Wednesday, September 14, 2011

xoxo ♥

Why, hello there!

How is your Wednesday morning? Lovely day, isn't it? The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the bees are... bee-ing. Lol.. Okay.. "buzzing". Yep, I'm back to my old, perky, happy little self. The storm has passed. Hooray! ☺

I was depressed for a couple of days. I didn't feel like going out, so I just stayed indoors. With no healthy dose of sunshine for 2 days, I kinda looked..... yellowish. Hmm. So pale. I really fell into the pit of depression. How am I so sure? I watched daytime TV! Hahaha! That's saying something because I rarely watch TV. (I am not a big fan of the television. I'm not really sure as to why. Yes, I watch the news and some documentaries every now and then. Unless there's something better and interesting enough to watch, it isn't on. Watching too much TV isn't very healthy, anyway.) I spent the time watching the so-called idiot box, eating some chips, sleeping, eating some more, surfing the net.. just to pass the time.

Of course I did something to cure my sadness. I sat down and watched GLEE (my happy pill).. all episodes of the 2 seasons. But to no avail. I also talked to some friends on Facebook and Twitter. It helped. Some of them made me laugh.. most of them made me smile. It's great to know that these wonderful strangers are much too kind to offer me some hugs and good advice. Oh, and to all those who left comments on my last post, I thank you. I trully appreciate the cyber hugs you've given me. I love you all. Really. ♥

Much appreciated, my lovelies. But the feeling of sadness didn't completely go away.

Turns out, all I really needed was a little one-on-one - a hearty talk with a good friend. Nothing really beats a good talk and a long walk with a good friend, with some nice tight hugs on the side.

And so.. I'm okay now. Yippeee!! Hihi. ☺

Oh, have you watched the 2011 Ms. Universe pageant yesterday? I did.. and it was a heart-stopper. Haha! While watching the live stream on the net, I think I had some mini heart attacks each and every time Ms Philippines Shamcey Supsup parades on stage. Lol. My bets were Ms Venezuela, Ms Colombia and Ms Philippines. Honestly, I haven't really noticed Ms Angola, until she was chosen to be in the top5. And notice her, I sure did. She's gorgeous. Black is truly beautiful..

Image from Google

I am pretty much satisfied with the pageant result. I believe that Ms Angola deserves the title. She's smart and very beautiful. And the way she carries herself on stage- perfect. The way she spoke and answered the question - excellent. Though I feel disappointed that Ms Philippines did not bring the bacon home, I am still so proud of her.

Her answer created quite a stir, though. It was about religion - such a sensitive topic. But she gave a very honest answer.

Also, it is very interesting to note that Ms Philippines is the only one who did not have an interpreter. Well, I'm not against the idea of having one on beauty pageants. But I think that it's really a big advantage if the contestants can understand and knows how to speak English, since it IS considered as the language of diplomacy and international communication. In this case, however.. it didn't work to Ms Supsup's advantage.

Image from Google

Quite disappointed but still proud. I've got no right to question the judges'decision. But I believe that Shamcey's a super girl. She's got the brains, beauty, grace and breeding. For me, she's a winner.

Oh, and have you noticed her Tsunami walk? It was perfect. :)

Image from Google

In other news, I didn't get a chance to join the weekly Quiz Bee on Madz's blog. We do this on a chatroom. IKR! It is pretty cool. This is just something we do for fun. Madz gets to ask us some questions, then we answer them as fast as we can. The team that scores the highest will be declared the winner.

A tip - It helps if you have fast fingers and you have Google open in one tab. LOL. Just some reminders, too. Just like in a regular classroom wherein you're not allowed to take the test once you're late, then you're not allowed to enter the chatroom when you don't arrive on time. That is because the chatroom only holds a maximum of 11 people. Yep, "First-come, first-served"! ☺ Next.. Pay attention. It's okay to open other tabs, read blogs, tweet, etc.. but remember to stand at attention and yell "Here!" once Madz starts the rollcall. If you don't acknowledge her, you're out.

I'm kinda sad (again) that I wasn't able to join the QB. But you see.. I was on a date yesterday. Aw, but that's another story. Hehe. Goal set - I will be there on the chatroom next week.

Ooooh, I'm craving for some pizza. Random thought.

That's it for now. Lots of love! Keep smiling everybody! Mwah! ♥


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better now. Yeah, talking to a good friend and real hugs is really helpful. I also adore shamcey, I was so sure she'll go home with the crown but then I am not one of the judges. Anyway, Ms. Angola is my bet. I always love beautiful blacks.She is really pretty.

    That QB is cool. You are really the expert when it comes to cyber cool stuff. hehe.. :)

  2. I also watch Glee and have the complete soundtrack.

    Can't wait for Season 3.

    I'm glad to hear that your moving on, sana tuloy tuloy na yan.

    Keep yourself busy para di ka madepress and you have a lot of friends, those who know you personaly and of course your cyber friends on the net.

  3. hi ate leah, binasa ko , nahirapan alng ako magcomment hehehe ^_^

  4. Nakasali ako sa QB kahapon. Nakita ko kasi link sa YM ni Madz. Nung ni-click ko, AYOWN! Kaso talo kami. Ampf!

    Galing ni Shamcey! Sana huwag siyang magpakasal sa anak ni Benazhir Bhutto. LOL!

  5. Aww I'm really glad you're feeling better :)

  6. buti masaya ka now.. ako ay big fan ng TV hehe! surfing the net while watching Tv..

  7. Glad to know that you somehow got over that feeling of depression. I also get depressed when I haven't seen the sun in a couple of days. :-)

    I was a bit disappointed when Shamcey didn't win the title of Miss Universe. But then judging tends to be really subjective. And the fact that Shamcey made it that far is enough honor to bring to our country. (Imagine, out of 88 other women, she's in the top 4! :-))

    I'm a big Glee fan as well. And I've seen every single episode. And take note, I have seen each episode more than once. ;-)

  8. hi Leah.Good! dahil masaya ka ngayon..Congrats kay Ms. Philippines.

  9. happy naman ako at ok ka na. regarding miss u, well i guess dapat siya ang kaneck to neck ni angola

  10. My Wednesday isn't being that great.
    Actually, my last few days haven't been that great. :C

  11. bilang feeling matalino I'd want to join that weekly quiz bee! hahaha :D

    at date? naks huh. kwento!

    *di ko pala napanood si shamcey. sayang ang kanyang tsunami prowess*

  12. A cool insight on your day :), for me, it was raining all day long with strong wind. What I think you need is.. Exercise. You should start exercising, not only will you get in shape, you'll become happier. And yes, I am completely sure you will, you actually will be happier after exercise if you want it or not, serotonin will make sure you're better.

  13. Thanks for the HUGS Leah! <3

  14. super pretty naman ng ating Ms.Philippines! I so missed this! Been busy kasi lately. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


  15. Use Shamcey Supsup in a sentence?

    Here it goes:

    Hey Shamcey! 'sup sup? (What's up what's up!)

    Hwag na you sad, smile na :D

    Try mo walking. Sometimes it helps.

  16. Teka may hahabol daw sa Miss U!

    RonRon Turon. 26. Norway!!!!


  17. I'm glad that you're happy! Leah, I've been that road before, and I realized that in order for one to be happy, one should have a prayerful soul. It dawned on me, that life will only find contentment through HIM. So when you are sad, pray and let God help you go through it.

    Stay cheerful my friend. You are an inspiration to many, including me. :)

  18. Whenever things do not go on your way always have that optimism in your life and do not forget to talk to God to shed light in your problems. I've been in that situation also but as much as possible I always think of happy thoughts and eat my fave comfort foods kasi nakakaloka kung magpapadala ka sa depression. ^^

    Anyway, I think if not Miss Universe, Shamcey should really be in Brazil or Ukraine's place. *sigh* still bitter about it..hahaha

  19. I'm awfully sorry na ngayon lang nakapag blog hop. Dame ko nang utang sa mga iBloggers. Anyway, last day ko na dito.
    Anyway, I think we should be kind to ourselves and allow us to be disgruntled, or in your case depressed, for a decent period of time. How we pick up ourselves again afterwards is what should matter.
    I'm glad to know you found your way through sadness. now, how a bout a huge huge smile? ;D XOXO

  20. Thank you, lovely people! :)

    @Mayen: Yep.. nothing beats it. Iba talaga yung meron kang makakausap, maiiyakan.. mayayakap. Iba ang feeling. Yes, I'm good now.

    Ms Angola really is beautiful.. Black has alwyas been beautiful. :)

    Oh right! Yung QB? hehe..It is cool! :)

    @Lonewolf: Really? Apir! Hehe.. I so love GLEE. I love the actors, the songs.. lahat na.

    Yes, I'm trying to keep myself busy, kaso parang wala lang talagang magawa eh. hihi..

    Oh yeah, I'm so grateful na madami din pala yung mga nagke-care. hihi.. Thanks, Milch. :)

    @Kikilabotz: Haha! Charot ka, Marvin. hehehe..

    @GasDude: Aww.. talo kayo? hehe.. Eh di kitakits na lang din next week!! :D harharhar.. Parang hindi maganda pakinggan ang surname nya, if ever sila yung magkatuluyan.. LOL..

    @Hazel: Yeah.. Thanks so much. :)

    @MommyRazz: Opo, hindi ako mahilig manood ng TV, kaya madalas wala akong maikoment sa mga TV shows.. lol.

    Irene: Yeah, it was quite depressing.. But I'm all good now. :) Yeah, being in the top5 is already an honor. Ms Supsup is a winner in her own right. :)

    @DiamondR: Thank you po, Kuya Rommel. :)

    @Bino: Thanks Bino.. Oo nga eh, I was expecting na sila magkalaban ni Angola sa Miss Universe 2011 and the 1st runner-up. Oh well...

    @Fang: Awww, fang. HUGS!! :)

    @GreenBreaker: Hahaha.. Join ka next week sa QB, but make sure na maaga ka. Bawal ang late, hindi na makakapasok. lol..

    @Neatfit: Yeah.. maybe exercise the what I need..

    @Fang: .. Sure thing, Fang. Cheer up, ok. :)

    @Ronadelle: Sure, no problem. Yep, super pretty sya, and very smart.. :)

    @Rah: Hahaha!! Natawa ako sa joke. LOL.. Anobayan? ambabaw ko.. hihi.. Thanks Rah.. Tawa much ako ah. lol.. yeah, walking.. I will do that. :)

    @Ron: LOL.. Sasali ka? Sige, susuportahan ka namen. hehehe..

    @My2pesos: Thanks.. :)

    @Leo: Yeah.. nalampasan din. Wala nang dark clouds. :D Ambait lang talaga ni Lord at binigyan Nya ako ng mabubuting kaibigan. :) Thanks leo. :))))

    @Jenny: Thanks so much, ms Jenny. Yeah, sa tulong at gabay ni Lord, wala nmang imposible. :)

    Aww.. we all have bitter moments nang dahil sa nangyari sa Ms Universe. hehe.. But we'll survive. LOL.

    @DB: Aww, it's okay. Walang problema DB. We know busy ka sa life. hihi..

    Yeah, minsan kelangan lang talagang mapagdaanan o magkaroon ng mga malulungkot na sandali. As they say, when there are dark clouds, there will be rain.. and one way to see the beauty of the world is to look at it, after it rains.

    :) I have a HUGE HUGE SMILE on my face right now. Can you see it? hehe..

  21. I'm so so so glad you're feeling better dear! Miss angola is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL seriously! And you were on a date!!? tell us more tell us more :D

  22. OH! Glad you've gotten over your depression, Leah. Smile now. Hugs from me to you.

  23. Everyone craves pizza, even if they don't know it. A friend of mine has been pretty depressed lately, and she should hopefully be down at my house soon so we can have some serious fun, and pizza (told you). I'm glad you're feeling better now, and I hope your date went well ^^

  24. glad to know ur ok now! :)

    life is too short to be anything but happy! :D

  25. I am happy you have a very positive view on life.. Just continue being that.. ang being you.. :)