Thursday, August 04, 2011

One Year

Today, this blog turns ONE. Yipee!

I've never thought that I could reach 1 year in blogging. Why? Well, I tend to procrastinate. A LOT. And to reach one year is already an achievement for me. Seriously. This blog has survived for a year. Imagine that. I had lots of wonderful moments since I started writing this web log. I gained a lot of online friends and acquaintances. I've met some of them in person and they're really nice. I've also come across some serotonin-inducing emails and comments. Thanks, guys. Mwah!

A shoutout for Kat and Myka. They may not know it, but it is because of these two lovely ladies that I was inspired to make a blog. Long story short, I heard Kat talking about her blog and so, I googled it. "Kwento ni Kat". I liked the idea of having my own blog. I was bored with my daily routine, anyway.. so what the heck, right? And in there, I found Myka's blog - Coffee Concepts. Ding! Ideas and inspiration started flowing. A shoutout to Bino and Engr. Moks for always leaving some trail. A shoutout to Nas for being so brilliant in making inspirational posts and to Salbehe for writing such witty and spontaneous (comments off) articles. I'd also like to thank Bulakbolero, Angelo, DiamondR and Midnight Driver. And to Dadedidodong for being the top referring URL of my blog.

Thank you so much for the views! I've got 29,538 pageviews from the Philippines (as of today), 8, 076 from the United States, 1690 from Indonesia and 1161 from UK.

I'd like to acknowledge all of my followers, readers. I also appreciate my "silent readers". Thank you very much. Thank you for sharing your blog with me, for taking the time (and will still take time, I hope) to read all my posts and for dropping some comments every now and then.

Oh, and much love for these great cyberfriends who filled my email inbox with love. Cyberhugs! Oh ano, inuman na! Lels.

Engr Moks, Carlo, Angelo, Lovely, Jay, Rose, Joe, Marvin, Axl, Jkul, Iya, Nimmy, Kyle, Kiko, Mark Bryan, Roni, Steph, MC, Jigz, Zyra, Lester, Akoni, Xander, Eggy, Al, Razz, Sey, Bino, Ayie, Madz, Joshua, Dahnjacob (Animus), Bolero, Chamz, Tolits, Leo, Jewel, SendoXall, MD and Badet.

And to all of you. Thanks! I love you this BIG! ♥

Here is the direct link to the slideshow. Hugs! ♥


  1. aww.. congratulations for reaching this far. that vid is just too awesome. I wish I have participated. lol. Happy blog-anniversary. I hope to read more of your post in the next years to come. :)


    happy blogsary!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your blog!
    I hope to have many friends too as I'm still new here, although I'm blogging for 3 years now (but those are just some silly ramblings, lol)...

    *party party*
    *throws confetti*
    *banana dance*

  4. congrats for reaching 1 year. more years to come

  5. Congrats on your blogsvesary

    keep on blogging :)

  6. More Years of Blogging Pa!

    Happy Na! Blogversary Pa!

  7. happy happy 1st blogsarry...

    more more more anniversary to come ate leah... :D

  8. @Anciro: Naks naman. Haha.

    @Mayen: Aw. Thanks so much. About the video, got that idea from a blogger friend, SOB. :)

    @Jay: Thanks, Jay! Mwah! And salamat na rin sa shoutouf sa Facebook. hehe.

    @Rayshi: Aw. Oh you will, Rayshi. Thanks so much for the party, the confetti and the banana dance. Lol. :)

  9. @Angelo: Salamat, Gelo. :)

    @Lonewolf: Thank you! :)

    @EngrMoks: Thank you na po! Very much pa! Hehe.. Mwah!

    @Eggy: Thanks so much, eggy. Sana nga umabot ng 10 years ano? hihi.. :)

  10. Yay! Congratulations on your blog-a-versary!!!!

  11. K-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-S-Y-O-N.....(w/matching confetti hehheheheh)

    Isang taon na ang iyong blog...Keep it up!...BIG HUGSSSSS!!!! YEhey!!!!

  12. woooot! ang cute q., este ng slideshow m leah!hehehe happy blogversary! i super like the bg music :)

  13. ang sagwa sa pic ko......

  14. ito na!!! yahoooo!! happy 1st blog anniversary Ms Leah.. more more aniv to come.. mwahugs..:)))

  15. happy anniversary leah's treasures!!! yey!!! :D

  16. yun un eh oh!!
    >> painom... nom nom nom!!

    >> congrats lhei, after all you deserved what you've got for one year!! kasi I believed that everything we have now (100%) it is because we all worked hard to achieve that!!! agree??

    >> keep blogging Lhei ^_~
    >> winks


  18. happy blogsary!!!!! yay!

  19. You know what leah. When you write it's so sincere nararamdaman ko xa.
    I call u goddess kc ikaw lang ang female blogger na binibisita ko ang blog and opkors pang goddess level k naman talaga
    Hope to meet u and other blogeros

  20. happy anniversary sa iyong blog :) so happy to found a friend in you. God bless :D

  21. WOW 1 YEAR!!

  22. sana ako din umabot ng 1 year!!!! :D HappyBirthday sa blog mo!!!! :D weeeeeee!!!!!! Congrats!

  23. @Yvonne: Thanks so much, Yvonne! Mwah!

    @Shy: Oi, temeyt!! hehe.. Talo tayo sa QB, pero okay lang. Bawi next time. Salamat!!! :)

    @Chamz: Haha!! Cute ka nga talaga. hihi.. Thanks, Chamz. Kitakits sa Davao!

    @Tolits: Eh kasi eh.. haha!! :P

    @Monik: Salamat, monik! :)

    @Mommy: Maraming salamat po, mommy! :)

  24. more anniversaries to come!!

    wish ko sana kahit may apo ka na, blogger ka pa rin, ako, tayo..



  25. @Rainbowbox: Salamat, crush. Yay! :)

    @Ferry: Agree! hehe.. Though this would seem very "mababaw" to some, this to me is an achievement! Booyeah! Thanks!!! ":)

    @Iya: Salamat, iya! :)

    @anonymous: Thank you po! :)

    @Kringles: Salamat, Kringles! :D

  26. @Bonbon: Wow.... really bon? Kakatats naman yan. Napalundag naman nang slight ang heart ko. Hehe.. Salamat! Mwah! Hugs! :)

    @Jelai: Salamat, jelai! :)

    @Bino: Akala ko nung una, very suplado ka. I was wrong. I'm glad to have met you na rin.. Thanks so much, Papa B! Mwah!

    @Purplemist: Yeah! I reached one year! Hehe.. Happy me!

    @Ron: You will! hehe.. Salamat, ron! :)

  27. congrats for the 1st blogsary.... more blog and inspirational story to come :D

  28. Aww congrats! And happy 1st anniversary!

    I'm so glad I found your blog :)

  29. Leah! Happy Anniversary ulit sa blog mo! Natuwa ako watching all the greetings sent to you!!!

    You are loved Leah! :)


  30. Happy birthday to your blog Ate. More writings, and years, to come. :)

  31. hahaha.. happy anive sa blog mo... ahahahha,,,, I am happy for you....

  32. hnd ko siya mapanood pero naririnig ko siya. hehehe. astig andito anme ko. ahahahahaha.

  33. Dear Leah, first of all congratulations for having made it to the 1 year mark.

    Thank you so much for the mention, I am honoured and humbled that you think my blog is inspirational.

    But more importantly, thank you ever so much for sharing your story with us. The good times and the bad, the happy times and the sad, the ups and downs. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been reading this excellent blogs and is truly one of the few that i would classify as my favs.

    I hope and pray that you continue to blog and I wish you all the very best for the future, not just here in the online world but also in the offline world. May there be a time where we see many many more blagaversaries (who cares if it isn't a word), and may we be able to share with you in your times of happiness and also those of sorrow.

    Take care!
    Thank you.

  34. One year is really a lot. Went fast, didn't it?
    Now that you've had one year, you should try even harder to keep the good work up 'till your second year! ;D

  35. @SOB: Salamat, Carlo! Hanggang merong internet, maba BLOG tayo! Booyeah! :)

    @AXL: Salamat, Axl.. :)

    @Hazel: Aww, thanks so much Hazel. :)

    @Leo: Salamat marami Leo. Hihi.. Yeah, I feel so loved! :)

    @GreenBreaker: Salamat nang marami, Joe! :D

    Al: Hihi.. thanks so much, Al! :)

  36. @Kikilabotz: Oo nga, meron ngang nagsasabing hindi nila maview ang slideshow. Ayan, nilagyan ko ng direct link. Sana maging okay na.. :) Thanks Marvin! :D

    @Nas: Wow! Thank you so much for this lovely letter, Nas. I'm speechless. Hmm...

    I really admire you, not just as a blogger.. but as a person. They say that, in one way or another, you can get to know a person by observing.. the way he writes, the way he talks.. the way he sees things. And well, you are truly one great guy. And I'm very pleased.. VERY pleased indeed, that I've gotten to know you.

    Take care, too. Nas. And THANKS. Hugs. ♥

    @Glentot; At dumaan rin si idol. Thanks so much, Glen! :)

    @Fang: Yeah.. it really went fast. I guess I'll have to work double time eh? hehe.. Thanks so much Fang. :)

  37. one year na! congrats leah!!! wala bang ice cream or cake?? hehehe!

  38. Nice! happy one year sa blog mo leah!


  39. May tampo si Ne sakin, di ako nakagawa! Sana mapatawad moko. Happy Anniversary. More bloggings to come! Take care sweety.

  40. happy blogoversary! ♥ :D
    i made a picture greeting but forgot to email it to you :( i shall post it along with my new post on my blog. there'll be a shout-out for you there! :D

  41. wala bang pakanton?! lolzz

    congrats sa inyo ng blog mo :)

  42. Happy 1st blogoversary, Leah.

    I have been reading your blog for a week now and I must say you got me hooked. I love the way you express yourself. I simply love the choice of words.

    I missed reading posts just like yours at the blogs. A lot have made blogging their bread and butter by monetizing their blogs. I am no exemption. If only I got more time in my hands, I'd so love to write more interim posts than paid posts.

    Keep writing from your heart. I wish you more success in your blogging endeavors.

    All the Best,


  43. Yown eh.. ako na nainip kakaantay sa ginawa kong PG. hahahaha.. congrats ulit, sana madami ka pang mapasayang blogger :d

  44. congrats at naka one year na ang blog mo..

  45. Ayun oh! Blogs Away! Wow naman. Cyberhug. ^^

    I'm thankful kasi marami rin akong nakilala through G+. Siempre, one of them is you. If I haven't been introduced to Donya Leah I may have not known the rest of the bloggers in your circle. More years to come!

  46. Hey Ate Leah! Congratulations. For bloggers like us, this is indeed a great day! Imagine, you've maintained this hipper blog for 365 days. That's awesome and that is worth celebrating.

    And here's my toast: for Leah's treasures and beyond!

  47. congrats ate leah, and more power to your blog...

  48. congratulations leah one Year wohh. One year pa lang yan. ano na lang ang 3 years or more. Ang galing~!

  49. @Pinx: Ate Hazel, salamat po. hehe.. Meron pong ice cream, kaso ubos na. Hihi.. Sarap kasi. :P

    @Poldo: Salamat, Poldo. :)

    @SerTsi: Awwww.. wala po akong tampo, ser Tsi. Ikaw pa, eh lakas mo saken. Okay lang po. I understand.. busy kasi kayo. NO problem po. hehe.. At thank you sa pagdaan dito. Ingat rin po lagi, Ser Tsi! Mwah!

    @Normalisoverrated: Heya! Thanks!!!! :))

    @Katt: Yeah, I really was expecting an email from you. hehe. But it's okay. A shoutout for me? yaay! THanks, furree! :)

    @LordCM: Kuya CM, wala pong pakanton eh. hehe.. THank you po! :)

  50. @Lainy: Wow, that's a lot of blogs. Hehe.

    Thanks so much, ms Lainy. I'm not really a very good writer, but I make sure that what I write is worth my readers' and followers' time. Thank you so much for the compliment..

    you made me blush. Lol.

    Again, I thank you. God bless. :)

    @MD: hehe. THANKS! Alam mo, ikaw yung pinakaunang blogger na gusto kong i-meet.. pero FAIL. haha!! Next time na andyan ako sa Manila, MD. magpakita ka na ha. Lels..

    @Arvin: Salamat po, Arvin. :)

    @dwitzz: Awww... you know my nickname. Sweet. Thanks so much! :D

  51. @Tagabundok: Cyberhug!! hehe.. At baket DONYA talaga? haha.. Lels ka, Dahn. :D

    I'm thankful na rin at nakilala kita. Also to Bino.. kasi kung hindi ka nya naifeature sa Hotseat, eh hindi ko nalaman na ikaw pala si Animus. At nang nagkakulitan na sa group chat sa G+.. Wow! Nastarstruck ako nang ilang minutes. Nyahaha!!

    Thank you!

    @Poot: Truly a great day! Hehe.. Sa tamad kong to, umabot ng one year ang blog ko. Hahaha.. Thanks so much for the toast, Jubert! Yaahooo! :)

    @Daemonite: Maraming salamat!! :)

    @DiamondR: Aww, thank you po, Kuya Rommel! :)

  52. Yay! So happy I'm part of this :) I actually known this blog since last year :) (a.k.a Ellen pa ako hahaha)

    Have a great day ate Leah :)

  53. Happy anniv. sa blog mo..hehehe!:)

    here's to a lot more years, Leah! we wuv you!

  55. Happy Blogversary Leah! I felt glad that somehow I am helping your blog through links. And I hope you enjoy more of your blogging. God bless to your blog! :D

  56. It has been a year but look what your blog is now?

    As my pic greet said, there are more years to come!

    Happy Blog Anniversary!

  57. Wow naman. Umabot na ng isang taon. Congratulations! More blog post to come.

    Wala bang party dian?

  58. At ayun na nga, inabangan ko talaga to at and result late parin ako sa pag-comment. Pero HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I'm looking forward to more post from you, kahit awol ako, dito lang ako sa paligid-ligid, nagbabasa. Hehehe!

  59. Congratulations Leah and to your Blog!!!

  60. nang leah! happy blogsary! pasensya na at late ito .:( sana mag-work ang pa-cute ng nasa pic greet. ^^

  61. MABUHAY ka leah! happy blogsary.

  62. Haaappppppy Birthday to your blog. WOW. May your blog live forever.

  63. Congrats Ate Leah. :) Happy Anniversary Leah's treasure. Medyo saksi ako ng pagsisimula mo at I agree with them, ang husay mo magsulat. :D Ikaw na! More blogging years to come Ate. blog on.

  64. happy blognniversary... katuwa naman me mga pixs pah na kasama na nagsend sau.... daz is so cool! =) ingatz po lagi.... Godbless!

  65. happy blognniversary..

    spirite to blogging..

    "bloggin is never died" hehehehe

  66. year, looks you can walk alone now..xixi.

  67. happy 1 year Leah! ^^ kahit di ako nakagawa as i said, babatiin nalang kita! HAPPY 1 YEAR!! at my HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! pa! ^^

  68. happy blogversary leah hihi

  69. Haha ayus! May roll-call ng bloggerees hihihihi :)

    Congrats, Leah! Keep blogging and have fun always. God bless!

  70. At antagal ko na ring tagasunod ni Ate Leah! it was awesome being your friend ate! :D <3 hugs!

  71. Congrats Leah & happy blogsary =)
    also wanted to mention that ive read the post kikilabotz posted about you. I think it was very inspiring & heart warming. =)
    more power to you & your blog!

  72. ei congrats for your first anniv.. nice keep on blogging and rockin ate!

  73. Happy anniversary! Halata nga na marami kang naging kaibigan sa blogosphere! Daming bumati o. :D


    You are awesome.

    I know Im too late but Im sorry for that. I hope you accept my apology and take my wishes. :D


    You are awesome.

    I know Im too late but Im sorry for that. I hope you accept my apology and take my wishes. :D