Monday, May 21, 2012

S is for Scar.


Probably one of the most hated Disney villains ever. He killed his own brother. Planned to kill his only nephew. Turned his back on his own kind and sent hell to the Pride Lands. But what is the story behind Scar? How did this lion become so twisted? What made him want to kill his own flesh and blood?

Nobody is born evil. No one is born with his heart full of anger, hate and pain. Scar and Mufasa were once great friends. True brothers. Then, Mufasa was chosen to be the next King. As a younger cub, he watched Mufasa being trained by their Father and molded to perfection as the next King. And he, the second born, will forever live under Mufasa's shadow. He kept all the anger, the jealousy, the pain.. all bottled up inside him. And he snapped. With no one there to guide him into the light, he just chose to live in the darkness. He became twisted. Hate became him. He was Taka, no more. He became Scar.

I am Scar. This is my story.

[Begin Monologue]


Scar sits upon the mighty Throne of Mufasa, sleeping. His head lays upon the support behind him. Twitching slightly within his sleep, because of a bad dream. Slowly he wakes up shouting the words loudly through the Palace. "WHAT ABOUT ME!" Scar blinks quickly rubbing his eyes as he shot awake. He then rubs his eyes slowly, with a soft sigh, and a small yawn. " .. Ngn.. What on earth.. Why was I dreaming of such memories.. "

Scar's rough scruffy voice echoes even in a soft tone. Slowly he rose from the throne shaking his wary head. He was upset, but not angry. No, he was saddened. By his memories haunting his being for ever so long. His feet dragged over the floor as he makes his way through the large halls toward the private chambers of himself. He rubs his temples slowly, with two fingers, his eyes clenched tightly. Once he reaches the chambers, he opens up the door, throwing it shut behind him, how ever it slightly opened ajar still. Scar makes his way toward the bed, and just drops on it stomach down. Within seconds, he fell asleep once again. Within his dream he finds himself in his chambers the way he came in. He wakes up in his dream. Slowly rising. Then he hears a voice echoing through the room.

''My son.. You have failed to do what you were meant to do..''

Scar looks up with a growl narrowing his eyes slightly at the voice. "Who goes there within MY Chambers?.. You must have a logical explanation for this.. Reason yourself!" Scar roars angrily not wanting anyone within his chambers at all times, unless invited. Slowly his chambers begin to glow an eerie white. As an apparition slowly showed itself before Scar. It was the father of Scar.

With a growl, Scar glares at him, but his features soften up as he took a good look. "Father..? What are you doing here.. This must be a dream, you are deceased." Scar logically thinks but he was still slightly frightened by this.

''No my Son. I am very disappointed in you. You let the Pride Lands go to waste. You have made enemies, and slaves. Not friends. Not family.'' Scar glared again, but again it softened up blinking. "What are you speaking of Father.. Did you come here to tell me only I am a disappointment to your family?"

''No My Son.''

"It would not be the first time you have done such a thing.. "

''You are now.. a Shame to this land.. You have wasted what was left of it.. Banished your Brother, exiled your Nephew... This Throne was not yours, it must never be yours.''

Scar's eyes widened slightly, as it filed with sadness. How ever he growled glaring at him. ".. You never did believe in me.. You never had faith.. I am a good King.. a Noble one.. "

''You are not the King Mufasa I--''

"I am.. TEN TIMES THE KING MUFASA IS! ... You were too blind to see it!"

A small tear falls down his cheek as he walked up to the apparition. "Father.. Wh-What does Mufasa have what I do not.. Why him.. You have.. You have shunned me the moment I was born.. Never did you once.. not ONCE Granted me favors, not Once did you took me out to the stars and pointed me to the Kings of the Past.. Not Once was I invited to the Pride Rock.. Not once.. " Scar looked away growling a little. "Not once was I told I was a good Son."

''Son, I have done right, choosing Mufasa as a King. You have ruined these lands."

"No.. I.. I did not! Even after your death, you come back to tell me I am still nothing but a failure! You wish me to be a good Son.. You do not even know me! You never took time to even speak with me!''

"Taka, liste--''

"NO! You never Listened to me before.. Why should /I/ listen to you now! No.. You Listen to Me for a change! You are the one who made me in what I am today! All my life I did nothing but try and please you, try and be a good Son.. The Son you wish to have.. but always Mufasa was pulled first.. I lived in the shadows of my Own Brother.. I tried to impress you with my roars, with my speed, with my brain.. I even provided for you and Mother with a Zebra.. But all I got was a simple nod.. No.. But when Mufasa learned something simple.. Then you ran off to speak to your fellow Lions about it! To share it with all of Africa! Mufasa learned how to pounce.. Big deal Father! But to choose him.. Over me.. That moment.. You broke my heart. You broke it more than it already was! You shattered it into a million pieces, and did not even care enough to comfort me! From that day Forth I did not even exist in your eyes.. Why not..?" His tears rolled now down his cheek, collecting a small wet spot on the ground before him.

"Was I.. Was I just a Lion who took up space? Was I but a example for Mufasa, so you could say that this is what he will be if he does not listen?.. If it were not for the Hyenas.. "

''The Hyenas are a disgrace for th--''

"The Hyenas! They were the only ones who helped me! The ones who kept me alive from killing myself! The ones who told me I was better than Mufasa.. The ONLY ONES! But where else was I to turn then? I had no friends.. Mufasa took them all.. I had no Father.. He pretended he only had one Son.. I had no Mother, for she only dealt with you. I was alone.. ALONE! What King are you, to not even grant your Son a smile! To not acknowledge him when he speaks.. Not not even say.. I love You.. Or I am Proud of you.. " Scar slowly sank to his knees with a loud sigh, a sad sigh. His tears, hot and wet, streamed faster down his cheek.

''My Son, you are correct. I have not granted you anything in life. I wish I could have done it differently. Perhaps then you would not have been this. The way you are. Evil. Your heart is but clouded with Darkness.''

"No.. No it is not.. I am not Evil.. I am nothing like that.. You wish to know the Truth.. Do you?!" He looks up his eyes flashing slightly. "I.. I am Jealous of my Brother. Why would I not be.. He has everything.. A Kingdom.. A Son.. Strength.. But most of all.. He has the Love of a Father.. I.. I am not Evil.. "

Slowly the apparition fades, leaving Scar in a dark room sobbing quietly, with the Lions cries. Slowly Scar wakes up, even in the real world he stays on the bed shaking his head, crying softly to himself.

"I.. I am not Evil.. I am.. I am simply Misunderstood.. I am.. Alone.. "

[End Monologue]

"Was I just a Lion who took up space?" ... This is just heartbreaking.

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  1. Most hated or most awesome? I think he's technically both mind. No one is born evil, and really, what happened to Scar actually happens a lot.

    Now to settle myself in for the story.

    That was really a sad story, and may have been something that ran through Scar's mind at one point. For the most part he really was just misunderstood. His life made him who he was, and he probably wasn't what everyone thought he was.

    1. Yes. What happened to him happens in real life. Nature and consequences made him so full of anger, blinded by jealousy, he then took measures to take care of his own brother.


      All I do is nod and agree with you, Mark. Wow. ;)

    2. Why are you wowing that? O_o Really when you think about it Scar wasn't just a generic villain. I don't think anyone in Disney was actually. But Scar probably had the most disturbed past of all. His name wasn't just due to the scar on his face (which I think Mustafa gave him) but also the scar on his soul. Which Mustafa most definitely gave him.

      Damn that was deep. Even for me.

    3. ..because it seems like all I did lately was agree with you. (shrugs).. maybe 'coz I love you. hehe. :D

      Yep, I understand that one completely. Even I had the same experience.. but not to the extreme. I know how it feels like to "live under the shadows" of your brothers/sisters. Scar was indeed scarred within.. his soul was broken.

      They say, the Scar was made by the Bull. When they were just cubs, Taka devised a plan to hurt Mufasa and that planned backfired.. That's how he got the scar. That's what they say...

      We'll never really know until Disney comes out with the official story of Taka. It's quite interesting.

    4. You agree with me a lot? I hadn't really noticed, but I think we don't talk enough as it is. But I don't think it's just cos you love me, even people who love disagree :) Except me xD <3

      I do the opposite of living under my brothers shadow. At first I was living under his shadow because he was so smart, but now he's really wasting his life, and so I have to become better than he is. It's the same feeling really. I have no real idea on his background. If anything was explained in the movies or some kind of tie in books, I don't remember. I think that Disney can't now come up with a story that's better than what we have come out with :)

  2. I despise Scar a lot in the movie LION KING. He's so diabolic... But when i read this, it made me think the other way around. i cant blame Scar for what he had become. Who would not feel that way if your father, or the whole world, rejected you. Being so neglected like that is so upsetting. Poor Scar! i am grateful not to experience the way he had been through... ;-(

  3. He may be evil but I adore him. Maybe it's because he's voiced by Jeremy Irons, one of thee greatest actors alive lol

  4. Is this.. fanfiction? This is really good!
    It's been a while since I've seen the Lion King, but from what I remember he was just your generic twisted badguy with an extra layer of evil on top. Aka Disney took it a step further.

    1. I just got this from the Twisted Scar's account. I asked for his permission of course. :) I don't want the Dark King to be angry at me. ;D

      I'm not so sure if this is the Scar's official story. But if it is, this definitely explains a lot. I think it'll be a good idea if Disney will make a movie about Scar. Good idea, but not great. If that'll happen, it'll make Mufasa and their Father the antagonists.. The audience will feel for Scar. We won't see Scar as the bad-ass villain we all hate.. and love.

  5. hmmm, I can't remember the last time I watched the Lion King...or maybe that was when I played Kingdom Hearts?? hmmmm,

  6. i just watched Lion King a few days back. Its still for me the best animated story of all time. I love each characters and Scar is Scar. Cool one.

  7. isang patunay na lahat ng nilalang ay may storya

    ang bawat ngiti ang bwat pighati laaht sila amy pinanggagalingan.:D

    para sakin ok lng kung magkaron ng movie to. bilang emo din naman ako.hehehe

  8. I would have liked to seen Scar and Mufasa feeding as little lions. There wouldn't have been so much drama in the air, but it would be super cute, for sure.