Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 25 - I Write

Day 25.

Why do you blog?

If someone had asked me this question 7months ago (I started blogging August, 2010), then my answer would probably be these... "I blog because I'm bored. I blog because I have too much time in my hands. I blog because I have nothing better to do."

I am not a professional blogger. I don't do techie stuff or do travel journals. I don't do photography blogs. This is my personal online journal. I'm quite sure that the thoughts I've shared have not been used to solve a techie problem, nor the pictures I took used to promote a landmark or destination.

I think, I'd like to prefer using the word "write" rather than "blog". I don't know if I can call myself a blogger. I have a blog.. though I'm not sure if I am one. I just know that I can write. And I write about my experiences. I write about my thoughts and ideas. I write about the complexities of my life. Basically.. I write about me.

Now why do I write? You really want the dirty? Here it is.

  • I write because I want somebody to read my posts. 
  • I write because I want somebody to read my posts and then, be able to inspire them. 
  • I write because I feel good when someone reads my posts and says "I understand you.". 
  • I write because I feel good when someone reads my posts and comments "I feel you.". 
  • I write because I know that that certain someone who have read and commented on my posts, have known what I know and have felt what I feel. 
  • I write because through this, I know that I'm not alone. 
  • I write because I wanna share a piece of me to everyone. 
  • I write because I wanna share those little moments of magic only I have witnessed. 
  • I write because I wanna share my thoughts because writing frees my spirit. 
  • I write because I wanna share my ideas and I know that someone's out there, listening, reading. 
  • I write because it's my creative outlet. 
  • I write because it enables me to connect with other people. 
  • I write because I can say "Fuck you!" and nobody would bother reprimanding me. 
  • I write because I can rant and everyone wouldn't care. 
  • I write because through this, I can freely express myself. 
  • I write because I want to.

You may agree with what I've written. You may not. I totally respect that.

The short.

I write because it's therapy. Aside from being a thought process, it makes me feel good. I write because with every piece of me that I share with the world, I get to know myself a little bit better. I write because I like doing it. I write because I simply want to. I write to share my heart and feed my soul. I write to remember. - LEAH

What about you? Why do you blog/write and what do you expect from blogging? What do you hope to gain from blogging?


  1. Nice read... :))

  2. I love to share my life just as I love to be imparted by what others have that I don't ^^ ..ay ang gulo ba? haha...I just want to celebrate how grateful I am with life to God by sharing it! nyahaha ^^...ay magulo pa rin hahaha..bast un haha

  3. Papano ko ba ito sasagutin. Ilagay na lang natin na ang blog ay ang mundong ginagalawan natin at ang mga bloggers ay ang ibat ibang tao.Gusto kong maging bahagi ng mundong ito at maging bahagi ng buhay ng iba.Makitawa, makimura,magpasaya makiramay,magparamdam,makinig at sana makatulong.kaya di mahalaga ano pa man siya or ano ang kanyang kakayahan.ang mahalaga bahagi ako ng buhay niya.tulad ng mundo inaasahan kong iba-iba ang bloggers at tangap ko ito.bata man or matanda, may asawa or wala.

  4. Nicely said!
    Why do I write? Well you can read that on the first ever post I wrote ;).

  5. i started blogging back when i needed direction, hence my 25 before 25 project. now i write because i have learned to love it. suddenly it's an exit criteria for everything i do. <3

  6. y do i write, y not? ehehehe.

    i write kasi eto ang channel ko to express my thoughts that i cant utter

  7. why i blog.. i want to explore a new thing :D

  8. i write for the same reasons you do. :)
    i'm bad at verbally expressing myself, so writing is also a wonderful release for me.

  9. Three years ago, when I started blogging, I write para magkaroon ako ng emotional outlet. Emo kasi ako noon eh. LOLs.

    Pero ngayon, I blog because, like you, I want to share things with people. I want to share the places that I traveled. The food that I tasted. At mga experiences na sa palagay ko ay makakatulong sa mga bibisita sa blog ko.

    Also, I blog para kumita rin (I hope).

  10. a sort of natamaan ako dito hahahhahah ikaw leah ha..

  11. co'z i want to share moments! and from blogging i expect that i can gain friends who are fun of writing and taking pictures.

  12. ako din ate... theraphy para sakin yung pagbloblog... gusto ko rin magshare sa tao ng nararanasan ko at mga natutunan ko sa buhay. :D

  13. same sentiments on blogging here. i blog to write because it's something I love to do..

  14. well,what more can i say, only just... GO GIRL!

  15. Very interesting read! I read your About Me page, too and I really had a good laugh. You know since you are a good writer, you should consider writing a book. If you're not in for the money, then probably for your posterity, so they will get to know you. Ang galing mo kasing sumulat!