Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guest Post: Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love


My name is Isha Shekinah, but in the blogosphere, I'm pretty much known as "ishashime". I actually like blogging, even though it was a spur of the moment thing for me. I also like to fit it in between studying (barely) at UP Manila. I'm 18 and a third year speech pathology student (google this!) at the aforementioned university. I don't even know how I'm surviving (but I am, by some form of divine intervention, so yay for that). Anyway, I'm pretty much in my element when I'm laughing and making people laugh. It's my thing, you know? The rest of the time I'm either eating, being weird or drawing in Paint. Also, I suck big time at introductions, so on to my guest post, eh?

Unrequited love. Ah, it sounds so deep and interesting and I like how it rolls off your tongue. Especially if you say it with a British accent. But hey, everything's better with a British accent. Anyway, the point is, unrequited love can be summarized quite accurately in these three panels:

But really, what drives a person to continue on loving someone despite the very clear fact that the chance the other person would love him or her back is almost nonexistent? Well, I'm going to have to say that...I don't really know either. This is actually coming from someone who suffers from unrequited love herself. Yes, me in all my awesome glory likes someone who for some reason doesn't seem to like me back. Strange, 'no? In all seriousness, though, I do have a couple of theories for why I personally continue on fighting for the seemingly already lost battle for this one guy's affections (and my own counter-arguments):

He's probably just shy. Yeah, that's it. This explains why he doesn't look at me, doesn't talk to me, doesn't talk about me with anyone. He's shy. Very, very shy. No, he's actually not. He's doing all that (or rather not doing anything) because frankly, he honestly, truly, genuinely doesn't really care about you and probably doesn't even know you exist. True story, bro.

He's waiting for the right moment to make a move. It may not be now, it may not be tomorrow, and it may not even be in a hundred years, but he's waiting for it and I'll wait along with him. What is this cheesy load of crap? While you're "waiting", slap this quote onto a stock photo of a desert sunset with Helvetica or the overused "indie" font in movies like Juno and Away We Go, why don't you? Blegh.

The signs! He looked at me for a full two seconds! A FULL TWO SECONDS DARN IT! Yeah, well he looked at a can of Coke for three. That kind of says a lot in itself.

He's just very intimidated by me. Yes, you and all your awesome quirks and "special-ness". Time to run for president?

He's afraid of commitment or losing me if things go wrong and he'll have to live without me. He'd rather remember me as that perfect girl who he's never been with, but had always wanted. Seriously? All these darn over-analyzations are kind of creepy now. Plus, it would be better to divert all this wasted brain power to something more useful. And no, I do not mean making an unusually lengthy and depressing poem about it. I was thinking more on the lines of inventing something that thoroughly scrapes off every last ounce of Nutella from those darned Nutella jar corners.


So you see, ladies and gentleman, I'm sure you'll find it hard to not admit that going on with unrequited love is pretty dumb, once you think about it. However, I'm also pretty sure that most, if not all of you, are still going to go on with it, because in the end, we all have one thing to blame. No, it's not ourselves. That's too degrading. We're all special and I'm sure we're all going to find someone who would happily reciprocate our love. It may not be an easy road on the way to finding that person, but he or she is out there. Rather cheesy, I know, but this isn't just something to make us feel better about our situation. It's actually true, in a way. Now, on a final note:

"Darn you, love and your complications!"



"Although love unreturned can drive you to despair, trust that somewhere out there, someone is waiting just for you." - Anonymous

About the Blogger:

Her name is Isha Shekinah, but she's known as "ishashime" in the blogosphere. She's 18 years old, a third year Speech Pathology student at the University of the Philippines - Manila. She loves blogging and chocolates. She also enjoys playing video games and drawing in MS Paint. Do visit her blog The Blues, The Blahs and the Blarghs and read her awesome posts.


  1. Ate Leah, I like your guest post. We've learned something... Hehe! Thanks for this kind of post.

  2. sorang agree ako dito ah... unrequited love is normal...coz we can't make those pipz we love to love us back right away but love is sacrfice sabi nila... love and love until you're being loved too...ganoon nga yata cguro yun ;)

  3. hahahah I have to admit I'm guilty of all of these, especially the signs one. once this guy hi-fived me and I was completely obsessed with him for the next...5 weeks? he was totally into me :P

  4. bet na bet! gusto kong iapply to sa lovelife na laging palya sa tuwing madadaan sa haybuhaylife ko :))

  5. Yeah, darn this unrequited love. Isha's theory for me for some reasons really happened. Sometimes they're not all present but in one way or another one is sometimes the reason why a person in afraid to love back.

    But I know there will come a point that the person will either give up or give in to love.

  6. Yeah, darn this unrequited love. Isha's theory for me for some reasons really happened. Sometimes they're not all present but in one way or another one is sometimes the reason why a person in afraid to love back.

    But I know there will come a point that the person will either give up or give in to love.

  7. ang lalim nito. at kailangan ko munang e google ang unrequited word.

  8. I've found myself loving someone who doesn't love me, and I did say some things in utter denial. It's not really a good place to be.

  9. love is a give and take relationship. yun lang ang opinion ko.

  10. sa akin naman love is everything

  11. hay, nakaka relate si AKO :) i have always been into this. pero nakaka move on naman agad. hahaha. unrequited love nga talaga. ;)

    this is a nice post. ♥

  12. Bagay dito sa topic na to ang saying na "Love is blind". You can do just about anything for the person when you are so much in love even your love isn't reciprocated. Sometimes sa katagalan kusa na lang nawawala yung pagtingin mo sa isang tao lalo na at nakahanap ka ng ibang mamahalin.

  13. That's how crazy love is. Darn!

  14. wow! i like how isha wrote this topic. it's very simple, fun, and youthful. enjoyed reading it...twice! i know i should be talking about the topic per se, but MAN! i love how she wrote it. to isha, ronster bows down. :D

  15. Haha. When I write my heart out, the readers say it's unrequited love. Nice guest post. ;}

  16. I got excited when I read the first paragraph and found out that its isha. I fell in love with her the first time I stumble upon her blog and I know instantly that this guest post will make me smile. I know you will read this isha so return my love okay? haha..

    Anyway, I think each and every one of us, at some point, experienced unrequited love. This topic is something everyone can relate to. How else do we know the feeling of rejection if we haven’t been rejected even once? You’ll be perfect if you haven’t experienced rejection but then, nobody is perfect. So the reason your love is not reciprocated is not because you are good for nothing. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. When you find the right one, you’ll just laugh at yourself for falling hopelessly in love to that person who didn’t even bother to look at you when you pass by. Sometimes you’ll even realize how stupid you were for liking such a person. Its okay to admire someone you know will never return your admiration. Just don’t spend every waking hour analyzing his/her actions as if his/her every move is meant to send you a message, that’s exhausting. Who knows, maybe someday, somehow he/she will notice you, but don’t hope too much. Just let things be. In the end, whether you like it or not, prepared or not, the right person will come and knock off your feet. Yes, I believe that. I always believe in love. Tata!!

  17. M. Scott Peck in his book The Road Less Traveled said - “Love is the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth... Love is as love does. Love is an act of will -- namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.”

    To continue to love with reciprocation is a choice, otherwise it will not be really true love. Love does not have pre-conditions.

    Based also on my understanding of Gabriel Marcel, love is like a flower given with open hands. If the recipient does not choose to pick up that flower, it will still be there. When we love, it doesn't mean we'll always end up with having a committed relationship. Everytime we love, we risk.

    So, to answer the question, the drive comes from the nature of love itself - love is as love does.

  18. now I know what's unrequited love.. medjo mahina sa english eh..

    Ako from my experience.. I THINK i am still experiencing it.. though I know I had move on and have my boyfriend na... yung feeling ko may expectations kase ako sa kanya na parang yung mga signal din na sinabi ni ISHASHIME dito...

    parang yun yung pinanghahawakan ko.. minsan yung concerns niya sa buhay ko at yung interaction niya sa buhay ko.. misconcieve ko na he wants me too.

    nakakatakot.. actually I have more love with my boyfriend right now than I can imagine.. pero may something pa rin sa unrequited love ko na tumitibok pa rin siya ng pa-simpleh..kahit i-deny ng utak ko.

  19. that was a very nice post and beautifully written. i've experienced different types of LOVE already: maternal love, parental love, unconditional and so on,and i don't mind whatever kind of love that is just as long as it makes me happy because i believe that is what love is all about..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Mother's Earrings?

  20. I liked that story very much. It's really so true as you say it. And I DO want to believe in all those reasons, you've just told about ;) (in addition, i have some extra ones, which are even creepier:)

  21. This is another excellent guest post!

    Love is something that cannot really be controlled. And for the people in love sometimes they're so blinded by it that they do not see the signs etc etc you have so eloquently mentioned in this post.


  22. puch. tinamaan naman me.....

    ako yung shy... very shy... lols.

    gusto ko ang topic ng iyong guest :D

  23. Unrequited love? Minsan parang wishful thinking lang. The best thing to do is move on find another person who will love you back.

  24. wow I learned something, now I know how it is called -- UNREQUITED LOVE.

    well, I couldn't say more about this post, cause for some unknown reason, I'm also suffering from this. Loving someone even if you know that she can't love to being more than a friend. T_T

    aw! ganda nito :)

  25. I LOVE THIS! ♥ it taught me a lot. and i do think unrequited love is quite a waste of time. i've had unrequited crushes, and they were all pointless.

    way to go, isha! ♥

  26. at dahil 512 mb lng ang memory ng utak ko. hindi ko tlga binasa ang post hanggat di ko alam ang meaning ng unrequited love..


    tamng tama siya sa niluluto kong susunod na post ... about one sided love.

    Salamat at andami kong natutunan sa post na ito..


  27. I can relate. I like how the article was written. It feels like it was written for me. haha. :D

  28. Sobrang malaking check sa lahat, hahaha!

    In fact may alam akong poem tungkol dito. Sadyang minemorize ko to mga isang dekada na ang nakalipas, hahaha.

    Pinublish ko sa blog ko last May 2011:


  29. Wow ikaw na ang madaming Guest ahahah mala Kris A sa kris TV aheheheh ingat sa Baguio and enjoy the place.

    all i can say is... Love gives us best and takes us to pain, so live life, love life.