Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 26 - Blog Awards

Day 26.

What do you think about blog awards/tags?

I recieved my very first blog award/tag when my blog was only a month old. Back then, I really had no idea about such things. I don't know how blog awards work. Funny thing was, I really took it seriously. REALLY. Haha. I'd bet that some of my blogger friends were grinning as they were reading my all-too-serious post about my 1st ever blog award. It was like.. hosting a grand awards night, with judges, nominations, announcement of winners and all. Tee-hee.

What is a blog award/tag?

A blog award is usually something that is given by a blogger to another blogger. It usualy comes with a set of instructions - to pass on to a number of blog or bloggers.

I have nothing against recieving blog awards or tags. I like recieving them, actually. It is an honor to have been thought of. In the blog world wherein millions are basically online, it is a very sweet gesture to pass something on to a blogger you barely know, you've never met, and is living a thousand miles away from you.

At first, I was completely thrilled. Being given an award during my first month.. it really felt awesome. I was thinking that it was passed on to me, maybe because he or she appreciates my work, or loves my blog design, or whatever.. But after a while, I began to realize that this blog tags are just like chain messages.. you have to pass it along. That's the basic rule. So it kinda gave me a negative feeling. It became more like an obligation, rather than an act of appreciation. Though, let me say it again. I have nothing against blog awards, and I really love receiving them.

The short.

Blog awards or tags are great. They are very nice gestures of appreciation. They bring a feeling of cheer and self-worth, and you just can't help but smile upon receiving one. However, in my opinion, it really is unnecessary. They are nice but unnecessary. Blogging will continue even without blog tags. Besides, comments are much more fun to receive.

That's my say. What about you? What can you say about blog awards or tags? Is it okay with you to recieve and pass them on? Or are you against them? I really would like to hear your opinion. Do share.


  1. Ib recieve it already... hehehe.. last wednesday I think....

  2. It's nice to get blog awards, but at times it can be quite errr time-consuming fulfilling their requirements.

  3. nauso tong blog tags 2008 i think. and during that time bihira ako'ng sumali. ayoko kasi ng mga chain tags eh

  4. i love blog tags... kahit na chain message lang siya.. because specially sa mga bagong bloggers pa lang, it gives a sense of joy talaga.. I can still remember when I first receive my blog award on my english blog..super saya ko nun.. and I love to share the happiness I felt that day..

  5. ok lang sakin. pero hindi rin ako masyado mahilig. pero pag binibigyan ako ng awards, sobrang naaapreciate ko.

  6. i love awards..nakakataba ng puso eh yung mga tag medyo hirap akong gawin hehehe

  7. Pag mababaw ang kaligayahan mo di mo matatangihan na makaramdam ng tuwa sa maliit na bagay na ito.Sa dami ng bloggers kong ikaw ay na tag appreciate molang ito kasi napili ka niya. Have fun lang sa mundo ng blogosphere kasi libre naman ikaw na ang bahala kong gagawa ka or magpapasakop sa mga rules nito na tulad mo rin din ang may gawa.

  8. Oh good.. glad to know that. Hopefully, I don't get one. heheheheheh...

  9. mas nakakainspire i think ...

  10. i like receiving blog awards. :)
    although, you are right about the fact that sometimes, we pass it on just for the sake of passing it on.

  11. blog awards are great!
    nung nakatanggap din ako natuwa ako at naexcite lalo na nagsusulat lang naman ako para sa sarili ko.
    be blessed ate leah, ang tagal ko ding di nakadalaw

  12. i've been tagged once. utang ko pa din un kasi hindi ko pa narepost. hihi. but it's appreciated naman. (:

  13. pangarap ko magkaroon ng blog award... pero pangarap ko magkaroon nun para sikat! :D

  14. love ko ang blog tags kasi minsan nauubusan ako ng sasabihin sa blog ko...

    blogs awards naman nakakaganang sumulat ng sumulat :D

  15. I just got my first blog award last month and even then, i already know it's sort of a chain message. nonetheless i still appreciate it because it's my first and the way it was awarded to me is different. I already build a connection to that person who gave the award and she simply want to get to know me more. It turned out we have a lot in common. I did the same, pass the award to the people i already build connection with and the bloggers I really like.

    In the future if i still receive another, I'll be grateful because most of time the person behind the tag pass it on to you because they appreciate you or they really read your blog. So far that's what I did.

    have a nice day!

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