Sunday, May 20, 2012

R is for Repost.


December of last year, a good friend of mine submitted this article about one of the most misunderstood phrases in the world - SEX. An excellent piece, I must say.

MALICE in Wonderland

I would like to talk to you about sex. 
Now, if this is a gallery packed with people with me as the speaker, I’ll probably get oohhs and ahhhs at the mere mention of such frivolous three letter word. Others might give me boos while others will surely choose to leave. And then the people who remain pinned down in their seats will be called perverts and me, their gang leader. 
But I’m no sex guru, and by the age of twenty four I hardly got any experience as much as a five year old kid. I’m not even here to talk about the thousand positions the combined Kama Sutra and online websites compiled for the pleasure of couples, even groups. I’m here to ask you, what are the first things that come in your mind by the mere mention of the word sex? 
Throughout the course of this millennia, sex has been branded as the devil, the harlot in full red flowing sinful silk, tempting the good and the kind. Sex has been blamed for people's many mischief and deluge of horrors. Last, there was an article here I read which blamed it for marriage's doom. Sex is also blamed for people's sickness. Sex is the cause of early teen pregnancies. Sex is why there are so many gays nowadays. Sex is vile. Sex is corrupt and that sex equates to the devil's fork, sticking in anybody's ass turning everybody sluts and whores. 
What most people don't realise is that they're blaming a three letter word thing that doesn't even think for itself. People are forgetting it is our mind, chief among anything, which decides for our person. We think for ourselves therefore we decide for ourselves. We do sex according to our mind play. It is just the mere act, to succumb to its enticing power, to delight in its promised pleasure, the task lies in our hands. The virtue of decision is ours and therefore, whatever end it might brought, we imposed that to ourselves and not sex. 
I would like to dispel the common knowledge that sex is vile. It is not. It is our mind that is full of vile, full of stereotypes and full of prejudices. Humans are the one who made it the way it is viewed today. Humans behind religious temples and humans that are so shallow minded that the truth is binded by the few petty things their minds are capable of fathoming. 
“To hear many religious people talk, one would think God created the torso, head, legs and arms, but the devil slaps on the genitals,” said a certain Don Shrader. If a person talks about sex, he's definitely a maniac. If a person admits he's engaging in sex, he's a pervert. If a woman is no more a virgin before marriage, she's a slut. And I think many would agree that writers who write about sex, especially in defense of it, is a proven sex addict. Won’t you? 
It is normal to think about sex. No one has to worry about it, thinking he’s committing one of the most cardinal sin the man ever had the misfortune of devising. More so, of talking about it. In a symposium for her proposed Reproductive Health Bill, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago asked her audience, a bunch of college boys and girls, “who isn’t interested in sex?” No one dared raised his/her hand and there were buzz of murmurs from the crowd. And then she spoke once more: “Kung hindi ka interesado magpagamot ka, abnormal yan!” (If you’re not interested, take yourself for a check-up. That’s not normal!”) 
Sex is a reality many people pretend to be non-existent. Sex is there whether we like it or not. Every second, every minute of the day across all the dates of the calendar, people are having sex. It is the truth. And truth is inconvertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is, glaring in full color of reality. 
I am not advocating sex. I am not telling people to go strip your clothes and hump everything you'll see or for the boys to go dive straight away under women's skirts. I'm also not saying that we should incorporate talks about sex whenever and whenever we feel wanting to. All I’m saying is there's nothing wrong about talking about, or as with this case, writing about it. Even engaging with the act itself, there's nothing fundamentally wrong about it as long as you know your limitations, your responsibility and the consequences that might follow or might come haunting after. It is about choice. In refusing to talk about it, in slapping on malicious connotations with it, only not hinder the better understanding towards sex especially for the youth, but we're also destroying the honest point about sex. 
Now let’s go back to my first question about what comes first upon mention of the word sex. After reading this boorish write-up, compare those thoughts on your current thoughts. If somehow along the way, you stopped and think and instead of being horse headed, you nod and twitch a bit, then probably, somehow, my worth here is proved. If not, then it’s always worth the try. 
- Desole Boy

Well, ladies and gentlemen.. Your thoughts?


  1. That is indeed a well thought and written piece. Sex is very misunderstood, and cannot, and should not, be blamed for really any of the evils it is.

  2. . I don't know what to say actually.. But he really does have a point. Honestly, when talking about sex, what usually comes in mind..... Its not a thing, a person nor a place but a feeling. The feeling of disgustion . It may be because of what we usually see or hear from people around us. Stereotypes, u know!!... Media is one factor why sex has been given a negatively diverse meaning,, like sex scandals and lewd websites that emerged suddenly. Well, media really is so potent. Controlling evrey people's mind.

    I never see anything wrong in doing that. After all, it is our right, especially if your committed.
    i don't care what other people say, but i stand erect with the fact that I'm a hundred percent never-been-touch.

    1. (nods).. Sex is ever present. It's there. And people do it all the time. The problem with prudes is that, they don't want to talk about it because somehow, they see sex as a disgusting evil... presence. But I say, since sex is a reality.. one should be learned instead of being ignorant.

      In my hometown, when I say SEX, people turn around and have weird, surprised looks on their faces. And I'd be like.. "What???" .. (shakes my head)

  3. Ah yes, I remember reading this last year. Again, couldn't agree more. It's good to talk about it sometimes, especially if it is to educate your kids or whatnot.

  4. I don't know what to say. But thank you so much Leah. And to all those people who read and appreciated this piece, my sincerest thanks to all of you.

  5. Sex is good... Yun lang hehehehe...

  6. This was a well written piece I have to admit. Sex has become so controversial, that people sometimes dont want to talk about it at all. Sure, some friends might get together and have a conversation and crack jokes which is finee, or you see playboy magazines on the shelf, but if you see someone else looking at you looking at the magazine it becomes awkward. But this was an interesgting take on it!

    Thanks for sharing!