Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 20 - Math and History

Day 20.

"Share something about your least favorite subject in high school."

HIGH SCHOOL!! The mere mention of these two words brought about a flood of memories. I love high school. If I could turn back time, I'd definitely go back to high school. Those four years of studying, joining clubs, goofing around, cheating on exams, making teachers cry, etc... Those are 4 of my most wonderful years.

Ah, anyway.. going back to the challenge. My least favorite high school subject? I have two - HISTORY and MATHS.

Yep! I really don't like History. Important dates, important persons, important life-changing events... Shesh!! So much to memorize, so many to remember, and only 4 years to learn 'em all? Justs to be clear, I don't HATE history. I just don't like it. Yes, I know that it's really necessary to know about these special events of the past. But back in high school, it was very hard for me to focus on History class. Names and dates seemed to pass by me like ghosts. Nothing seemed to sink in. But well, I still learned. It was difficult for me but I've dealt with it. Passed the subject, of course.

As of now, I'd have to admit that I still don't enjoy learning history. Learning history is a continuous process. I mean, everyday we make history, right? One day, it just dawned upon me.. that I'd have to know about my history, my family's history, my country's history... so that one day, I'd be able to answer my grandchild's questions, say... "Grandma? Who's our national hero? Why did he become a hero?". I wouldn't be at a loss for words.

Now, MATHS. I don't like studying Maths. Just like in History class, I couldn't focus. I tried.. but I just couldn't. I mean, what's the meaning of X? And why do I have to find the Y first, in order to get the value of X? And what's with the sine and cosine blah-blahs? Back then, I kept thinking if i do really need to learn these. I mean, buying something from a store, I'd just say.. "I wanna buy that one. How much?". Right? I wouldn't say "If Y is equal to 2, then how much is the value of X, because I wanna buy that?" LOL.

But now that I'm older, I finally understood why I had to go through hell, passing Maths. Harhar. Everyday, we deal with numbers. I'm quite grateful to my grade school, high school and college MATHS teachers for really making me understand mathematics. It was haarrdddd work, Im sure. Hahaha.

Well, that's that. Those two are my least favorite subjects back in high school. But now, I've learned to appreciate them. What about you..? What are your least favorite subjects?


  1. Me too! :) hahaha :D anyway, welcome back! :) how was your trip? :)


  2. ayaw ko ng math. period.hahahaha

  3. I also hate history.
    Basta. hehehe

  4. Ayuko ng history.. ayuko ng math... apir..

    una history..ay hindi medjo nagustuhan ko pala history... kase nakakatuwa prof namin dun.. tsaka..medjo enjoy din pag-aralan history ng ibang bansa..pero di ako nakikinig... kaya wala din akong alam...

    tapos math? pag may nakikita akong number nagkakasakit ako.. o OA lang ako..hehehe

  5. natawa ako doon sa kung bibili ka sa tindihan kailangan pa ba yong if y is equal to what is the value of X. naalala ko tuloy ang pamangkin kong yan din ang point. ako hate ko rin ang numbers noon pero ngayon love ko na ito lalo na kung ang paguusapan ay pera.

  6. Math, math, math! And computer class. I hate programming. And yeah, I asked that question to about Math. "Do I really need this in real life?" "What's the point of all these?!"


  7. Gusto ko math. hehe. mahina kasi ako samemorization. apir!

  8. @Ellen ♥ Hi Ellen. Aww, it was great! Been to so many places in Manila.. pero parang nabitin pa rin ako. Hehehe.. I would have loved to stay another month sa Manila, pero tsk.. duty calls. ANyway, thanks for visiting me... :)

  9. @KylePeriod!! hehe..

    @adodcespresso.com Basta!!! Hihi..

  10. @kikilabotz Hilig mo Math? Wow... :)

  11. @Kamila APIR!!! Hehehe.. Ay naku, malamang cute ang professor nyo ano? Hehehe... Bull's eye bah? Hihi.. Really? make sure lagi kang me dalang BIOFLU. Hahaha... THanks for the visit, Kamil.. :)

  12. @Diamond R Hehhe.. Nakakatawa nga, diba? Paano ba bumili sa tindahan? "Ale, ano po ba ang value ng X? Pakisuma na rin po ng tangent.. Bibili kasi ako ng isang kendi. Magkano po?" Hahahah!!!!

    True, ako rin I didn't like Math dati.. but now, love ko na talaga siya.. kasi nga numbers = money. hehe.. Apir, kuya! :)

  13. @Katherine MATH talaga.. hehe.. andaming hindi LIKE ang Math.. Siguro, lahat tayo, naisip rin ang ganyan.. bakit ko ba pinag-aaralan to? what's the point bah? Hehehe... We understand as we get older... :)

  14. @jhengpot Hahaha!! Apir talaga tayo.. super hina rin ako sa memorization.. :)

  15. math ang pinkahate ko. sisiw ang english at history pati science :D

  16. *hi5* I really disliked history toooo!

    But you're right, while we were at high school, we always complained about the amount of hwk, or the stupidness of what was being taught. I guess that's part of being a student. But Really, now I look back, I realise why it was all so important.


  17. I disliked History but was forced into it by my History teacher in elementary, who trained me for the quizbee (di naman nanalo... boo! heheh).

    I love Math, pero natatawa ako sa example mo about applying the problem solving equations in buying sa store.

    Ganito na lang, if you gave your child P50 to buy 6 pieces of bread at P2 each, and he comes back with the bread and P20 cash, magkano ang kinupit niya sa sukli?

    Oh di ba, applicable ang problem solving exercises natin sa high school? :-D