Saturday, May 19, 2012

Q is for Questions.


Last night, I was glued to my chair for 30 minutes maybe, both hands on the keyboard and stared at that blinking cursor for about 5 minutes. "What should I write for my Q post?". 10 minutes. 20. Still nothing. So I asked for help from my dear Twitter followers. Some of them suggested I write something about Queens, quails, quilts, quizzes.. Suggestions appreciated. Then Mark implied that I should make a podcast about the questions I have on Formspring. Uh.. sorry, Mark. No podcast. Not. Gonna. Happen. My voice sounded like a little kitty in my first podcast. Too cute. (pouts) I don't want to be cute!!!

Moving on.

So yeah, I posted the Formpsring link on Twitter and politely requested for some questions from my dear followers. I was absolutely dreading there would be a lot of Maths and History questions.. but I didn't get any. Ooh, lucky me.

  1. Is there anything you would like to own? I'm not into gadgets. I just find them fascinating. Not into jewelry, either. But I'd like to have complete DVD copies of every DISNEY movie. I have quite a collection at home, but it's not complete. Also, I've said this a couple of times on Twitter. If this is possible, I would like to own Batman's BatMobile, Goku's Power Pole and Flying Nimbus, Cloud's Buster Sword and BumbleBee. Also, I'd like to have Toothless and Stitch as pets.
  2. Do you have any fears? I think I've discussed this about a month ago? I'm too lazy to find the link. I'll post it later. Heh.
  3. What's your favorite time of day? Evening, I think.. Can this be a valid answer? Day .. evening.. whatever. I'm a night owl. I like doing things, watching movies, finishing my work.. at night. You know that feeling.. that moment when I get into bed and lie down? That moment when I'm hugging my pillow and can barely keep my eyes open and I'd just stretch moan and lie there in bliss? That feeling makes that moment my favorite time of day.
  4. When is your birthday? June 2nd! Heh. Better bake me a cake! 
  5. If you could travel, where would you go, and why? DISNEYLAND, USA! It's my life-long dream to go to Disneyland! To see and hug Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! To talk with or take pictures with the Princesses and their Princes. I'd like to see Simba, too! I hope one day I could go there. Also, I wanna visit London, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, France and Spain.
  6. Do you know how pretty you look in the moonlight? Uhm.. I don't know. I haven't really tried looking at myself (in the mirror) in the moonlight.
  7. Who are some people that you would really like to meet? I'd like to meet Obama. Also, Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. Also, Peter Peralta, Aaron Ly and David Cheung. If it's possible, I'd also like to meet Goku. He's a fictional character. I knew that! Still..
  8. What are some things you would really like to do? I wanna try sky-diving. But I'm not sure if I can actually jump out of the plane. Heh. Oh, and travel. Just travel. If only I have a million bucks, it'd be easy..
  9. What's your favourite food? PIZZA!
  10. What's your favourite colour? Colors. Apple green, purple, pastel yellow and orange.
  11. What are some of your favourite bands or musical genres? There are lots, I don't have to name them all. It really depends on my mood. I like listening to classical and jazz music, but I also enjoy pop/rock.
  12. Just why did you go along with the A-Z thing? It's not something a lazy person would do :P I don't know. Maybe I just want to know if I can really do it? No.. I'm a lazy person, really. I seldom do chores.
  13. What would be the theme song of the movie of your life? My Heart Will Go On. Hihihi. Kidding.. It's Gonna Make Sense by Michael learns to Rock. Why? Long story.
  14. What song best describes you? Same. (She point to the answer above).
  15. Do you believe in hitting a child? Why? I believe in implementing discipline. Little kids need guidance and sometimes, a little bit of discipline is necessary. It's called tough love. But never will I agree to hitting a kid to death. Never will I condone such heartless behavior
  16. If you were a clock, what time will you stop ticking? At around 10 in the evening.
  17. If your life were turned into movie what would be the title? I don't know. I pretty much sucks at making titles. I have to push my brain cells into overdrive, just to find a decent post title for my blog.. Hm. But yeah.. maybe.. The Sweet life of Leah. Lol. Lame!
  18. Would you rather eat someone, or die out of hunger and be eaten by someone? Ew. Ugh. But okay, these things happen in real life, right? Like.. for survival, right? I think I'd have to go vegetarian, just eat fruits and plants and stuff. Maybe some fish, if I could learn how to fish. But when all hope is lost and there's no other option (Hunger Games much?), when it comes to that, I'd say.. defend myself and kill and "eat" someone, rather than starve and die. Ugh. I can't believe I just said that. This is a... nasty question.
  19. Do you cook? Yes, I do. But I'm not a good cook, sadly. I once baked bread and burned the garlic. It was the oven's fault.
  20. You seem to be having fun in your RP account. Who is you favorite Role-Player? Yes! I am having fun! Heh. I like the DragonBall Z RPers, especially Goku and GokuJr. Also, Tien and Yamcha. But mostly, Goku. Heh. And my man BRICK, of course. (Gosh, I've completely forgotten to put Brick in this post. It's just that he wasn't very active lately and we haven't "talked". Wow.. ) Also, there's this new group on Twitter RP, #TwistedDisney. I get to see my favorite The Lion King characters "in the flesh", so to speak. Of course, there are other Disney characters like Ms. Belle, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Aurora.. everyone! Even the hyenas are there! They have excellent monoluges. Interesting story-lines. Scar is incredible. Mufasa and Simba are awesome. Timon and Zazu? They're a riot! Haha! I would love to see a Twisted Pumbaa RP account. That'll make the cast complete.
There. 20 questions. Thank you very much. As I have said on Twitter, no name will be mentioned. Except you, Mark. You sent me 12 questions. I think that deserves a mention. (grins)


  1. Lahat kaya ng Gemini mahihilig sa pizza?

    1. Hehe.. Isa sa mga kahinaan natin, Akoni. :)

  2. Can I come with you to Disneyland, Ate Leah? Get-together. :)

    1. Delightful! Of course, Joshua. Mas mabuti sana kung yung iBloggers eh mag DISNEYLAND. ;)


    Another thumbs up for you.

  4. re:#6: I strongly advise against looking at yourself in the moonlight in the mirror. The sparkles may temporarily (or even permanently) blind you.

  5. Awww if I'd have known that I would have asked random history and maths questions :P You'll do another podcast xD Hmm, you can get some of that actually :) But sadly none of those are the present I was going to send you xD I think there are a few Disney collections as well. I think there's just too many though to make an entire collection in one go, you'll have to collect them a bit at a time.

    I don't remember the fears thing :(

    Evening and night is my favourite time of day as well :) sunsets are lovely and I'm night owlish. I love the night and I used to take walks all the time at 2 in the morning actually.

    Hehe I hope you go to Disneyland, though I'm going to have to hope you go to London more I'm afraid :P

    Well I'm sure you look pretty in the moonlight. I've not seen it but that doesn't change anything xD

    That's a good list. I know I should have asked a separate question "Who do you want to meet who isn't famous?" cos I knew who you'd say really, if it was anyone :P

    I'm not a big fan of adrenaline rushes so I don't think I could ever sky-dive, but I've told you how I'd love to travel :)

    Pizza is awesome, and so are your favourite colours :) Purple is probably my actual favourite but I love orange, cos I really love fire xD

    How about just a shortlist? :P Though sometimes for me it depends on my mood. I do like classical though :) some jazz too. I mostly stick to rock but I do like a bit of everything.

    I think you wanted to impress me :P But so far you're proving that you can do it, so well done :)

    I can listen to a long story :)

    I can only remember being hit by my dad once. I was a good kid though. I do recognise that sometimes you need punishment. I think it mostly depends on the kid. Some take to words like I do. Though one of the reasons I was so good was actually that my soul was crushed by life :(

    Has your life been that sweet? I couldn't come up with a title either I think. I just really suck at titles.

    That was quite a nasty question but I wouldn't doubt the human ability to survive. I think I could eat another person to survive, and well, I don't mind saying that really. There are some people though that I wouldn't eat, and would rather die for.

    You burned the garlic? XD Well, Jessie nearly burned my kitchen making bacon, so you're not that bad :)

    I know you do love your RP's :) I can't believe you forgot to mention Brick though! BAD LEAH! XD

    The ones that I didn't ask you were kind of fun too :) Yay I get a special mention :P

  6. Wow! Your birthday is on the same day my teacher is getting married!! :)

  7. Q is quite a hard letter to think of something to write about. Like you I did questions too though you had the smart idea of only posting a few unlike me lol!

    I love evening time, when the skies turn colour with the sunsetting, air beginning to cool. It reminds me of my childhood being outside playing :)

    I hope you get to travel someday :)

  8. Great questions and answers.
    I love the concept of sky-diving and would love to try it but I'd probably chicken out.

  9. too bad I wasn't able to throw you a question. I enjoyed reading your answers. You and mark seem really close. 12 questions from him? that's a lot. :)