Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 1 - Recent Picture

"Share a recent picture and share something about your week."

My week is basically uneventful. Full of plans, but uneventful.

First. I had plans of going to Cebu, but unfortunately my plans went poof. My high school friend invited me to go there to witness the Sinulog 2011 and also, to attend her son's birthday party. It got me really excited. I mean, REALLY. The problem is, she invited me Monday evening, and the Sinulog is this Sunday. Only six days to get a ticket, to go to one of the country's most famous cultural/religious celebrations. Still being optimistic, I did an inquiry. All round trip tickets are sold out. One way tickets are way expensive. A bus trip is NOT an option. *Sigh. Oh well, there's always a next time. And I'd make sure to book a ticket weeks or months before. Lesson learned.

Second. I had plans of going to the city to watch a movie, but then, my monthly period came. Yeah boys, you may skip reading this part, if it makes you uncomfortable. Haha. Anyway, I got cramps. I couldn't get up because of the pain. I tried taking pain relievers to ease away the pain, but to no avail. Also, whenever I have my period, I get nauseous. I can't eat anything because I'd just throw up. My personal hell would last for 12 hours or so.. After that, I'd feel better. I once went to my doctor and asked for help. She did give me something, and it helped.. but after a while, the pain came back. Ladies, any suggestions?

Third. My blog has been nominated for The Annual Blog Awards (TABA 2010), under the categories "Best in Kikay Blog Design" and "English Blogger of the year". Hehe. It really made me smile. My blog design is just a free blog template I've downloaded from the net. I'm not really knowledgeable when it comes to designing blogs, htmls, the likes.. Also, I'm not that good in English, but I always try to write better. And to be nominated, it feels great. Thank you.

Fourth. Did some random things. Cleaned my room again. Watched all six seasons of CSI: New York. Called some friends to make plans for the upcoming San Joaquin fiesta (January 15) and the Dinagyang Festival (January 23).

So that's it. Did nothing extraordinary this week, but well.. it's the ordinarily simple things in life that makes it worth living, anyway. So let's enjoy life. Make sure to do everything right. Dot your i's. Cross your t's. But don't forget to have fun. See you again tomorrow.


  1. day 1 accomplished, and congrats ate. sayang naman ung sinulog festival, hmmmm sa sususnod months before pa lang, nagaaya na si friend mo dapat..

    keep it up ate marekoy

  2. wow congrats!

  3. hahaha, uneventful weekend...but it was still colorful though haha. And, Oh yeah...i skipped the second part...hehehehe

  4. one day down!congrats!more post to come..=

    ang cute ni teddybear..weeh!

  5. congrats on having accomplished day 1 of the challenge! looking forward to your future posts.

    P.S. teddybear is soo cute! xD

  6. patambay dito..:)) hehehe..

    anway..goodluck sa mga sana minsan pasama..

    pahiram narin kay teddy bear..:)

  7. aww poor u. take some rest and the pain will ease :)

    btw, am starting the 30 days challenge tomorrow! :)

  8. You watched ALL 6 seasons of CSI in one week?!
    WOW. How did you manage that?


  9. hehehe ata yakang-yaka yan. tuloy-tuloy lang. you need motivation. go! go!

    hehehe ang cute nung cellphone. pwede! :)

  10. nagskip tuloy ako sa number 2. hehehe joke! Good luck sa 30 day challenge :D

  11. ang cute nung cp at mga doggies..ung number 2 hehehe kunwari d ko nabasa hehehe

  12. Hi! I love the design of your blog. So girly :) And you write in English well, so you deserve the nomination. :) Congratulations! Keep it up!

  13. Hi! I love the design of your blog. So girly :) And you write in English well, so you deserve the nomination. :) Congratulations! Keep it up!

  14. Hi Ms. Leah.... I love your 30 days project..keep it up!!

    And tungkol sa period.. wala din ako ma-suggest..engot din ako.. parang lalake nga.. kase minsan sobrang sakit tapos hindi ko alam yun na pala yung cramps.. wala naman ako ginagawa..pinapabayaan ko lang.. pero may nalaman ako na maglagay ka daw sa bote (yung glass bottles ah) ng hot water.. wag sobrang hot na it mag cacause ng burns.. tapos roll over mo sa puson... then parang maghehelp yun na mag-flow yung blood more evenly.. para hindi na masyado masakit...


  15. Huy at ang cute ng CP drawing mo hahahahaha.... nung di ko pa nga nakikita akala ko phone din.. ahahhaah lol. x)

  16. @Istambay: Sayang talaga ang Sinulog. Kasi naman, toong friend ko nato, nang imbita nga, 1week before... Eh paano nga naman ako makakakuha ng ticket nyan? Sus.. Di me mayaman noh. hehe... Salamt sa pagtambay. =)

    @Erick: Salamat.. hihi.. Bukas ulit.

    @Ron: Uneventful but colorful. hehehe.. Tamah!! Ay, you skipped the second part? Why? Hahahaha!! Salamat sa pagdaan, Ron. =)

    @Jaid: One day down, 29 days to go. Hehe.. =)

    @Ishashime: Yeah, still have 29 more posts to do. This is turning into quite a challenge.. Hehe. I'd tell Teddybear you said HI. =)

  17. @CheeNee: Buti naman napadalaw ka. Hehe. Sure bah, sama ka. KKB nga lang ha. Hehe... Hiramin mo si Teddybear ko? Ayoko nga! Hehe.. Salamat sa pagdaan.

    @Syieranuar: Yeah, I'm okay now.. I took some medicine and some rest. Every month, I'd get cramps. Hmm... I guess, that's just my personal hell. Hehe.. Anway, I visited your blog. And you're into the 30-day Photo Challenge? Cool! I wanna join too, however, I'm still on this challenge.. I can't join 2 challenges at the same time... I'm sure there will be a next time. =)

    @Nas: Yeah.. hehe. I watched 'em all. All 6 seasons.. Well, I have a lot of spare time.. and I mean, A LOT. I have all copies of the episodes.. so all I have to do is to play it all back, sit on the couch/bed.. and watch. Yeah.. a lazy life. Hehehe... Thanks for the visit, Nas. =)

    @Kyle: Yeah! Yakang-yaka to! Hehe.. Cute and cellphone? ang alin.. ang original o yung drawing? Haha.. Salamat sa pagdaan, Kyle.. =)

  18. @Bino: Salamat Bino.. Kelangan talaga ng goodluck. Medyo tinatamad na kasi ako eh. Ssshhhh!!! Hahaha! Nag-skip ka rin sa number 2? Hehehe...

    @Rico: Hihi. Thank you.. Sige, kunwari hindi mo nga nabasa. hahaha... =)

    @Katherine: Eeehh!! A girly blog.. Pero honestly, medyo may pagka boyish po ako. Hehehe... Thank you, Ms Katherine.. =)

    @Kamil: Kamil, salamat.. hehehe. Cute ba? Haha... parang ang layo nga sa totoong cellphone. Pero okay lang diba, at least I tried. Hihi... Salamat sa advice ha.. Try ko yan next month. Baka maging okay sa pakiramdam ko.. =)

  19. wag ka magalala sa budget..ok lng kahit kkb..:))

  20. Sure!!! Wow!!! Hongyomon ni Cheen. Libre mo na lang kaya ako. Hehehehe.....