehe...

  7. Ang gaganda ng songs. Nasa playlist ko din to. Lalo na yung Dishwalla, Tarin and Bruno Mars. Like!

  8. no problem, leah ;) LOVE YOU LAYOUT BTW ;)

  9. I must admit, I haven't heard a single song on your list :O.
    Will listen to them now!

  10. like ko din yung anything but ordinary! avril rocks! :)