Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 2 - Blog Name

"What's the meaning behind you blog name?"

Oh, what's in a name? I have a very vivid memory of how I got to name my blog, so I'd just tell the story.

Yep, I can still remember. It was an afternoon in August when I created this blog. There I was, sitting in front of my laptop, thinking of a name. It has to be... "fresh" and "unique". Interesting and an attention-grabber. My first choice was declined by Blogger. Then, the second choice.. still declined by Blogger. Then, third.. fourth.. fifth. Hmm... It was not as easy as I'd imagined.

I was thinking of giving up on blogging and I haven't even started yet. How can I expect myself to make decent posts if I can't even come up with a decent blog name? I was lost. So I got out of the room to get some fresh air. Outside, Pokeybear was playing with a ball and Teddybear was taking a nap on his favorite mattress. I grabbed slice of left-over pizza from the fridge and joined them outside. Looking at Pokey, I was amazed at how he truly loves that ball. It's a small, not pricey, ordinary-looking, yellow ball. It's his treasure. Now Teddybear, who loves to sleep, loves his mattress. At times, he doesn't want to share his bed, and even me. He's a jealous dog. I am one of his personal treasures.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Treasures. The word itself is ordinarily perfect. The word "treasure" means an accumulation of wealth, riches or valuable possesions of ANY kind. I can save or write down my own treasures. My very own memory bank. "Treasure" is the perfect word.

Now, why "My Tasty Treasures", you may ask. Well, I'm not really sure. Obviously, this blog is not edible. You can't eat it. Haha. Maybe because I was eating pizza at that time. That would explain the "tasty" part. LOL.

So there. That's the story behind my blog name. My Tasty Treasures is a compilation of my very own treasures.. stored wealth in forms of precious possessions like knowledge and wisdom, ideas and thoughts experiences and memories. The only treasures that no one can steal from me. Treasures that I can really call "my own".

My blog is now "I am Super Leah."


  1. ang alamat ng tasty treasures ate hehehehe...

  2. ohh. so that's how you got the name for this blog. haha. nice. :)

    by the way, cool drawing. pwede! haha. :))

  3. di ko alam na Pilipino pala si isashime hahahaha... pramis...

    ahhh tasty pizza... yum yum... pengeng pizza.. pero dahil tumataba na ako ms.leah..sige wag na lang... totoo na ang mga blog natin ay mga bagay na naglalaman ng mag memories natin, mga isipan natin at kung anu ano pang bagay... hahah...

    at cute doggy drawing..uhh.. spot the difference??? yung balahibo?? hehehe nagka-texture... hahahah x)

    dumadalaw ms.leah

  4. waw angaleng galeng magdrawing hehehe

  5. Ganon pala yon.Leah looking forward for the completion of this project.

  6. finally i know kung bakit my tasty treasures to :)

  7. nice drawing you got there :) Tasty Treasures is indeed a very interesting name. But at fist, i had an impression maybe it was a food blog :)

  8. ooooh. pizza pala! hehehe.

  9. Wow. Ganun pala yun. Haha. May etymological background. Haha.

  10. Haha! The hardest part is finding a name of the blog :P.
    Took me a WEEEEK!

    Ohhh you're an excellent artist. :)

  11. hhmm. now i know the tasty reason behind this.. hehehe.. nice drawings leah!

  12. @Istambay: Alamat talaga? Hehehe...

    @Ishashime: Yep, that's how I got that name. I'd have to thank my dogs for it. Hihi.. Pwede ba? Eeee! =)

    @Kamila: Ako nga rin, ngayon ko lang din nalaman na Pinoy pala siya. Hehe... Meron pang isang pagkakaiba.. Mas maganda ang drawing ko. Wahahaha!!! Kapal! Hihi.. Joke lang.

    @Zyra: Toinks! Hehehe.. Salamat, Ms Zyra. =)

    @DiamondR: Opo, yun po ang story behind the name. Salamat Kuya ROmmel. =)

  13. @Bino: Finally! Hehehe.. =)

    @Rah: Hehe. Naisip ko rin yun.. It really sounds like a food blog. I kept thinking of changing the name.. pero hinayaan ko na lang. Thanks for the visit, Panda... =)

    @Nimmy: Yep.. Pizza!!! Hehe..

    @Yow: Hehe.. Oo Joshua.. Yun yown... =)

    @Nas: Hey there.. Yep, it really is the hardest part.. Your blog name is pretty cool! Closing Pandora's Box.. Whew! Interesting.. =) Wait.. I'm an excellent artist? Eeeee!! Thanks!! Haha.. =)

    @Claire: Hello Ms Claire.. Yes po, that's the story behind the name. Hehe.. Ay salamat po. =)