Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 3 - San Joaquin

"Share something about your hometown."

San Joaquin, Iloilo. It is one of the oldest towns in Iloilo. San Joaquin is divided into 85 barangays, populated by 47,826 (according to the 2000 Census on Population) residents. It is located 60 kilometers away from the city, and one could travel by bus or jeepney to get here.

San Joaquin is the home of the "Bayluhay Festival" and the "Pasungay". The Bayluhay Festival connotes the exchange of customs and traditions that took place during the Barter of Panay - a historic event between Malays and the natives, documented in Siwaragan, a coastal town of San Joaquin. The Barter of Panay is the event which took place in the 13th century, wherein 10 Bornean Datus sailed and reached the island of Panay, and made an alliance with Marikudo (native chief) who traded Panay island for a golden salakot and a necklace. This festival gives the residents of this wonderful town the chance to look back and re-enact the event. It is held every third Saturday of January, which is also the town's feast day.

The Pasungay is the festival of bullfight, also held every third Saturday of January. The fighting bulls are chosen by bull experts to fight against each other in weight category. As a spectator, it is exciting to watch two bulls fight, displaying power, strength and skill. Unlike the bullfights of Spain, there's nothing really gory about the festival. There's no killing of bulls. The tired bull, sensing his loss, would just give up, turn around and run away. Through the process of elimination, only one bull would be the winner on this annual bull derby. 

The most popular tourist destination in San Joaquin is the world renowned San Joaquin Church. I'm quite sure that churches around the Philippines were constructed during the colonial era, reflecting the blend of Spanish architectural designs. But the San Joaquin church is the only church in the Philippines to have an exquisite display of the historic battle between the Christians of Spain and the Moors of Morocco in Tetuan in 1869, even having impressions of wounded soldiers during battle.. It s the only church with a "military theme". Here is what CNN has to say about this historical church.

This is San Joaquin. My hometown.

* Photos from here.


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