Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guest Post: I've Had Enough.

Good day!

How are you, lovely people? Today, I'll be having my 3rd guest blogger. Yay me! This really is a new experience for me. At first, I thought that it would just be pure hard work.. but then, I began to realize that it is kinda fun, too. Teehee! Well, first of all.. it is a great feeling to have other bloggers share their inputs here in my blog. It is like inviting a friend, have them come over for a cup of tea. Also, it is a very fulfilling feeling that I don't have to knock on blog doors and ask the authors if they wanna do a guest post. Because most of my blogger friends are actually very much willing to do guest posts. I consider that a compliment. Thank you.

This post is about the love worth fighting for. In a relationship, when can one say "Enough is enough?". When is the right time to give up and let go? How do you know when you've reached your limit? Are there real-life Prince Charmings or do they just exist in fairytale stories? My guest blogger is Emmaleigh.. and here's what she has to say.

In love, when can you say enough is enough?

In love, I don't think there's an "enough" option. We don't set a rule that "if my partner cheats on me, that's it" etc etc. Because, in love, we do everything to make it work. Magic dies when your soul, heart & brain are tired of forgiving the same crap you have to go through for FOREVER. In movies, in reality, how many of us actually gave up that easy when we found out our partner is cheating? How many of us left our abusive partners before he made it a daily habit to throw you on the wall? How many of us just gave up when our partner just want out? ALMOST NONE, right?

I thought, this is gonna be an easy question. I was wrong. Memories flooded not just my brain, but, also, left a pang of hurt in my heart. I have my own share of defeating the impossibilities. So, I've been asking myself, "when can I say enough is enough?" And I've finally came to a conclusion that Enough is a word, just like Love, Happiness, Sadness.. simple yet with different ways to live it.

For some people, giving up is NOT an option. We fight. Doesn't matter how it'll hurt us, we have to put up a fight for a love/person we believe is ours, FOREVER. We hang in there believing that it will be worth it in the end. FOREVER. I guess, that's how STUPIDITY was born. WE. JUST. DON'T. GIVE. UP. We plan our future. How many kids you and your partner will have. Where you guys will live blah blah. And that's why, when the spark dies, we hang on to FOREVER. We remind the other person about the future plans. Hoping, the future will make the other person stay.

And then, there are some people who's not made for martyrdom. And trust me, it's not a bad thing, either. Some people's middle fingers are just tougher and harder than some of us. Once or twice they've been wronged, though I'm sure it hurt them, IT WILL BE OVER.

It's not wrong to fight as long as YOU know deep inside, all the tears will be worth it and the other person is fighting, too. And remember, It's not cowardice if you choose to give up. It just meant, that you know, that there is someone out there worth planning FOREVER with. Whatever your decision in life and love be, I wish everyone the best. I know, it's hard to appreciate a rainbow after a downpour. One day, you will be healed and accept what fate has in store for you ;)

I'd end this post with some pieces of advice. To all who are in cloud nine, cherish every moment. AND DON'T DO ANYTHING FOOLISH. And to those who aren't, well, I'm sure that Prince Charmings DO exist in real life. f you don't have someone courageous at the moment to go against all odds with you, don't worry, it will come. I know how that last statement sounded so cliche. I just know, every girl will have their own prince one day.The person who will make the wait worth it. Right now, maybe, you are single, because you still need time to heal. You are single, because that douchebag who hurt you is not worth it after all. To whoever is mending their broken heart, cry, move on and smile. You will be victorious some day.

- ♥ Em

In conclusion. Every relationship goes through hard times. Painful times. But not every bump on the road is reason to give the relationship up. Though, there will come a time when you would know that you've had enough, that it's time to let go and move on alone.

There are many factors involved and the decision to end it, is entirely up to you. If you feel that there is this unexplainable gap in your relationship that is causing irreparable damage, then it's time to consider ending it. Feeling left out, unhappy and unappreciated is never worth any relationship. If you're the only one trying to fix the situation, constantly giving and getting nothing in return, it's time to end it. Relationships should go both ways. Cheating and lying are deal-breakers. If someone cheats on you, there are possiblities that it will happen again. If not, there will be trust issues to overcome. A good relationship is based on TRUST. Breach of trust can give hurtful feelings and even hostility. If it gets to the point that you are still holding on to the relationship because you don't want to be alone, it truly is time to let go. Give up trying to fix what cannot be fixed.

Each one of us has a different boiling point, so to speak. As my guest blogger had said, "It's not wrong to fight as long as YOU know deep inside, all the tears will be worth it."Endure the pain, as long as you know the person is worth it. If he/ she isn't, then let go. "It's not cowardice if you choose to give up."

Each one of us deserves to be treated with respect. Deserves to be happy. Deserves to be loved. A relationship could give us all of these. But when a relationship gives you feelings other than those you rightfully deserve, then it's time to pull the plug. That is the only way you can have your own "happily ever after".

No on can make you feel inferior without your consent. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die, and the choices that we make are ultimately our responsibility. - Eleanor Roosevelt

About the blogger:

"I am awkward and describing myself is not my strongest point. And I am not gonna waste your time by being non-sense. You can call me, Em. Yep, short and simple just like that. I am awkward, but not anti-social. I do blog to express, not to impress. I am not gonna be humble, but I have a talent in singing and I suck big time in dancing. I curse a lot. And if you are easily offended by profanities, then, you're not gonna like me. I love my family. I miss Philippines. I am a student and I have a part-time job. Yep, my so-called life is overrated." - Em

You could follow Em on Twitter. Username: @iEm_ . Do visit her blog Emmaleigh and read her great posts.


  1. WOW!

    yun lang. hehehe.

    seriously, enough is totally enough once ginawa mo na lahat, binigay mo na lahat at wala ka nang tinira sa sarili mo.

    nice post! the author should write more often! cool!!!

  2. medyo nakarelate ako, tnx to em. uhmm minsan kasi iba iba yung pananaw natin. depende na rin sa situation natin. yun lng. hehehe. ^_^

  3. Nice post. ENOUGH is ENOUGH :)

  4. well, that was a wonderful guest post. i only wish i could've read this sooner. haha.

    on an unrelated note, i love your new blog layout! everything is so white and clean and sweet. :D

  5. em is right, we don't simply say that it's enough and just give up...we fight! in reality though it really hurts and the hell it really does, we still keep holding on till we loose our grip..that's when we stop..unless also there's no worth to keep on fighting for...

    wala lang...ano ba sabi ko? #lels

  6. This is another excellent post!
    All your guest bloggers seem awesome and knowledgeable :).

    I totally agree with Em about fighting for love. People make mistakes, afterall we are all human and full of shortcomings. But I think in some cases, some people take it too far. Some people fight for the wrong reasons. I wrote about love once too, but from a different perspective. You can read about it here

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    I'm loving the new layout, it's simplicity is striking.

  7. tama, dapat ipag laban natin ang love natin kong nakakaya, kong hndi na nakakasakit.. mas mahirap yata ung fight ka ng fight sa relationship pag one sided lang, dapat both..

  8. Super naka relate po ako.. I once gave my all when I fell in love. Ay kaherap bumangon ulet!
    hehe.. Nice post po. I love this! :)

  9. I agree. Trust and faith are pillars of a relationship. It's a two way street.

    If it doesn't feel right, it's better to "break the deal." If you keep on looking, you will realize that you will find someone you deserve.

  10. I think it's sad that sometimes people don't know when to quit. I for example COULD NEVER ever be with a guy who cheated on me, could never try to make that relationship workk. But as your guest blogger said, if you think the tears are worth it, by all means, by me guest! NIce post btw.

    first time reader and a follower coming rigth ut :] can't wait to read more

  11. OMG as in OH mY GOSH! I love her for writing this. Every words strikes my heart going through my soul.

    Enough is a word just like love, happiness and the like. So true. People choose to give up because they know that it is time to say enough.When trust has been broken the second time and all that you're fighting for is not well worth it and not to say will only lead you in living a life like hell on earth.

    But remember that before giving up, you should have no regerets in the end. Don't do it unless you're sure and unless you can accept the fact that there are things which are bound to end and destined to be taken away.

    I have so much to say but for now I'll leave my TWO THUMBS UP for this awakening post.

    btw, I love the new template! it's so clean and fresh.

  12. weee... ate ang galing niya tas ang galing pa ng inputs mo... :) madamo akong natutunan.. :)

  13. I love your definition on love Leah.I can relate to it.And you asking when will you say it's over? when your partner abuses you.Opo.Your post directly affects me why? I have been married for 10 years but my 2 kids was abused physically many times and I was abused physically,verbally and sexually Leah.I filed an annulment and because of the grounds that I had filed after six months of waiting this early June it would be finished at ang bilis noh!

    I have given him many chances to change but he never changed.My two kids life was on the line and as a mother my heart was full of anger and there was no love left for him.

    But that did not stop me to believe in true love again.Someone came and you know what? God gave me a person more than whom I have prayed for.A person whom I never thought would love me and my children and accept us.

    God knows always what's best for us.In our Life's Journey we go through pains and adversities but God has always been faithful to guide us and rewards as in the end :)

    Loved your post Leah and I am now a follower *blink blink* :)

  14. sometimes its better to be single hehehehe
    para walang problema

  15. sighh.. i love your blog and emmeleigh.. and this guest post-ing is cool..(;

    i agree that trust is most vital in a relationship. it goes hand in hand with love, because how can you love someone unconditionally if both of you has trust issues? cheating and lying are definitely deal-breakers. there is simply no excuse for committing these two acts. trust is like a breakable glass, once broken, it can never be restored to its original shape, because there will always be bits of shards missing. those missing shards will always remind us that what is now will never be what was before. ever.

    thanks for dropping by my blog, btw. (;

  16. when do i say enough is enough?

    when i have nothing left to give... when i have suffered all the pain and no more tears can be shed ... when i no longer care... that is enough.

    if i quit, it doesn't mean im weak or im a loser. it means im strong enough to let go of what i think is unfair.

  17. i still have so much to say. whews. this is okhey, right? i'm a bit of a blabber. hehe..

    this is what i think about the question: you can never truly know when enough i enough. you'll know it when it happens. what 'it' exactly means, i am not sure. what i am sure of is this: the end will always reveal itself. (;

    for a student, emmeleigh is so insightful. its apparent she's a deep thinker.. (;

  18. nice post (y) bravo to her! nakakarelate ;)

  19. Leah ang hirap namang mag comment sa topic na ito sapol na sapol.

  20. wow, I never thought I'd get this much response with my first ever blog guesting, THANK YOU everyone!

  21. I agree with every word you've written. Awesome post!

  22. Your blog is great Leah..
    please continue !

  23. wow. needed some time to read it :)
    very good post and an amazing blog. keep it up!

  24. Hi Leah, nice idea talaga itong guest post. You also get other's point of view on some issues. Hmn, magpa-guess post na rin kaya ako? haha!

  25. That's a lot of facebook likes! Impressive.