Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kids Say...

Good day!

I just wanna share this. I was talking to my 2-year-old niece Sophie on the phone a few minutes ago. She was crying. Her nanny told me that Sophie was playing with her toy, and then suddenly her playmate took it away from her. Little Sophie didn't want to share. She simply cried and shouted, "Tita Nene! Tita Nene!" (Aww, sweet! She looked for me. Hehe. Nene is my nickname, btw.) So her nanny called me up and let Sophie do that talking. Of course, I could barely understand what she's saying 'coz it was still... baby talk, still gibberish. But I just told her to stop crying and that I'd buy her a new one, but only if she shares her toy.

It got me thinking, though they are still babies, I think discipline should be in order. Boundaries should be set. I think, as early as now, Sophie should learn to share her toys with her sister and her playmates. She should also learn to give respect and follow rules. What better time to teach the kids about discipline and respect than now, right?

In our society, we are all taught to live by certain rules. "Follow the rules, no one gets hurt". Everywhere we go, there are rules and we all are obliged to follow them. That's just the way it is. It all begins inside our home. When we were little kids, our parents tried their very best to teach us what is appropriate and what is not. What should be done, what should be said and what to do and how to act during certain situations. And then, when we become parents ourselves, we will teach our kids the very same rules. It's a continuous cycle.

Simple rules like..

Don't talk when your mouth is full. It's bad manners.
Don't play with your food. It's bad.
Don't be a bully at school. Papa Jesus would be angry.

You get the idea. Such simple rules that we try to make the kids to understand. If they abide by these rules, they'll be given a congratulatory pat on the back.. plus ice cream! If not, then they face "detention."
When you're still a baby, not abiding by these rules is NOT a problem. The only reason is that you're a baby. But when that baby reaches the age of 5 or 6, it's a different story. With the boom of technology, almost all 6-year-olds know how to handle a computer and play online and console games such as DOTA "Defense of the Ancients - Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, The Frozen Throne". There are violent war games and zombie-inspired games, as well. These games.. they are pretty cool, but they have very dramatic influences on kids. The next thing you know, you'll be hearing them say things you have never imagined will come out of their little mouths.

Things like:

I shot him! YES!
I killed him!!! Hahaha! I totally killed him!
Cool. I'm using a sniper rifle. What's your gun?
First Blood!
Triple Kill!
Kill him! Kill him!
Use a grenade launcher!
There's a sniper! Where the hell is he? Take him out!
Take cover!!!
I shot him! Why is he still alive??
More zombies!! Get the machine gun!!
I'm shot! Medic!!
We have to blow up that tower! What's the strategy?
Kill him! Head shot! Head shot! HEAD SHOT!!"
Get the misslie launcher.
Beyond GODLIKE! Woohoo! Beat that!
He killed me?!?
Crap, I'm dead.

Whenever I'm around kids who play these online or console games, I'd be damn sure to hear them say at least one word from my list. I have 2 nieces, Sophie and Ysa. They're still babies. I'm not sure if they'd be interested to play games such as these. I'm kinda hoping that they wouldn't be. But if ever they would, as their Aunt, I'd be very vigilant. So when that day really comes, that I have to intervene and lay down the rules, I already have my line ready.
Sophia! Stop killing you sister or else you're done playing!!!


  1. It's very true and I agree with you. One important thing parents have to do is to teach their toddlers boundaries. It's also for their own safety, anyway.

  2. hang kulet ng batang yan! Ako madalas sabihin sa akin ng ng magulang ko nuong bata pa ako yung, Masama Yan! Magagalit si papa Jesus, Kaya bata pa lang ako takot nako kay Papa Jesus, parang kontrabida na tuloy sya sa akin. Hehehe.

  3. uhmmm base on my knowledge, hehehe. according to eric erickson. bwhahaha. kala mo ang galing ko eh noh. pero ang alam ko kasi kapag bata pa, my specific na attitudes ang mga bata. lalo na kapag ganyan pa yung edad eh more on "self " pa sila. hahaha. nashare ko lang ^_^

  4. this is so true. i think it's harder to be a parent nowadays, compared to say 20 years ago. the influx of technology makes it complicated.

    parent's good influence is a must.


  5. yung pinsan ko ganito.. nako me bagong words nga eh... yung KUHA MO?!

    kaloka talaga mga bata ngayon...

    pero sempre dapat ituturo pa din e mga good deeds to become good example in our society....

  6. laugh trip yung naka-insert na image sa baba ng post :)) ahahah!

  7. Make sense a lot madam leah...magiging mabuting ina ka...at asawa (?)

  8. I agree with you like the rest of the people :)) I also think it's MUCH harder for parents nowadays than before, seriously.

  9. well mga bata kasi eh so madaling maipluwensiyahan. gabay lang ng magulang ang kailangan. pero ibang usapan pag adult na hehehe

  10. nakakatuwa nag last ang message ng pic ang mga bata talaga ngayon kakaiba na.

    nabasa ko dati sa isang book di ko na maalala.about sa attitude ng isang bata sa isang bagay na ayaw niyang e share "ownership attitude" di daw natin pweding ipilit sa bata ang e share ito kung ayaw niya pa kasi time will come na willingly niyang gagawin ito. like sa ibang laruan niya. na galing sa kanyang puso.It applies din sa adult ang isang bagay na alam mong meron ka mas madaling e share na masaya kang ginagawa. pero kung alam mong you don't have papaano ka magbibigay from the heart parang pilitan which is not good. Naiintindihan ang mga bata kung parang may attitude silang ganon because its normal.pangit kong di siya ganon.

  11. @Lemons: Boundaries and limitations. Thanks for the visit, Jess. :)

    @Leo: it is truly a must, Leo. Lalo na sa panahon natin ngayon, selfishness and violence are everywhere.. Sad..

    @Akoni: At bakit meron pang question mark? lol. Duda ka, Akoni?

    @DiamondR: I agree. pangit rin kapag ipilit.. But I'm not saying that we should do that. I'm just saying that with everything that's happening sa paligid natin, where kids see selfishness, GREED, violence, sex.. and almost all things evil sa TV, movies, internet, etc.. I think that boundaries and limitations should be set. Parental guidance bah. Like with Sophie.. She's 2, going 3.. So I think that's good time to teach her some values diba? hehe.. Teach, not pilit. :) Thanks so much for the input, Kuya. ♥

  12. @All: Thanks so much for the comments, lovely people.. Mwah! :)

  13. I agree with you!
    Kids these days are so spoiled, my 5 year old cousin knows how to use an iPod Touch better than his parents :P
    Nice post :)

  14. I can totally relate to whatever you had to say.

    basta, tingin ko minsan nasa bata rin yan, pero ganunpaman, dapat lagi nkabantay ang magulang..

  15. Nice!... wat we need is gabayan sila sa mga ginagawa nila. Madali nmn kasing ipaintindi sa mga bata ang tama at mali.....

  16. I completely agree! I babysit two kids, and one of them was telling me how she and her daddy would fly around in a helicopter and shoot people after they had killed around 20 people first, as a reward.

    I am completely against those games for young people. But, then, they're not my kids.

    Anyway, totally great post! Have a great day, and happy writing.

  17. I would have to agree leah...

    thing is, bata pa lang dapat nahuhubog na sa dapat at hindi, sa tama at mali.. kasi pagtanda mahirap ng baluktutin at hubugin...

  18. yeah you're right. kids should learn manners habang bata pa. mahirap na baguhin pag tumanda na saka mo tuturuan.(;

    patawa yung pic sa dulo (x

  19. super agree...

    sa murang isipan dpat talagang hubugin na agad sya sa kung anong tama at mali,para lumaki siyang mabuti...

    good eve leah!

  20. tama, habang bata dapat tinuturuan ang mga bata ng mabuting asal.. :))

  21. i have a two year old niece who gets really mad when she can't have things her way. i can see how her parents are trying to discipline her as early as now. crucial years. :s

  22. nice one, welcome back NAME/URL. =)

    I like BEYOND-GOD-LIKE! someone should stop him! . my favorite sound in DOTA haha.

    anyway, you are totaly right! =) kids should really learn the "the basics" from home.. simple lessons, simple things. nice post and you should write mo often ha!. hahaha

  23. Thanks for dropping by! Followed you, follow back?


  24. i'm into the kid learning things on his own, us (the elders) just watching over and guiding him. for if you let the kid be confined to rules and rules alone, how will he be able to understand the meaning of what he's supposed to follow? kids, nowadays, are gifted. they'll pretty much know what's acceptable and what's not, without us imposing all the feudal authority elders have been granted with. :)

  25. p.s. liked the cain and abel letter. only shows utterly precocious kids, nowadays, can be. :D

  26. *only shows how utterly precocious

  27. minsan iniisip ko what would I do to have good children? hmmm... paano ko sila ididiscipline.. gaano kaya kahaba pasensya ko sa kanila... :) hehehe and I guess there's other factor influencing their growth in our modern days.. hindi lang mga games na yan.. iba na kase din takbo ng mundo ngayon... :)

  28. Wow pwede ka nang maging ina! hehehehehe buti na lang wala akong kapatid malamang mala-Cain din ako LOL

  29. waaah parang naririnig ko yung anak ko!! pagnaglalaro ng dota ang magtatay ko! sasabihin ng anak ko sa papa nya...ageeee!!! kill him! i kill you! waaahh first blood! kaloka!

    kaya now sobrang tahimik dito! :(

  30. wow :) cute cute ng baby hehe.. cute cute tlaga ewan n lang paglaki :p

  31. Hi Leah, thanks for dropping by on my blog and leaving a message. Thanks for putting your link so I can trace you your blog.

    I agree with you about how kids react nowadays...true, we elders should really and must have our guards ON on our kids to make sure, they grow responsible people.

  32. I super agree to that note of yours Leah...

  33. Hi, Leah! Dito sa amin, may mga bata na ang lulutong mag mura eh, tuwang tuwa pa yung mga nanay! Gusto ko batukan, pero buhay nila yun eh, hehehe! Tama, iba na talaga mga kids ngayon, how much more sa mga susunod na generation pa?! Ang cute naman ng niece mo, ang lambing! =)

  34. Excellent post!
    I was watching a program recently about young children misbehaving in class, and the program looked to see where the roots of the problems were. It was discovered that the life at home, and the environment in which a child is brought up plays a substantial role on their behaviour, attitude, and personality.

    And times have changed, today's kids are so much different to those back in our day, with exposure to all sorts of things from an early age; advertising, technology, sex, etc etc.

    I was going to blog about this too soon.