Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 15 - Pets

"Share something about your pets"

I think I was in 6th grade when I had my very first pets. Two dogs.. namely, Bush and Saddam. I borrowed the names of the two leaders, US President Bush and Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. I meant no disrespect. These two pups were born during the Persian Gulf war.. The invasion of Kuwait.. Operation Dessert Storm... I'm not sure what to call it. I suck at history. All I know was that a war's going on and these two are the leaders. I was 12. I have an old photo with Bush and Sadam on it, but I can't remember where I hid it.

After that, I got my first favorite dog, named Chance. I got the name from the movie, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. He has brown fur, a short snout and the biggest round eyes a dog could have. My dog is not an American bulldog (like the one in the movie), but he's as fast, as playful and as mischievous. Also, he's always hungry. I would love to share a photo.. Unfortunately, I also misplaced Chance's pictures.

And then, there's Chippy. Her birthday is September 24, 2000. That makes her 10 years old. She's a gift from a relative. She had a sister named Nova, but she died shortly after arriving at my house. She must have ate something bad and got poisoned. When Chippy got pregnant, I was totally excited. After just a few months, she gave birth to only two puppies. I named them Sprite and Coke.


Sprite is the male. Coke is the female. They were born October 11, 2002. Sprite was a sweet dog. But he only lived for 4 years. Somehow, he got out of our yard. He was killed by someone in our neighborhood. When Dad found him, he had a bloody head. I was devastated. I buried Sprite's body in our backyard. Coke, on the other hand, is alive and well. Before Sprite died, they were a couple. Coke got pregrant and gave birth to 5 pups. We gave away the 3 puppies and I took two - Panda bear and Teddybear, born December 26, 2004. Teddybear is my pampered little spoiled baby.


After a few years, Coke got pregnant again. This time, Teddy's the father. On May 15, 2006, she gave birth to 4 puppies, named Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. There's a long story about Fall, you can read this post here. But just making the long story short, Fall and I really bonded. He's my baby but he died. I was cuddling him when he died. He struggled for breath and there's nothing I can do about it. I felt helpless.


Atfer Fall, I thought I couldn't possibly want another dog. Losing him to death, it's very painful. About 2 years later, Coke got pregnant again.And so, Pokeybear was born (and Pika, Puka and Pooh, too) on May 14, 2008. Pokemon, as I now fondly call him, is a complete replica of Fall. However, they're also complete opposites when it comes to behavior and traits. While Fall was a sweet dog, Pokey is hot-tempered and stubborn. Fall had never had a fight with his brother, Teddy, while Pokey always bares his teeth when he sees Teddybear coming towards me. He's a very jealous dog.


Also that year, Chippy gave birth to a single pup. I named her Beauty. She's really a beauty.. but so full of mischief. We also have another michievous dog named Rich (Got his name from my sis-in-laws previous company, Vitarich). Him, Pokey and Beauty got along really well.


I have had several other dogs. Pee-wee, Piatos, Pan, Nala, Simba, Lala, Lilo, Stitch, Chowking, Mcdo.. among others.

As of today, I only have 6 dogs. Four are at home, with mom and dad. Two are with me.. I'm tasked to buy and cook their food, give them a bath, comb their fur, take care of their droppings, etc. These two dogs can be complete nuisances.. but then, I love them dearly.

What are your pets? Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or maybe a fish person? Care to share?


  1. ang daming aso...

    kame di swerte sa dogs. di tumatagal, laging naboboljak. iba't ibang reason. (nung bata pa ako neto).

    this year try namen ulit mag-alaga.

  2. oh man! i can't believe how many dogs you've taken care of! haha.

    i'm more of a dog person. i had one named Tommy Lee but he ran away after about five years with us. i was devastated. however, we got another dog about a year later and i named him Torin Logan. he lives with my parents now and he's going to turn three this year.

    i've had a ton of pets in the past including a duck, a hamster, chickens, parrots, cockatiels, a couple of fish.

    right now, i have my turtle (Ross), my 5 goldfish, my dog (Torin) and my 3 cockatiels. :D

  3. :D. You like dogs huh?
    I used to have a budgie back in the day.

  4. naks! daming dogs! ako dalawa lang eh. isang aspin at isang chowchow :D

  5. i really like dogs. :D
    ang cu-cute nila. :D

  6. ang daming aso... nung bata ako at hanggang ngayon naman, madami din aso sa amin.. bantay ito sa paligid ng aming bahay... may nakatali kasi masungit at may alpas din naman.. askal lahat yun heheh

    nice ate.. dami nila ha..

  7. Grabe... I only know about Teddy bear, pokey and Winter, summer, spring?? and fall..! Dunno know you got a lot of pet na pala..! Waaht nag eenglish ako.. hhahaha

    Ang dami na... sabi nila the more na may patient ka sa mga pet..the more na mabuti kang ina.. woooww!

  8. ang daming aso!grabe!=) we only have two dogs fluffy and putol hehehe =)

  9. grabe! Ang cute ng mga aso mo! We have many dogs din but yours are cuter. Haha!

  10. Glad to have stumbled over here. This is cute. Tagging your pets with such names makes you the coolest and funkiest pet owner I've known online. LOL.

    Chippy's the cutest for me. Pee-wee comes next. The seasons sound so off-the-hook but they ring my ears for another LOL.