Friday, September 16, 2011

Nice and Short

Hey, guys!

I just wanna know what you think about this..

If you're a follower of my blog for a few months or so, I'd bet you've noticed that I'm very fond of writing long posts. Well, when I write, the length of the post depends on my mood, really. Like when I'm in the writing/sharing mood, you'd prolly see a long post on this page. But when I'm not or I can't seem to find the perfect words to use, a picture or a quote would do fine.

Truth is, I'm more fond of writing wordy posts. Sometimes, I share and talk about a lot of different topics in just one blogpost just to make it a wee bit longer. ♥ But lately, I wanna write short ones, even when I'm in the writing mood. You know.. those short posts? Only 3 paragraphs.. 5, at most? Those posts where I don't have to use the "insert jump break" Blogger tool? Yep, those ones!

But I'm having some silly hesitations. Maybe I'm a little afraid that someone might say.. "Oooh, no long posts today, Leah?" It's like I've been branded.. "Leah's the girl who blogs about her life and writes wordy posts." Kinda funny, but no.. No, not really.

To all of you who reads my posts, irregardless of the length, I thank you. I admit, I am pretty talkative when I'm "online". It is pretty obvious in my posts, tweets and updates. "Chatty Leah".. that's me! LOL. But I will be writing some short posts from now on. Silly question.. but there's nothing wrong with that, right? :)


  1. the length doesn't matter till your readers connect...
    When I write, I just let it flow, sometimes small sometimes long :)


  2. I write kind of long posts myself, now when I find myself with a short post I'll find a way to stretch it out. But there's nothing wrong with short posts, or long posts, but I prefer long posts that stick to one subject. If someone talks about a lot of things, and you don't comment on each part, they might be like "WTF You didn't read it all!" or "So you don't really care about most of it?". They might not actually be like that lol, but I think as long as you don't put quantity over quality you should be fine.

  3. Thanks for the information! Was really helpful! Keep up the great blog work!

  4. @Aj: "Let it flow".. Got it. Thanks, Aj. :)

    @Mark: Haha.. yeah, I see your point. I sometimes do that.. I'd go "Whoa.. you skipped reading some parts, dude!!" LOL.. Ok, thanks a bunch, Mark. :)

    @D22Zone: Wow.. this post is so short, but you obviously didn't read it. But thanks, anyway.. LOL

  5. I would have to agree with AJ. Plus, Ate, you need not to cut your thoughts short if that is what you really feel like writing. (Bcoz most of the time, I can't write long long posts, only when I'm emotionally affected on something or if I'm writing a story.)

    Being talkative online is environment friendly; it lessens noise pollution than those people who blabber in real life.. :D

  6. yeah the length doesn't matter as long as you keep your readers interested. ^_^

    all of us bloggers when we post we all carried away with our topic due to exitement, sadness etc. so as long as its interested and its not OT (Out of Topic) well its fine, we ejoy reading your post.

    -napa tambling lang naman hehe ^_^
    have a good day!

  7. it's OK, girl! you may choose any length of post you write, after all, it's your blog, right? lol! just keep on writing to your heart's desire.. see you around, girl!

  8. blog ko to! gagawin ko kung ano gusto ko gawin! isusulat ko kung ano gusto kong sabihin! ay! blog mo pala to :)) kala ko akin :D

  9. bakit naging anonymous ako? tungaw talaga ako minsan :))

  10. Short na pala 'yung 3-5 paragraphs? Hahaha peace! :)

    Bihira akong magsulat sa blog ng masyadong lengthy. Baka wala na kasing magbasa. LOL! Pero kanya-kanyang style din to engage the readers. Maganda din 'yung may variety.

  11. What's important is the message of the post, the story. I don't mind reading a long post nor a short post from you Leah. It's your heart that i read, that makes all worth reading. :) naks! :)


  12. I totally agree with green breaker

  13. I guess it depends on what you really want to write about and how "passionate" you are sa topic na yun hehehe

  14. short or mahaba, it doesn't matter. We'll still read it. :D

  15. i realy don't care kung mahaba ang post mo o maiksi. binabasa ko to :D

  16. the length of the post does not really matter. in my opinion, if your readers love you, which we really do, they will still read it no matter how long.

    in my case though, I feel guilty whenever i write lengthy post for my blog. I reread what i wrote and try to shorten it. :)

  17. It's all about the content, Leah. I have a problem with stuffing in too much about one topic, I'm working on it, I'm not sure which is better, but I think some of my posts are way too long. I hope with time I'll find better words to describe my knowledge in shorter ways, shorter ways might be easier to re-read, meaning people would remember it better. I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong, but I'm working on it :).

  18. ngayon lang nadalaw sa blog mo...
    me, i don't mind reading long posts
    salamat sa bisita

  19. whoa. total opposite of me. as much as I would love to post a long post, I just can't. I'm not much of a writer. I suck in paragraphs and, so, I'd rather have photos and all. hehe..^_^

    anyway, I just got back. added you on br already :)

  20. maigis nga to hehehehe...

  21. Whether you write short posts or long post, it's perfectly fine. I know people who blog no more than a few lines, but still manage to put forward an excellent message. And then there are others who write 60 lines, but their writing is such that you cling onto each and every word.

    It's fine.

    You do what you wish.
    I'll always be here to read it.


  22. @GreenBreaker: Hmm.. good point, Joe. oh, haha.. really? lessens noise pollution huh. *grins

    @XanGerna: "Keep them interested." Thanks! :)

    @Kimmy: Thanks, Kim. :)

    @LorCM: Ikaw tong si anonymous? haha.. oo nga naman, BLOG ko toh! Akin to!! hehe..

    @GasDude: Haha.. yes, a post with 3-5 paragraphs is considered to be a short post.. for me, that is. Hehe.. Yeah, yun din naisip ko nung una. Baka kung masyadong mahaba, baka walang magbasa. LOL.. Then ngayon naman, baka kung maging short na yung post, baka silaý magtaka or what.. Ah, ewan. ang gulo ko. lol..

    @Leo: NAKS!!! hehe.. "The message of the post.." Great. Thanks Leo.

    @Lonewolf: I do, too. :)

    @Nortehanon: "Write something you're very passionate about." Noted. Thanks, Ms N.

    @Rah: Aww.. That's so sweeeeeet! Thanks, Panda! :)

    @Bino: Naks. Thanks Bino.. :P

    @Mayen: Hmm.. good point. I'd like to believe that all of my readers love me. Hehe.. That would be awesome, I think. :D

    @Neatfit: Ït's all about the content." That's an excellent point. But like you, I'm also trying to find ways to share my thoughts in lesser words..this is me, trying. hehe.. Thanks so much. :)

    @Reese: Wow.. then do visit back again. I've got lots of long posts in my archives. heheh.. :D

    @MaiYang: Well.. I'm going to try that too.. Photos, quotes, poems.. and such. Hmmm.. Anyway, Thanks Mai! :)

    @Jed: Yep.. maigsi ano? haha!

    @Nas: "You do what you wish. I'll always be here to read it." Aw. Sweet! You never cease to make me smile.. Thanks so much, Nas. :)

  23. I think short posts are great! But it's entirely up to you. I personally prefer reading posts about one subject, instead of cramming so many into one. You have less to post about during the week then if you do that!

  24. Sometimes, short posts speak a lot more than what long ones do :)
    It is the content that matters, and not the length :)
    First time on your blog. I'm surely visiting again :)
    Take care!

  25. oo nga short naman para maiba! short but concise! keep inspiring the world with your words lea! no matter how short or long they may be. :D

  26. nothing's wrong with long's like umiihi ka lang...kailangan mong iihi lahat'd felt a sense of relief..parang ganun..hehe ^.^

  27. Just post whatever is on your mind!
    The length doesn't matter :D
    I actually admire that you can write such long posts and still keep the interest of the reader, i'm always scared that the readers will get bored and stop reading, so I try not to make my posts too lengthy :/
    I think a mixture of short and long is good, do whatever you want! :D

  28. I personally don't really care for the length, as long as the content's good. In your case, it usually is ;D

  29. well, it's a kind of fun to read long post while making out pictures in your mind of what you've read, it's like you have to enjoy of what you are reading and i see that each of your post got a lot of commentators, it means they enjoy what you are doing. (CHARMOS!)

  30. for me its not about the long or short post you are posting but I am more focus on your pure heart post. What do I mean. I like your post that comes from the heart. Just continue blogging with what your heart desires...

  31. its the thought that counts, pero kahit mahaba naman, ok parin basahin.:),ghost reader mo kaya ako.hahaha

  32. I love to read anyways, so don't worry about it. Keep on writing!

    A Ladybug's Life


  33. It's OK to be chatty kung may sense naman diba

  34. i admire ur short posts even, u write so much in them,

  35. Don't worry leah, I'm still fond of reading your posts maikli man o mahaba.

    may bago nga pala kong blog. eto ang link.
    dalaw ka ha?


  36. i love reading your posts and am not really picky about the length. you write awesome posts and that's good enough for me! :D

    but this is your blog and you can do anything you want with it. i'll still love it, though. teehee.