Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Challenge

Enough with the drama. Let's enjoy life, shall we?

Okay, first stop. What am I going to write next? I have lots of December moments and I wanna share them all to you, but I think I've already summed them all up on my post, Rebirth.

So.. what else is new? Hmm.. My dogs are restless this morning. And I found a tick on Teddybear's neck. Arg! Gross! But I'm his person so I should do the dirty work. Yeah.. that's what pet owners do. Hehe. Maybe I should buy some new dog shampoo. The one I use on them doesn't seem to work anymore. Hm, what else.. Oh! I talked to some college and high school friends and we decided to see each other and celebrate the Dinagyang Festival 2011. It's a religious/culltural celebration, held in Iloilo City to honor the Sto. Nino and celebrate the arrival of the Malay settlers on Panay island. Yay! Can't wait. I have a date!! Hehe. Also, I finished the Crisis Core game! Yay! Woot! It's a pity Zack had to die, but well... at least, Cloud survived. And Sephiroth's great! He's the ultimate villain, but damn, he's so cute. Hahaha! If you're a FFVII fan, you'd know exactly what I'm talking about.

I have lots of things that I wanna share, but I can't think straight and organize my thoughts. Did some zombies attack my home and eat my brain? Hehehe. Kidding. Come on, brain. Work.

I did some serious blog hopping this day, trying to find some inspiration. There are lots of ideas floating around in the blogosphere and most of them are pretty random. And in almost 40+ blogs I've visited, I came across about 20+ blogs which are having this 30-day-challenge. So it got me into thinking. It's one way of organizing my thoughts, right? I'd know what to write next so I'd be able to focus and use more of my brain power, squeeze some creative juice out of it... so to speak.

I'm gonna have this 30-day challenge. I wrote down 30 topics of what I'd like to share in this blog. Well, I gonna have to write posts every single day for 30 days and let's see if I can keep up.

  1. Share a recent picture and something about your week. 
  2. What's the meaning behind your blog name? 
  3. Share something about your hometown. 
  4. Share something about the TV show you're currently addicted to. 
  5. Share your insights on why you use Facebook. 
  6. Share a story about your most serious injury. 
  7. Share a short letter to your ex-boyfriend. 
  8. Share something about your favorite blogs. 
  9. Share something about your favorite cartoon character. 
  10. List 20 of your favorite movies. 
  11. Share some insights about your pet peeves. 
  12. Your nicknames and why you have them. 
  13. Share something about your celebrity crushes. 
  14. Share something about your favorite music/musician. 
  15. Share something about your pets. 
  16. Share something about your favorite book. 
  17. Share something you're afraid of. 
  18. Share your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of being single. 
  19. Share something about a song that makes you smile. 
  20. Share something about your least favorite subject in school. 
  21. Google, Firefox, Rockmelt or Yahoo? 
  22. Favorite Bible verse. 
  23. (Question) What is your biggest blogging pet peeve? 
  24. (Question) If you could pick a name for yourself, what would it be? 
  25. (Question) Why do you blog? 
  26. (Question) What's your opinion about blog awards (tags)? 
  27. (Question) What's your childhood ambitions? 
  28. (Question) Share a story about your most serious injury. 
  29. (Question) What do you usually notice when you watch movies? 
  30. (Question) Do you believe that in the year 2012, it's the end of the world? 

Well, that's that. To put it simply, taking this blog challenge is one way of introducing myself to the people, not only to the blog community but to the world. It's just like an interview, but well.. more detailed. And maybe in the process, I'd learn a bit more about myself. You know, sort of.. like a self-discovery or something. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to let me know. Please refrain from suggesting topics like "share something about your favorite color?" (because it's fairly simple) or "share some insights about your prefered sexual position." lol. Other than that, feel free to pick my brain.

Okay. Looking forward for tomorrow.


  1. nice. heehee kuha ka photo ngayon, tas kuhaan mo sarili mu after the challenge... heehee

  2. yay am joining the 30 day photo challenge as well! :)

  3. before mo simulan o kung nasimulan mo na itong challenge, tama si zyra.. take a picture ngayon then take a picture after.. para makita ang improvement diba? wala na ko maiisip na isuggest para isama sa 30 days challenge

  4. heheh ate challenging to ah. sabagay para makita mo nga naman may improvements sa araw araw na buhay. :)

    goodluck ate. :)

  5. just dropping by to say HI! i miss the kulitans :)

  6. oo nga! sounds fun! looking forward ako sa mga posts mo, ;)

  7. nagkaidea tuloy ako parang gusto ko ring gawin to kaso di ko naman kayang magpost everyday hehehe anyway..first time ko dito ^^

  8. @Zyra: Hehe.. Ayan, nilagyan ko na.. Sana meron akong makitang result after 30 days. haha.. =)

    @Syahirah: Sure! GO, GIRL!! Let's do the challenge together! Hehe.. Well, I changed some of the topics in the original challenge list.. you could also do so. Add some more topics, if you want.. =)

    @Istambay: Ayan na sa itaas, nilagyan ko na agad after ko mabasa comment ni Zyra. Bukas pako magsisimula. Eeeehh!! Wish me luck. hehe...

    @Kyle: Challenging nga ano? Parang.. ewan ko kung makakaya kong magsulat ng post everyday. hehe.. Salamat, Kyle! *hugs

  9. @Zebbie: Hello Zeb! Oo nga, long time no see. Di ka na kasi napupunta dito sa blog ko. Haha.. Kulitan ulit sa Twitter.. kaso, lagi namang absent si Ganda eh. Nice of you to drop by, Zeb... =)

    @Nimmy: Hehe.. Fun talaga, Nimmy.. Salamat. Bisita ka lagi ha. =)

    @Superjaid: Go girl.. try lang. You've got nothing to lose naman. This is just one way of organizing your thoughts.. hehe.. Depende rin naman sayo. Salamat sa pagbisita.. =)

    @Pen: Eeehh! Salamat. hehehe..

  10. hi leah! this 30-day challenge is interesting... i think i might go with this too... and just like you, i tend to get lazy to write or just muse around... anyways, thanks for the visit and leaving a mark. likewise, i don't like to drive. takot ako! panicky to the max! hehehe... so i'm assuming that you're okay now and i guess you are.

  11. Big plans girl. Big plans. :-D

    I pray that you can accomplish them all.

    Yuck, ticks!

    Yeah, I remember one time our dogs has tick infestation and the ticks could be found everywhere! They are on the walls and the ground outside the house and some them enter our house.

    It is hard work eliminating them all.

  12. wow! goodluck sa challenge

  13. goodluck on your 30day challenge, aabangan namin yan :)

  14. nice ah! btw, yung crisis core na yan maganda talaga yan. hehehe. try mo naman yung dissidia kasi yung characters from 1 to 12 nandun :)

  15. nice! good luck on your 30 day challenge. i might do one too when i'm ready (or not lazy enough) for it. haha. xD


  16. nice, may ibang bloggers din akong nakitang nag 30 day challenge. :D will wait for your posts.

  17. Parang buwis buhay at puno ng effort ito. Haha. Good luck.

  18. Nice to hear. mukhang may date na kaagad. that is good. life is beatiful para sayangin ang mga panahon. gogogogogo

  19. ay mali yong comments ko sa iba dito na post.para yon sa enough the drama. about this 30 days blog challenge wow di ko kakayanin yan. aabangan ko na lang ang post mo

  20. parang di ako pwede dyan, buhay ko dito parang recylce lang,,,hehehe gud luck sa inyo..

  21. wooahhhh...mukhang mahirap totoo lang halos 24/7 akong nakababad sa computer pero tamad akong gumawa ng dapat gawin..may gamot pa kaya sa katamaran... :)

  22. magandang challenge yan. karirin mo yan. goodluck!

  23. ate leah. ok lang yan. ang teknik ko para maorganize ko mga idea ko. kumukuha ako ng ballpen at papel. tapos ayun. ibabato ko sakatabi ko. haha. joke. ballpen at papel at magtutuloy tuloy n yun^_^

    tama ka lets enjoy life

  24. yey.. ang galing.. sana may ganyan din akong diskarte sa blog!

  25. I look forward to your answers for the challenge ;D.

  26. I think I also need 30 day challenge hahaha.

  27. kelangan ko toh.. hehe! it's about time to rekindle my love for blogging.. Leah, pa join hah..

    thank you for this! :]