Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I Love

Hello again!.

Before I start posting guest posts from friends, I'd like to appreciate this tag first. It came from Ms Ellen of the I am Ellen blog. Apparently, she wants me to share something about the top 10 things that I love. Hmm.. quite an assignment you've given me, Ms Ellen. :)

Okay. As tag goes, there are rules.

State who tagged you in your post.
State 10 things you love.
Tag 10 other bloggers.

Shall we start? :)

  1. I love my dogs. - Granted, these two are not "things", so to speak. But I just got to put them on the list. Hehe. I have two "babies", namely Teddybear and Pokeybear. Actually, I have 5 dogs (3 at my parents' house and 2 with me), but I am much more attached to these two. I love them very much. Last month, with thoughts of Tsunamis hitting the Philippines, their names came up at the top of my who-I'm-going-save list. 
  2. I love Red Gee. - Red Gee's my laptop. Red. Cute. Very dependable. I simply love him. 
  3. I love my skirts. - I used to be a "jeans" person. But as I get older, I start to like new things and try on new outfits. And I fell inlove with skirts. Okay, I don't have long stems.. but I really do love wearing skirts. For me, they're very comfortable.. and feminine. 
  4. I love my LG cellphones. - I'm not a cellphone person.. however I do love having one. I want to buy a Blackberry but I still don't have enough dough for that. Still saving some. 
  5. I love my camera. - My Sony Cybershot. It is really handy. You'll never know when inspiration will strike. So it helps to have a camera ready. Someday though, I will buy a DLSR Nikon camera. Fingers crossed. 
  6. I love my WD external hard drive. - Holds all of my pictures, music and movies. Only 25.3 GB free space left (500 GB). I'm planning to buy a new one. I TB.. or maybe 2. 
  7. I love my scents. - I have two Victoria's Secret (Romantic Wish and Pure Seduction). But my favorite is Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works. It's not very strong, but it really smells good. 
  8. I love my red lipstick. - "Watershine Pure R22" by Maybelline. 
  9. I love my shoulder bag. - It's not too big, but I can put all of my much-needed ammo when I go out. It's just the right size. 
  10. I love my wallet. - Holds all my cards and money. Enough said. Hihi. 

Now, it's your turn to share some of the things that you love. I'm just going to tag 5 people, though. Yeah, I like breaking the rules. LOL.

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  1. Nice.. sana naka tag din ako so I can make one like that.. hehe.. Nice post Ate Leah.. :)

  2. im a jeans person until now, wish i could try to wear a skirt someday.

  3. nice list... at parang alam ko na halos lahat ah... wow narealize ko tuloy na parang I've known you for so long..

  4. nice post.. i also love dogs and victoria secret's perfume specially pure seduction and endless love, and calgon mist hawaiian ginger.

  5. thanks for tagging me. gagawin ko yan.

    busy busyhan lang ako ngayon.

  6. nagawa ko na to eh. pero dahil malakas ka sa akin, fine gagawin ko ulit. hehehe.

  7. wow nakakatouch naman! hehehe! cge gawa ko din si Victoria pero pagdating ko dito pinalitan ko na sya! hahaha! dami kasi murang perfume dito.

  8. I am not that much into cellphone too and I love jeans. Waiting for the right time for me to have the courage to wear skirts. I can't imagine how many songs and movies are there on your hard drive.

  9. i love my wallet too.. hehe! nice list.

  10. Apir! Pareho tayo sa WD Elements. I love my WD Elements to. It is super-handy in storing valuable photos and files. Pasalamat ako na may WD Elements ako dahil ilang beses na nag-crash ang PC ko.