Monday, January 10, 2011

Teddy and Pokey

A single picture can say a thousand words and a series of photos can tell a story.

Teddybear: Great! I'm gonna go pee. May I go outside please?
Me: Sure. Let's ask Pokey if he wanna go outside with us.
Teddybear: Okay

Pokeybear: Okay, we're here. Now what?
Teddybear: I'm going to pee. Hm... Oh! Over there!!
Pokeybear: Whhaa? Are you nuts? Hmm.. There! That spot over there. It looks... safe.
Teddybear: Hmm... Looks so scary. Tall grass. What if there's a snake?
Pokeybear: Oh, for pete's sake. Don't be a paranoid canine. Now GO! I'll watch your six.
Teddybear: Okay. Be right back in a minute.

After a few minutes.. 

Pokeybear: (wondering) Now where is that big mutt? I don't see him anywhere.....

Teddybear: I'm back! Thanks, bro. That was a good spot. No one saw me.. and you're right. No snakes. Tehehe!

Pokeybear: No problem, bro. But what took you so long? We've been waiting here for.... like, 30 minutes!!

Teddybear: Oh, I just saw the most beautiful creature. Long legs, nice snout, soft fur.. Aaaaah. So beautiful. Pokey, I think I'm inlove!

Pokeybear: Love?!? Eww! I think I'm gonna barf...
Teddybear: You wouldn't understand. You're only a year old.
Pokeybear: Whatever. I'm telling mom.


  1. hala ang cute. gusto ko talaga sa mga aso. O____O

  2. wow wow bow wow wow!. haha

    gusto ko mga aso kaso ayaw naman po nila dito sa bahay. makalat daw po.


  3. Nagawan mo pa ng usapan ang aso mo ha hehehe.. ate leah, nice dogs at hindi lang yan, parang ang peacefull ng place sa pics.. ganyan lang ate leah... ccchhheeerrrzzzz

  4. papakilala ko sila kay Bimby Dog ko :)

  5. akin na lang sila...hohoho

    hong kyot kyot... :))

  6. miss ko tuloy aso namin dati, si Dinkie. Kahawig ni Pokey.

  7. aw.. pwedeng makahingi? hehe.. ang cute!

  8. at least dalawa sila. ang hirap pag wlang kalaro ang alagang aso.see naguusap sila lang

  9. ang cute ng mga dogs gusto ko din yan

  10. aawww! they're both so cute! now i miss my dog back home. T__T

  11. love it! love your dogs ah. :)

  12. beautiful...ang kukyut naman nila... penge isa! hahahhaha


  13. How adorable!

  14. hang kyot :) kagigil much. ahaha.

  15. Naguusap na aso. Haha. Ang cute. Anung camera mo ate?

  16. Salamat sa lahat ng nagbigay ng papuri sa aking mga "babies".. hehehe...

    @Istambay: Hehe.. Kasi parang yun nga yung nangyari eh. Ako lang yung nagtranslate para mas maintindihan. hihi... Salamat sa laging pagdaan. Naka ismyl na ako oh.. =)

    @Diamond R: Oo nga, mas okay talaga kapag dalawa. Kung hindi man kalaro, eh kaaway. Hahaha... Like brothers, they have their moments na rin kasi.. yung nag-aaway. Hay...

    @Yow: Nag-uusap talaga sila. Harhar.. Ang camera ko? Sony Cybershot.. =)

  17. lovely pictures! thankyou for sharing =]

  18. ang cute ng mga doggies ate,, pahingi heheeh

  19. Is it me or did this dogs just talk? hahahahha lol.

  20. aw... cute doggies >.<
    ate leah pag may tuta akin nlng, pa lbc mo para pag dating samin, malaki na >.< ahaha peace

  21. hello po ate leah? sorry kung now lang ulit nakadalaw d2.. eto nag reresearch kami sa thesis kaya napa daan dito.. cute ng mga aso ^_^ pusa po d ka nagaalaga po ^_^

  22. Gosh, I've only been gone for a month and you've leveled up sooo much?

    1st: New blog theme...

    2nd: Emo much? But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Time will come you will look back on all these and it'll probably sting a bit but mostly you'll laugh at how hilarious you've reacted.

    3rd: This is the drawback of publishing your stories... Happy moments are A-OK... Sad moments, yeah, only because we know that others might learn from our downfalls... but on this instance, the cause of your sadness is someone people following your blog knows about. All those details, no matter how true they are, have caused someone pain too. And really, this has bearing on how he will react towards you in the future.

    4th: Sosyal, even ur dogs are spokening $dollars$ ??? LEVEL UP to the highest LEVEL... LMFAO!

    They're cute! They seem to be having a good time!

    God bless Leah!

    Show Me Your Look Today

  23. uy girl, naboto kita dun sa TABA award ba un, cute blog design...:)))) u deserve to win.

  24. cute dog..
    nice shots.:)

    arf! arf! :D