Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Day 17 - My Fears

Day 17.
"Share something about what you're afraid of"

I'm afraid of lots of things.. Some of them, I can explain. Some, I can't. Here are some... The things/situations that I really am afraid of..

  • I'm afraid of heights. - I'm not really THAT afraid of heights.. I mean, I know how to climb tall trees. I've also climbed our tall water tower. I've been up on tall buildings. Climbing up and staying on top are easy.. It's the getting down that pushes my fear button. I don't mind climbing tall trees, as long as there's a ladder to climb down to. I don't mind tall buildings as long as I don't look down. Hehe! 
  • I'm afraid of death. - Yeah. As of now, I'm kinda afraid to die. I know that it is inevitable. Well, there are still lots of adventures that I wanna try, a lot of things to accomplish. I still haven't used my full potential as a human being.. you know, to contribute to the society and the environment. And maybe someday, when I'd feel like I've done my part as a living person on earth, then I guess I'd welcome death with open arms. 
  • I'm afraid of living without my parents. - Yeah, I live in a separate home, 20 kilometers away from my parents. I am basically living alone. But what I'm saying is.. I'm afraid of not being able to contact them.. talk to them.. ask for their help.. ask for advice. The thought of having them, just a phone call away, makes me feel somewhat safe. I don't want to lose my parents. Hmm.. I don't know. Maybe I have separation anxiety or something.. 
  • I'm afraid of not being able to get married and have children. - Yeah, this is me being paranoid. I really really want to get married and have my own kids.. my own babies to take care of. It's the essence of being a woman. It's basically every girl's dream.. to have her prince charming marry her, have a couple of babies and they'd live happily ever after. I'm afraid of not having my happily ever after. I am thinking positive and I know that it will come someday.. but still, I'm afraid that it might not come at all. I'm afraid that no one will love me and that I'd die alone. Hmm. Am I making sense? 

Here are some more...

  • I'm afraid of snakes and spiders.- Big snakes and big spiders terrify me. 
  • I'm afraid of airplanes. - But I'm going to ride one in a couple of days. Yay! Conquering it! 
  • I'm afraid of not being remembered. - I'm afraid that I would turn out to be a loser, unworthy of being recalled. 
  • I'm afraid of total darkness. - I don't want total darkness. I'm afraid of going blind. 
  • I'm afraid of blood. - I don't like the smell of blood. I don't like the sight of blood. It makes me feel nauseous. 
  • I'm afraid of bullies and drunks. - They're loud and abusive stupid people who thinks they are masters of the earth. I don't like them.. and I'm afraid of them. 

What are your fears? What are you afraid of?


  1. im afraid of snakes too...
    im not afraid to die, im much afraid to lose aum1 dearly in my life

  2. ayaw ko ng dugo. takot din ako sa heights, kaya di mo rin ako mapapasakaya sa mga rides sa mga amusement park like roller coaster. basta yung magpapaikot ng tiyan ko.LOL

  3. sa madaling salita ba ate insecure tayo? kasi ganyan din ako eh...

    takot din ako sa gagamba, ung malalaki ha.. tayuan ang palahibo ko nun...

    ate malapit na.. 13 days na lang.. :)

  4. @jhengpot: I really am afraid of losing my parents...

    @Kyle: Yikes! Ako rin pala.. Di pako nakakasakay ng mga rides. Ayoko. Super takot ako. Baka masuka lang ako. hahaha!!

    @Istambay: Parang ganun na nga. hehehe!!! Meron lang talaga akong inferiority complex.. :D Oo nga, malapit na. Yay!!!

  5. ANg dami mo palang kinatatakutan. Speaking of, may plan ka ba to i-conquer ang mga fears na yan? :)

  6. Apir kay Banjo.. takot din ako sa gagamba.. PRAMIS!!!! PRAMIS.. at PRAMIS PA ULIT... ahuhu..

    Hayy... pero di ako takot mamatay.. ewan ko... hmmm.. pero takot ako kung may mawawala.. parang ginaya ko lang yung sinabi ni Jheng..sorry.. maybesfren talaga...

    hmmmm... ako fear ko... yung wala sa list mo.. uhmmm...

    Pera. Takot ako sa pera. Madami kaseng greedy sa mundo pagdating sa pera... madaming nagiging masama para sa pera... at basta

  7. Death is one of those things that everyone is afraid of to begin with. Hopefully when the time comes, and you understand it wont be too bad.

    Spiders are AWESOME! I'll send you a link to my spider story some day (you may have to remind me).


  8. i'm afraid of true love... hahahaha echos!

  9. Grabe naalala ko tuloy ung pinanuod ko ng movie ( Up). natakot tuloy akong tumanda n wala ung mahal ko s tabi ko (anu naman gagawin ko pag nagkaganuon)

    Godbless friend

  10. i'm really paranoid about losing someone i really love or who is really close to me. :|

    everything else like heights, blood, the dark, are all okay with me. wait, except cockroaches. gosh, i hate them. especially the big fat, flying kinds. yuuuck. i'm getting chills just thinking about them. haha.

  11. Madali lang ma-solve yung number 4 kung hindi ka pihikan ahahahaaa

  12. Ako, takot ako sa nanay at tatay ko. Haha. Seriously, hindi ako takot pero ayoko sa slimy animals, for short ayoko din ng ahas. Pero kaya ko siya hawakan, creepy lang sa pakiramdam. Haha.

  13. waaaa almost same with mine... appear ta neh! but guess there is only one here i'm not afraid of... being single... hehe... not sure pa naman ah! just fighting! ahahaha

  14. waaaa almost same with mine... appear ta neh! but guess there is only one here i'm not afraid of... being single... hehe... not sure pa naman ah! just fighting! ahahaha