Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guest Post: Of Blogs, Readers and Comments

Hello again!

Time for another guest post. This time, it would be kinda different since my guest blogger refuses to share her blog link. I was like, "How come?" but she said "NO blog link. Okay?". Okay.

My guest blogger is Amy. She's a fifteen year old girl from my hometown. Very bright. Very opinionated. She's a student at the Philippine Science High School and is consistently at the top of her class. She has been blogging for 2 years now. Her posts are quite bitchy but they make a lot of sense. lol.

So what is this post all about? To be honest, I was kinda surprised when I received her email and found out that she discussed a totally different subject. Surprised but NOT disappointed. I'm really glad that she came up with the idea on her own, and decided to talk about it and share it on my blog.

Her guest post is very opinionated. She also used some very strong set of words. Consider yourself forewarned. So without further ado, here's the post from my guest blogger, Amy.

I have been having A LOT of issues these past few days. I got upset easily. I was hot-tempered. I was overly sensitive. I was having a lot of Mr. Hyde moments. Reasons. First, I was feeling tired and grumpy from lack of sleep. Second, the pressure's getting to me. From my peers and my family. And third, someone I know and love ignored me. And how I hate being ignored.   
But I'm okay now. 
Okay. I'm still a bit irritated. Life at home. Life in school. Life in the blog world. Things can get pretty complicated. Actually, I didn't want to write a guest post for Leah since I'm feeling very bitchy. I'm afraid I'm going to write useless rants. But I decided to do it, anyway. lol 
So what's my post about? I'm not really sure. Just keep reading, will you?
I do bloghops. I love bloghops. And as I hop from blog to blog, the first thing I notice are the blog updates. Bloggers I encounter usually have 2 or more updates in a day. I'm like "Whaaat?" I know that it's hard to maintain a blog. I'm actually having a hard time maintaining mine. But some have two blogs. Some have three.. Others, four. 
You say blogging is easy? Think again. Blogging is hard work. Blogging may not require much effort "physically", but it requires a lot of mental action. You have to keep thinking of new ideas to write, new issues to talk about.. something new, something fresh. You should think of topics that could be of interest to your readers.. Entertaining and informative, ergo making your blog interesting. 
A blog (or a web log) is ONLINE. People can and will read your posts. Your life may be boring, but you've got to keep your blog interesting. Because you write for your readers. 
There! Right there! I could totally see your raised eyebrows. 
Okay. Let's say, you were bored. You've got nothing better to do. And so, you create a blog as your trash bin, your emotional waste can. Therefore, you blog. I get it. But that does not mean that you're posts should be full of shit. A load of rubbish. 
You still have to write quality posts. You SHOULD write quality posts. As a writer (professional or otherwise), you have a responsibility to your readers. You have to do posts that are worth their time and effort. You're not paying them to visit your blog. It is our of love. So the least you can do is to give love back. You don't have to do "excellent-Pulitzer-worthy" type of articles.. What I mean is, you simply have to make sense. 
I've encountered a post that said, and I quote "I don't want readers. I write for myself. If someone comments, fine. None? I don't care.
Guess what! You know, that line.. the I-write-for-myself-I-don't-want-readers line? It is getting old. Get a new one! 
To say that you write for yourself, that's reason enough to blog. Yeah, it may be a fairly common reason but I do get it. Because that's what I do. I write personal posts. I want to write about my life and I want other people to read about me and my adventures, no matter how boring they are. I want to tell people that I got a new haircut or bought a new bag. It's not just for me but also for my readers. Maybe I could inspire them to buy the same bag because it looks great and is affordable. Maybe they'd like my new haircut so much, that they wanna get their hair done, just like mine. Simple stuff inspire people. And yes, I want people to read my posts, so I publish them. 
Every blogger likes comments. Every blogger wants traffic. And to say that you don't need readers and don't want comments? 
That's bullshit! 
I mean, really. A blog is public domain. Everyone can see what you've written down. And a writer needs readers, like an artist needs his audience. If you don't want any, why blog in the first place? You could always own a diary or journal - something private. So if you really wanna be like.. selfish, write for yourself and NOT want readers, then why don't you just keep your blog to yourself. Don't publish it. 
I decided to make a blog because I was bored. But that was then. Now, it's different. I write because I now enjoy it. Through blogging, I get to practice my writing skills. My english can be a bit rusty, sometimes.. but I'm learning. And I get to read different stories about life and love. Also, I've gained new acquaintances and a few friends. Lastly, I enjoy reading comments. It's a very nice feeling to know that people I haven't met.. strangers, people I know only by name.. read my articles, much more comments on them. It's actually euphoric. 
Granted. It is pretty much easier to do articles and stories and poems on a computer. But if you really don't want others to read your posts, then don't publish it. 
So it's your personal blog, and you just want to write down your day-to-day experiences. Fine. Mine is also like that. It's a journal of my thoughts and ideas that I want to share to the world. If you're writing a personal online journal, it is very likely that poeple would visit your site. And when someone does come along and is interested in your blog, you do a 180? That's bull, man! 
Deep down, everyone of us wants attention. Some are mature enough to accept that fact. Unless you set it as a private blog, everybody in the world can visit your blog, read your posts and drop comments anytime. There's no stopping that. The least you could do is to appreciate your readers and stop pretending like you don't need them, while in fact, you really do. 
You claim that you're just writing to express yourself. Yeah. That's sensible. You write to express. You write for yourself. But honestly, do you really believe that? 
Who are trying convince, your readers? or yourself? 
Okay, okay. You can go ahead and disagree with me all you want, but you know that deep down, I am 100% correct. Yeah.You can hate me now. Like I care.

My guest blogger, Amy.


  1. sayangs walangs links. Dagdag babasahing blog din un.

    Karamihan nag-iistart mag blog dahil bored, pero pag tumagal, it means they really enjoy blogging. its like bisyo. :D

  2. she's only fifteen years old?

    she's pretty good in writing huh, parang matanda na kung magsalita. LOL.

    mas matured pa ata saten. :))

  3. I like her in her face dating. ahahah I am guilty of having a lot of blogs. I deleted them and now there are a lot of them again. T_T, I don't update the other everyday. I update them according to what I need them to contain, like a blog for poetry etc and novel ideas, my personal blog (which i keep to "remember" emotions events and things I do see or experience), hobby blogs, how to blogs, etc. I have like 6 ahahah I really need to update or delete them...but I can't. I have given up trying to delete things.

    My co-workers tell me that I blog too much. I guess they don't like being part of my weird rant blogs. I don't care. My blog, my rules. 6.6

    Sayang walang link. I think she's like the voice in my head that I have tried to calm down, like my bitchy 21 year old self whom I have shushed now that I have grown up...a bit.

  4. lahat ng naging guest mo, including my self..hahaha...ito ang pinaka-THE BEST..sana pagtagpuin kami ng FATE..I really like her...

  5. i vividly remember that i was exactly like this when i was 15 years old. then i grew up and i calmed down. i learned that everyone's different and it's a waste of my time and emotions to bitch about something i have no control of. the world does not revolve around and cater to one single person.

    good post.

  6. agree ako dito, pero hindi sa comments, hindi lahat gusto ng maraming comments...gusto lang nilang ipabasa sa iba ung gawa nila pero comments, ok lang na wala...

    sampol? Si Salbe! :D

    leah, pwede mo allow anonymous comments? para ma-enable din yung name/url na comments, kung pwede lang naman :D

  7. @LordCM: Wow, thanks po sa pagdalaw Kuya CM. Amy did do a great job sa pagpili nitong subject. :)

    Yung ke Ms Salbe po, Comments off nga yung blog nya.. but we talk about it sa Facebook, and even sa Twitter, and even sa Tagboard nya. Those are considered comments pa rin.. I think. hehehe..

    Ay hindi po ba naka enable? Okay po, Check ko ulet. Thanks!! :)

  8. hello amy, nice topic!

    i appreciated your story, tama ka don, hnd ko din gusto ung kahit ano i-bablog, lahat ng kwentong personal ibablog dapat may limitation.. naapektuhan kasi minsan ang magbabasa eh.. nong una kaya ako nagblog para buhasan ko ng sama ng loob pero nang tumagal naka pag-isip ako, hnd ko dapat ibuhos lahat dto.. hehe! dapat masaya ang tao para good vibes ka lagi sa araw araw.

  9. I sometimes catch myself just writing about a bunch of nonsense related to my day. Some things interest people, others don't...

  10. napadaan lang hehe ^_^

    nice topic you had there..
    that girl is damn right.

    now im starting to enjoy my blog.

  11. Whoa, feisty! I guess there's a lot going on her mind.

    agree with her, it's hard to write a post when feeling bitchy. Haha

  12. ang bata pa nya Leah para sumagotn ng ganyang sagot! anu yan nagcherifer? LOL

  13. Kabog naman sa 15 years old? Haha. Ang galing niya. Siguro kaya ayaw niya ng links, kasi baka may magviolent reaction sa ginawa niya. Ang galing kaya niya. I couldn't agree more. A published blog post is meant to be shared kaya nakakatawa nga kapag sinabing ayaw ng comments and visitors dagdag sa traffic. Hihi.

  14. wow she's soo brilliant. i like her post. magandang umaga.

  15. I had a nice read. :P Let's check each other's blogs from time to time Leah.

  16. bullseye!!!! yyyyaaaawwwwtttccchhh! ahahhaa! very well said!!

    Tama si Yow, si AMY papakabog?!!kaloka!pakurot naman sabihin mo! hahaha!

    @moks cherifer??! diba pampatangkad yon?!! lels

  17. Natamaan sa point ni Ms. Amy... lahat naman tayo gusto ng readers bakit nga naman kelangan mag public blog kung ayw ng readers... pero di nmn kelangan may comment lahat ng post mo... kasi my mga readers na tamad magcomment kahit na gusto nilang mag react

  18. Kahit ano pa man... kelangan din natin irespect ang bawat isa... nagblog kasi bored..nagblog kasi gusto ng karamay... nag blog para mas maintindihan ang sarili... nag blog para malaman ng mundo na may opinyon ka kahit ayaw mo magsalita...

    Sana may link kay Amy, naintriga ako sa kanya.

  19. Hello. Thank you for the comments.

    You may be wondering as to why I kept my blog link secret. I just want to. I may sound like a hypocri--.. OKAY. I DO sound like a hypocrite for doing a guest post like this one and NOT sharing my link which will ultimately lead to traffic. But I want FATE to decide. If you do regular bloghops, I'm sure you have been to my site once or twice in your life. Yea, I'm a pretty complicated 15year-old kid. I will be turning 16 on December, btw.

    I made this post because I've encountered too many blogs who have very honest posts, but authors do the 180 once an interested reader shows up .

    "I write for myself. I write to express myself. No comments? fine". Geez!

    They say that they don't want comments or traffic, which in fact they really do. I'm just stating a fact that we, as bloggers, really do want attention. Small or big. We want it. That's why we promote it. Simple logic.

    You hungry. You eat.
    You thirsty. You drink.
    You want readers. You promote.

    I thank Leah for coming in my defense. I've come across Salbehe's blog and she did have a comments off blog. I really like her posts. Very witty. But no doubt that she also wants readers. I mean, what's the point in publishing it and promoting it on social networks? And her readers leave footprints on her tagboard. That, my friend, would be feedback.

    I made this post NOT to offend people. But I'm sure that I've hit that bull's eye mark several times already. I'm not saying that you agree with me. This is what I know, this is what I believe.

    Why don't we say "Hey, I have a new post. Come visit me and comment. I'd love to hear about your opinion." instead of "Oh, It's okay if you don't visit me. I don't mind. I don't care." .

    Reverse psychology tricks seldom work nowadays.

    Pardon me for making such a feisty post.

  20. wooohhh fifteen year-old's are getting older nowadays! i wasn't that old when i was fifteen! (;

    i noticed she's talking maslow (you know, maslow's hierarchy of needs-- specifically social needs and esteem needs) and yeah she's right, why make your blog public if you claim you don't care whether people read it or not? she may be right about the 'i dont want readers' bit.

    but amy seems to have forgotten or maybe, unaware of the self-actualizing need. self-actualizing people are more concerned with personal growth and less concerned with other people's opinions. so these self-actualizing people, why not make their blog private? my question now is, why not give them the benefit of the doubt? it could be that they don't know how to make it private, lol. they have their reasons.

    amy seems a clever girl. i just hope that's not how she talks all the time/outside the blogging world. it could get her into trouble. i think.(; well, she's young and she's got a lot of growing up to do. okay im wrong, i got a hunch she's an old fifteen year old. hehe. anyways i wish she would reveal her url. i'd like to read more of her writing.(;

    to amy: people always have something to say, and this is what i gotta say. i learned from your post, learn from what other people has to say about it. (;

  21. A few things you missed out on: I don’t think you considered the fact that there are some people who would prefer to have their blogs / journals to be read only by people they know personally. Not everyone who starts an online journal wants every single stranger to drop by their virtual shittaker and leave their own opinion on whatever it is the person chose to share.

    I know, the glamorous life of being an online sensation is big in this generation (blech, sounds disgusting as it is pathetic), and I have to agree that there are a lot of people who would whore themselves out on every possible way to promote their blogs and get every last bit of attention out of everybody. But I have to go back to what I said earlier that you cannot say that everybody’s purpose of starting a journal is the same. I personally (and honestly) do not care if there are tens or hundreds of strangers that drop by and leave comments at my site. I would assume someone who does needs some serious offline life intervention, or at least a life. THESE ARE STRANGERS, PEOPLE. THESE ARE STRANGERS.

    Now, I would understand those who share their links on social networking sites since this is one way to let their targeted audience know that they produced something probably worth people’s time. Now, say, for example that this particular writer wants his friends to read his entry. He publishes it, posts it on social networking sites, and feels good about it. You can’t say he’s been whoring himself out since doing so is a LOOOT easier if he has, say, 20 people as audience, since that is obviously easier than IMing (that’s I-M-ing. Haha) every single one of them.

    All I’m trying to say is you can’t just say everyone who starts a blog craves for attention, comments, and traffic like insane banshees on a street party. At least be matured enough to acknowledge that not all of us think alike, not all of us want the same things, and not all of us feel better for being known over the cyberspace. In short, kanya kanya lang tol pare man dude. Walang basagan ng trip.

    And I say all of these with rainbows and flowers.

  22. i absolutely enjoyed this, and i agree with everything :D Amy is a great writer.

  23. to ms amy, please dont generalize. if ganyan tingin mo sa pagpopost ng blogs online, eh wag mo itulad lahat po sayo.

    tama na sinabi mo na 15 years old ka. kasi marami ka pang kakaining bigas in terms of blogging.

    at lalo na sa pakikisalamuha mo sa mga tao around you. bloggers or non bloggers (Readers)

    tama sinabi ng isa sa itaas..

    walang basagan ng trip.


  24. @Vajarl

    Thank you. Yes. Maybe I am a little bit immature. But this is what I believe in. I'm not doing any "basagan ng trip". I wrote this not to offend you or any other blogger who may happen to read this post. I'm simply sharing what I know is the truth and what I believe in.

    My point is, all of us wants readers. Maybe it be only 2, 3 or a hundred. We write what we wanna say and we want THEM to read it.

    And we like comments. Feedbacks. Traffic. May it be from just a friend or a from hundred strangers.

    This is NOT an attack. But if I really did offend somebody, then my apologies. as I said, pardon me for making a very honest (based on what I believe in) and feisty post.

    I accept your inputs with humility. Thank you, sir.

  25. Leah,

    You gave her a tight subject to write about and I gotta commend Amy for a job well done! Perfect! I've been finding the right words to formulate a post that would echo the same thought but guess what? The girl has more balls than I do.

    Thank you for this.

    Desole Boy

  26. wow!! 15 yrs old lang ba talga nagsulat niyan? hahha nung ganungedad ako eh yes or no lang aam kong english eh buti ngayon nadagdagan ng otherwise. hahaha.

    anyway meron mga part na hnd rin ako sang ayon tulad ng sa comments. hahaha. pano na lang ang sitwasyon ni ate salbe. hahaha. waa lng nashare ko lang

  27. mukhang top of the class nga sya sa school nila...

  28. masaya ako pag may nagkokomento sa mga post ko. at hindi ako masaya pag wala ni isang koment. ipokrito ko kung sasabihin ko na ok lang na walang magkoment. echos un! hahahaha. well ako un eh, gusto ko may mga comments. dahil dun ko nalalaman kung ayos ba ang sinulat ko o hindi.

  29. You say blogging is easy? Think again.... YO!! this one captured my interest... yes.. I can attest to that... bloggong is not easy.. it's a hard thing a a very head aching hobby.. weow... I enjoyed reading anyway.. eheheheh...


  30. Guilty ako jan sa multiple blogs. Haha. I'm trying niche blogging, though may personal touch yung bawat isa.

    Your guest blogger says all the right things. We blog because we want to be read. We want to find people who also want to write and read. We want to share our thoughts and we want to get what people think of our thoughts. :)

  31. lakas ng loob men!

    grabe. she is so bold. she is my type. i love that fighting spirit, yung parang may susugurin. cool.

    she's got a point though. so we should be thankful kung may pumapansin sa atin. not that I bash people who said the -dont-want-readers line but I think she is correct.

  32. I completely agree! I mean, when I consider an idea for a blog post, first I think about if I will enjoy writing about it, and THEN I think about if my readers will enjoy it. If it sounds like something I don't they will like, then I don't write about it.

    It really is a mixture between what we enjoy, and whether or not our READERS will enjoy it. I mean, if someone doesn't care whether or not people read their blog, then why not just write in a personal journal?

    Great post! Wise girl you are, Amy :)

  33. normal rants..she's being honest

  34. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


    Hailey William

  35. Wow. Napapahanga naman ako sa 15 years old na ito.Ang galing.
    Pero agree ako sa sinabi niya about sa mga readers at comments kahit gaano man ka pangit ng blog mo masaya ka sa mga nagpaparamdan doon. dahil kung ayaw mo di mo na nga naman ito kailangan e publish pa.

    Pero wag na lang umasa kong di mo naman talaga ito pinaghihirapan kasi walang magsasayang ng oras para dalawin ito maliban sa mga kaibigan mo.

    Pero kung meron kang layunin na malalim kung bakit mo ito ginagawa go lang ng go. Wag ng pahirapan ang sarili kasi marami ka pang kailangang gawin sa buhay mo na karapat dapat. Have fun.

    Dapat lang talagang maging responsable ang nag susulat lalo na kung alam mong may ibang makakabasa nito. Lalo na kung negatibo ang iyong sinasabi.

    Magaling leah.
    and kay AMY kahanga hanga ka sa edad na 15

  36. I was reading this and was like "Amen" all the way. She emphasized clearly the fact that if you're a blogger, you need to write something of quality. Something that has sense, that has the right to exist. You need to put in effort in what you write, you need to be careful about the words you use, you need to anticipate the reaction you're gonna get. If you're just gonna post senseless stuff that don't leave a mark in the readers' minds, then she's right, don't hit the Publish button.

  37. OMG! Are you sure she's fifteen?

    The heck... she's bright... and she talks a lot... unusually or should i say... extraordinary for a blogger of that age.

    And i must agree with her on this line " you have to keep thinking of new ideas to write... blah blah blah... " and MOST OF ALL>> YOU NEED TO BE TALKATIVE in order to blog right?

    Like she is... LOL!

  38. ok..i love this rant n i wanna promote my blog here too :PPPP

    Hey dear! am a blogger from Pakistan. Honestly just browsing through good blogs to find smart writers like you to befriend. Nice blog outlook and interesting write-ups. I write on relationships mostly as well as some funny stuff.
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    Best of Luck for ur blogging.

  39. Excellently written!
    Excellent post!
    Amy has raised some really simple yet profound points. I couldn't help but smile and nod my head.
    Kudos Amy!

  40. this kid is a bit feisty. =) she'll cool down when she's in the real or corporate world. i came too, in a science h.s. with all the pressures and no vent of teenage angst, i used writing as my outlet. BUT i hope, she'll grow in a street smart girl who values everybody's opinion and respect them. Moreover, she'll learn that the world does not revolve around 'me' but most of the times, it is about 'we.'

    i am really impressed on how she pointed out her opinions. good kid. =)

  41. wow she is fiesty! but I was more fiesty when I was in highschool compare to now, redardless she has good writing skills and I enjoyed reading the post!

  42. I have been blogging since 2008. And I find it more colorful everytime I posted my new discovery..

  43. amy should reveal her url. :D

    @ate leah, i don't have a new blog. it's the old one . i just changed the blog title. :D

  44. I like the fire in this kiddo! hehe it's a shame though that I have similar rants every now and then... I'm 31 for crying out loud! hehe but I totally agree with you Amy, blogging is a real work... but it's always therapeutic for me. Keep on writing Amy, I like the way you express your thoughts. Try to explore the fun side too! ;)

  45. For me, don't let others dictate what you blog just for the sake of readers or traffic. Blog what you want and MAKE it interesting for your readers.
    Btw, first time here on Leah's Treasures

  46. Maangas na bata. Pero marami namang maangas sa mundo hindi ba?

    Ang totoong mundo ay may iba't ibang tao, may maangas katulad noong nag guest post na bata. Merong tahimik lang. At kung ano-anong ugali. Ganyan din naman sa blogging.

    Lahat naman ng bloggers ay naghahanap ng mga taong babasa sa mga sinulat nila. Sino ba sa ating mga bloggers ang hindi tumingin ng mga stats ng blog natin? Yun nga lang depende pa rin sa blogger.

    Wala namang masama magsulat ng shitty blog post o kaya ng boring self-centered blog post. Karapatan naman ng blogger iyon. Kanya kanyang trip lang ika nga ng isang commenter sa itaas.

  47. Thank you all so much for the reactions.

    Do pardon me for writing such a feisty post. I did mention that I was having a bad day when I wrote this post. So if I did offend somebody, my apologies.

    People made strong reactions because I did use some "strong words". I came on too strong. Parang galit at nanunumbat. But let's say, I didn't. Let's say, I didn't write a bitchy post, would your (all of the readers) reactions be the same?

    My point is ------

    We want people to write what we've written down. That's that. That's why we publish it. Whatever your reasons may be as to why you wrote those down, only you knows that.

    We really want readers. Why can't most of us accept that? I'm not telling you to agree with me. You may disagree with me all you want. But this is what I know and I believe in.

    We want feedback. From friends or strangers.

    Like in Mr Vajarl's comment. "..... to be read only by people they know personally".

    I get it. People you know. Friends, family, neighbors, perhaps. But those people you know read your posts. They ARE considered "readers", aren't they? Or am I wrong..

    We as bloggers (professional or otherwise) should be responsible and make quality posts. And as bloggers, we know the reason why we should.

    Words are powerful weapons. Whatever we say, whatever we write could either shoot a person at the back or backfire on us. This is the reason why we should write quality posts and not just some non-sense.

    This is what I know.

    Again, I thank Leah for the opportunity. And I thank all of you for the reactions.

  48. Pardon? Nah. You don't need to ask pardon for what you wrote. What you wrote is your idea and I believe that it is not a personal attack to anyone.

    Like what I said, you are maangas and there is no problem with being maangas. Meron naman angas na nasa tamang lugar eh.

    Bloggers do want feedback. What is the use putting your blog public or be seen by few people. Para makakuha ka ng reaction syempre, from those people. Kung ayaw mo ng reaction then you better write a diary na may padlock at nakatago sa cabinet mo.

    I agree, bloggers should post quality blog posts. But the question is ano ang ibig sabihin ng "quality blog post?" I guess this depends on the purpose of the blog in question.

  49. @Mr. Ishmael

    "Kung ayaw mo ng reaction then you better write a diary na may padlock at nakatago sa cabinet mo." ------ My point exactly, Sir. Thank you.


  50. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

    I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
    1. Why did you create a blog?
    2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
    3. How long will it keep going?

  51. Nice post from a guest blogger. :)

  52. Goodness! 54 comments! This lil girl (with a not-so-lil- girl's mind) sure knows how to rouse a crowd. Nyaha wish I have the same talent though.

    Totally agree with you.
    With these kind of posts, I bet you have plenty of followes!

    Leah, thanks for sharing this!

  53. Well. Very interesting guest post! I love that she's very sure of herself, but she's your face, isn't she?

    Not that I don't like it! That was a good post, and I'm glad to have read it. And I actually agree. Writing a blog is a responsibility. You owe it to your readers to make it interesting and logical, even if you're writing it more for yourself than anyone else.

    The only thing I don't agree with is that the first reader you have to please is yourself. Everyone else, as important and key as they are, are still secondary. Because if you don't like it, why in the world would you expect someone else to? Plus, everyone around the world likes different things. You cannot please everyone. But you can please yourself.

    Anyway, rant over. Lol. Great post and I love this blog, btw. Hope you have a great day and happy blogging!

  54. she can really rite so well compared to a typical teenage girl...

    well maybe u do agree in some of her ideas.. just not to all and I dont think I need to say more.. all have been said and most of them are very well said...

    PS thanks for the follow and I am not following you back... :-)

  55. wew! 15 yrs old lang sya? pero mag isip parang matanda na.. ang galing.. pero honestly guilty din ako sa maraming blog.. yung mga time na wala ka seryosohan ang utak ko about blogging.. but now I maintain two blogs na lang hehehe..

  56. I definitely love the way Amy thinks! She's right! I must say there are a lot of hypocrites in the blogosphere and it's a complete shame that a 15-year old girl had to to hit the nail right on the head. A lot of people won't like that kind of talk at the blogs. It's because that's how hypocritical the blogging world has become.

    Way to go, Amy! We need more like you! You have a right to be here :-)