Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Bloggers

And I'm finally done with the 30-day challenge! Yippee!!! (Yeah, right. After 2months.. lol.)

The 30-day challenge was supposed to be completed within the 30 days, from day1. But I finished it after 2months. Hehe.. Yeah, I went on month-long trip but that wasn't a reason. It was an excuse. I actually had connection at that time.. It is pretty damn slow but it's there. But I had preferred to change my Facebook status every thirty minutes, instead of writing blog posts. Yeah. Please excuse me for being a lazy bum.

Anyway, now I'm back on track.

I'm actually thinking of having guest bloggers write some posts on my blog. I've already contacted some of my friends if they wanna share a post about... things. They could send me an already-written-published post from their blog or they can make new ones based on the topics that I give them. I try to come up with good topics but I welcome theirs, too. I actually have some topics in mind.. but they're pretty sensitive issues. I don't know if I could find someone who is willing to blog about these topics. Someone who just does not "follow".. someone who's not afraid of having readers who disagrees with him.

To those who would want to be one of my guest bloggers, feel free to drop me a letter. Here's my email.. If you have Twitter, we could "talk" there. @leahsayomac.



  1. welcome back leah.. we miss hahaha

  2. Thanks Ms.Leah!! Looking forward sa reaction ng readers mo sa sulat ko! :)

  3. Kung pwede lang sana ako mag guest blogger kaso hindi pwede dahil yong sarili ko ngang blog kung ano ano lang ang nakapost.
    parang nagkakalat lang. Magbabasa na lang ako ng mga gawa ng mga guest mo leah.

  4. wow guest bloggers! may invite! hehehe

  5. We blog to express ourselves and our point of views and I think of the same when it comes to commenting. People have their own opinions and if others disagree, then, let them be! In a way we learn from it.

    I look forward to the guest posts and hope to read about those sensitive issues.

  6. yaay! :D I'm interested din! :)

    by the way I tagged you on my post, check it out:

  7. woohoo! congrats on completing the 30-day challenge. haha. also, welcome back.
    i'll probably guest post as soon as i think of a good enough topic. :D

  8. Wow! This is good move for you. Magandang opportunity yan para i-expose mga friends mo sa blogging. Ginawa ko rin dati yan. Kaso mukhang busy yung mga friends ko kaya hindi masyadong nag-prosper yung guest posting nila.

  9. naku, sayang.. I want to be a guest blogger, but I don't have much to say about big issues. Pakiramdam ko kasi, nakakabigat ng loob. Meron po bang mga "light" topics lang? =)